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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 23

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The vampire Prince (two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 23
The bite .
Ryan POV
I met my mom in the sitting room when I got home
“ Ryan. She called running to me as soon as I walked in
“hi mom”. I greeted
“ baby I watched the news, I saw what happened to that poor girl”. She said
I went over to the sofa and sat down
“ Ryan”. She called
I looked at her
“It was done by a Vampire right?”. She asked , the body was shown on the television and the wound on her neck was…….
“ can you please not talk about it”. I said cutting her short
She sighed and moved closer to me
“ don’t do anything stupid”. She said
“Fine”. I said standing up
“ where are you going?”. She asked
“ to my room…..
I laid on the bed lost in thought
“Poor Andra”. I muttered, she was a good friend to me. I knew she liked me but I just wanted us to be friends
Theo wasted her life without showing her mercy, I will make sure i end his life
My phone suddenly ring and I picked it up without looking at the caller
“ Who is this?”. I asked rudely
“ it is Alicia”. She replied, did you delete my number?”. She asked
“ No. I replied, I did not check the caller before picking it”. I explained
“ where are you?”. She asked
“ I am at home”. I replied
“ you are home when I am in school waiting for you”.She queried
“ I am sorry , I got to do something”. I apologised
“ okay”. She said
“ can I over to your house?”. She asked
“ Alicia please go home”. I told her
“ why?”.she asked
“ I want to be left alone”. I replied
“ Ryan, are you still angry with me?”. She asked
“ No”. I replied
“ I have learnt my mistakes, I knew you just wanted me to be save and I am really sorry”. She said rushing her words
“ I am not angry Alicia”. I assured her
“ I am really sorry, I am really sorry”. She repeated
“ Fine”. I replied
“ can I come over now?”. She asked
Alicia, we will see in school tomorrow”. I said and ended the call
I really just wanted to be alone
I headed downstairs wearing a black trousers and a black hoodie
“ Mum, is there any blood remaining?”. I asked her
“There”. She said pointing to a cupboard without taking her eyes off the television
I went over to the cupboard and brought out a large jar filled with blood and gulped it down
“ are you going out?”. She asked standing up
I nodded
She walked over to the entrance and stood there
“ where are you going Ryan”. She asked
“ Move”. I said
“ No”. She said shaking her head
“ Move mother”.I repeated
“Don’t do anything stupid Ryan”. She begged
“ fine, I won’t “. I promised hugging her
“ don’t wait for me”. I told her and walked outside…..

I got to the front of the abandoned building, it was very quiet
I walked inside quietly and saw a staircase leading underground. I climbed down the stairs and saw two rooms , I gently opened the first one and no one was there .
I went to the second one and pushed it open, I walked in and met the gaze of the beast
“ hello uncle “. I greeted
“ Greetings my prince”. He said bowing down in surprise
“ I never knew you would be coming “. He said with head bowed down
“ of course, I came here to kill you”. I replied him grinning
“ please don’t kill me”. He pleaded
I scoffed
“ I never knew you were a coward”. I told him
He was shivering with fear
“ you killed my friend, she used to be my best friend but you killed her”.i said
“ I am sorry , I was thirsty for blood”. He pleaded
“ blood, i am a Vampire also but I don’t drink human blood”. I said
I gave him a punch and watched him rolled on the ground
“ you sent men to kill my mum”. I said giving him another blow
“I didn’t do that”. He said looking at me
I looked directly into his eyes and was surprised to see he was telling the truth..
“ who was behind it?”. I asked him
“ I don’t know, I really don’t know”. He replied
I suddenly had a strange feeling that something was wrong but quickly waved it off
“ I will finish off this monster in front of me before attending to any other thing”.
“ I will kill you the way you killed Andra, I will drain you till you are dead”. I told him
“ please” he begged
“ I am not a coward like you, let’s fight it out”. I told him smirking
“ I am not a match for you”. He said
“ I said turn”. I barked and smiled when he turned to his vampire form
I moved closer to him and kicked him harder
“ fight”. I yelled
“ please”. He begged
I kicked him harder
“ fight back”. I yelled. I watched him whimpering on the floor
I bent down and kept punching him and stopped when I got the same feelings that something was wrong
I heard a faint voice clearly in my head
“ please help me, please help”.
“ Damn. I cursed, I recognised the voice, Alicia needs my my help….
I stared at Theo who was already weak and closed my eyes turning into a vampire, I held him by the neck and used my fangs to drain out his whole blood
“ please Nephew, don’t kill me”. He pleaded weakly
I kept on sucking his blood till he blacked out
I looked at the lifeless body and watched it disappeared
“ Alicia Alicia”. I kept on calling , I pray I am not too late…….

Alicia POV
I laid on the bed crying my eyes out after Ryan shouted at me
“ he was mad at me and I knew it”
I ignored my dad pleas asking me to come down and eat my dinner before going to bed.I just wanted to be alone..
I stared at my phone wishing Ryan would call me when I heard my name
“ Alicia”
“ am I dreaming?”. I asked my self
I heard the voice more clearly
“ Alicia”. I stood up from the bed and peeped through my window but there was no one outside
“ it was already dark so who would call me”. I thought
“ Alicia, it is me Ryan”. I heard again
“ Ryan. I muttered, the voice seems alike only that this one one was a little bit hoarse ..
“ maybe he has been crying “. I thought
I tip toed down the stairs and sighed in relief when I saw no one in the sitting room
I opened the door gently and walked outside closing the door behind me
“ Ryan”. I called looking around
“ where are you?”. I asked walking forward
“Alicia”. I heard someone called my name and gasped in shock when I turned back
I stared at the two men with red eyes in front of me
“ who are you?”. I asked them obviously frightened
“ we are Vampires”. One of the men answered showing me his claws. I screamed and both of them quickly pounced on me and started tearing me with their claws
I felt my blood gushed out
“ Ryan, Help me , Help me”. I kept on murmuring
I felt one of them dip his claws inside me
and stopped when the door opened ,they ran away leaving me in the ground bleeding …
“ oh my god!”. I heard my dad exclaimed
My eye lid was becoming heavy and I tried so hard to keep my eyes opened but soon blacked out
Ryan POV
“ Alicia”. I called closing my eyes and immediately appeared nearby her house
I ran as fast as I could and stopped when i saw her family gathered around her crying.
I walked towards them slowly hitting my chest
“ I am such a fool, I ignored Alicia pleas because of revenge
I gasped in shock when I saw Alicia face , she was covered in blood
“ Alicia”. I called bending down beside her as her parent watched me crying
“ who are you?”. Her mother asked but I ignored her
“ he is Alicia boyfriend”. Tyra replied sobbing
I felt her pulse and she was still breathing faintly
I carried Alicia in my arms
“ where are you taking her to?”. Her mother asked
“ she is not yet dead”. I replied him
They all signed in relief
“ wait, let me get the car keys so we can rush to the hospital”. Her father said
“ I am not taking her to the hospital”. I said
“ where are you taking her to?”. He asked
“ To Hell”. I said and immediately closed my eyes and disappeared with Alicia in my arms…..

I appeared in hell with Alicia in my arms ignoring the murmurings of the Vampires
I headed straight to shrine and the elder gasped immediately he saw Alicia
“ what happened to her?”. He asked
“She was attacked”. I replied
“ is it Theo?”. He asked pointing at Theo lifeless body at the corner of the room
“Will she be alright?”. I asked him ignoring his questions
He studied Alicia and shook his head
“ The wounds are deep, I am afraid she might not survive it”. She said
“ No, this can’t be”. I said sobbing
“ There is only one way and I am afraid you might not be able to do it”. He said after thinking for some while
“ what is it?”. I asked
“ you have to give her the bite”. He said
“ what do you mean?”. I asked
“ Vampires have the ability to regenerate and heal and a bite from the Dracula will make her heal faster”. He explained
I looked at Alicia and held her hands
“ only you can save her”. He said patting me
“ you have to turn her to a vampire “……..

What do you think, should Ryan do it or let Poor Alicia die
How do you think Alicia family reacted when they saw Ryan disappeared

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