April 11, 2021


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The Widower 2 Episode 2

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💜💜The Widower 2💜💜

💜(Getting her back at all cost)💜

💜💜 Episode 2💜💜

‘Hey babe’..Maddie muttered as she walked into the house and kissed her boyfriend Leonard on the cheek..

‘Hnmmm someone’s looking sexy,are you getting thicker or it’s just me??’..He replied with his usual hint of humor and she chuckled..

‘So what’s for dinner??’..She asked as she offloaded the groceries from the brown paper bag onto his kitchen counter…

‘Actually my mom’s coming over for dinner’..He replied and pursed his lips waiting for her reaction and she did react..

‘Your mom?! Leo you should’ve told me I would’ve found a bunker to hide myself in right now!!’..

‘You’re saying it like it’s a—

‘Your mom hates me Leo!! Last week she called me a golddigger and a leprechaun!! That didn’t sit well with me because i am a well-to-do woman and I never ask you for anything!!’ .She said aloud and he sighed deeply..

Why his mother hates Maddie is something he never got to understand himself but he never let that come in between their relationship..

‘Look it’s just dinner and you don’t have to come alright??’..


Mrs Cavano frowned deeply at the loved up picture of her son and the woman she hated the most as she walked into the house..

‘Hey Mom’..Leonard kissed her cheek and poured her a glass of wine..

‘Are you still dating her??’.. She asked and he sighed deeply..

‘Mom I thought we’ve talked about this?? I’m so tired of you insulting my girlfriend with every single opportunity given and she’s done nothing wrong’..He said and she scoffed.

‘Everything she has done is absolutely wrong especially stealing you from—

‘I’m not a child anymore mother so there comes a time where my priorities would be shared,I know I’m the only child and ever since Dad died you have been overly protective of me but I’m fine really and..

‘And what??’…

‘I’m going to propose to Maddie tomorrow’..


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