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Unwanted Fiance Episode 4

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🌜( just one night with him,changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by bella writes😊😊😊
💭Dora pov💭
With the tranquilizer in my hand,i went to the bar
I got two glasses with drink in it and i secretly slipped the tranquilizer into the two glasses
I just hope it works, i thought as i went insearch of Micheal
I found him amongst his friends,they were chatting
It saddens me to know that he hadnt even tried to defend me from grace a while ago
He had stood there and watch her say those things about me.
But its not the time to sulk, if this last plan of mine doesnt exist, then there is nothing more i can do.
I went towards them and managed to pull him out of their midst
“Am sorry for the way Grace behaved with you “he said gently
“Oh it doesnt matter ,afterall what she said is the truth right? Am just a friend to you and its time i let go and move on”
“And so have brought this as a truce, have it” i said giving him the drink
I stopped a waiter and got him to give me my drink
“Cheers” i said and we both drank,i starred at him as he gulped down the whole drink
You will be mine very soon , i thought to myself
I left him to make the drink have its effect on him
I took ths second drink and sent a waiter to give it to grace.
From a distance i watched her gulped down the drink
Very soon you will be asleep and would be oblivious to things around you, i thought happily
I went to meet my friends, to chat with them and to wait while the two couple feel sleepy
And it did happen, i saw Grace being led upstairs by my parents,she was already sleeping
I looked around but didnt see micheal, i decided to go and search for him
He was by the balcony, resting on a pole sleeping
I quickly went to call his friends to help me with him
While he was being taken to the room, i told his parents that he was a bit tired and that he would be staying with us for a night
My dad and mom made the excuse to the other guest, they were busy saying their farewells and i slipped off to the room Micheal was.
They had put him, In one of the guest room and he layed there looking like some sort of angel
So handsome and he is all mine for tonight , i thought as i locked the door and went to him.
I layed beside him, just touching his face and i kissed him gently at first
I had often wondered how it would feel being kissed by him
And now i know, i just love this man a lot, i thought as i gently deepened the kiss.
He stirred and opened his eyes gently, he would only be seeing me in a blurry way because the pill still had its effect on him.
” Grace “he called gently as he touched my cheek
Even in sleep, he still calls for grace, i thought sadly
What am i even doing? Why did i go this far just to have a guy who doesnt love me.
I must be crazy, i thought as i got up from the bed
I better stop this before it gets worse, i thought wanting to leave the room
But i was pulled back on the bed before i could move away
He had his arm wrapped around me ” dont go,my love, dont” he said as kissed me
I tried pushing him away but he was just too strong for me and i felt my resistance slipping away
I surrendered to him, knowing full well that when the sun shines tomorrow, he would not remember what happened between us but i didnt care, what mattered now is that i had the love of my life in my arms
Finally i gave myself to the love of my life, to the one i love most in this world
I woke up feeling sore in places i never knew existed before
Last night had been perfect, micheal had been a great lover and he certainly is worth giving my virginity to
I wondered what he was doing and i opened my eyes to find two set of angry blue eyes starring at me
I sat up quickly, using the sheets to cover myself.
Why had i not left lastnight, why did i fall asleep in his arms and make him wake up to see the both of naked.
“Can you tell me what the hell happened last night, why are you here?what happened to me?”he said
” i…..i……”
“Damn it Dora tell me what happened “.
“We both made love ” i said
“We did what ?”he said angrily
“We…….” i stopped when i heard voices outside the room
They had gotten the spare key and was trying to open the door
I stood up quickly wanting to head for the bathroom before anyone sees me but i was too late
The door opened and my sister along with my parents walked in
Thank God i had the sheets wrapped around me but nothing could save me from the look my parents and Grace fixed at us
“You bitch!!!”she yelled running towards me to hit me but Micheal got in the way holding her still
” let go of me you cheater “she said releasing herself and slapping Micheal hard on the face
“How could you ? With my sister too, you knew how much she loved you and yet you slept with her “she said hitting his chest.
“I hate you, i hate you so much” she said as she ran out of the room
Micheal ran after her leaving me with my parents
My mom stared at me angrily and as soon as she came to me,she slapped me twice on the cheek
“What possessed you do this with your sister fiance”she said shaking me
I could not respond because i was just crying
“Your nothing but a disappointment Dora” my dad said angrily
“Youve just shattered your sister happiness ,youve ruined it”she said
“I dont want to see you right now” she said as she walked off angrily
I stayed in the room ,crying, i did it for the man i love, only for him but what had that got me,insults
He hadnt even wait to check up on me, i thought as i sat on the floor crying …
Later that day, i stood by the window starring outside.
I never left the room, i didnt want to see anyone or talk to anyone, i just want to be left alone
And it seemed like i was going to get it afterall their main focus now is Grace
Have always been, i thought sadly.
Just then the door opened and the last person i expected to see there stood there staring at me in anger .
“We need to talk” he said angrily
“Micheal i……”
“No shut up Dora, youve said and done enough”
“You knew i never love you yet you gave yourself to me,knowing full well that your still a minor “he said
“I did because i love you and because i know that you feel the same way, if only you woul………”
“I dont love you , i never did nor i never will, Why do you like to stick on a false dream ”
“Didnt Grace made it clear to you last night why i could never fall for a girl like you”he said angrily
“Look at yourself and look at grace, who do you think a guy would prefer uh???”
“You are not a biased person Micheal, you would have fallen for anyone you want even if she was ugly” i said
” then you must be stupid for thinking so, you thought I could fall for someone like you,well your wrong,you should thank your God that Grace forgived me ,If not I would have showed you the other side of me”he said harshly
“Michael you can’t just go like that,not after what happened between us” I said pulling his hand
He jerked away and starred at me angrily
“Put it into your head, I would never love you,what happened in this room should be forgotten,cause to me nothing ever happened, did you hear me nothing ever happened and Dora from now on I want you to stay away from me. Pretend am dead just like I will do to you from now on” he said and left the room angrily
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