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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 22

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The Vampire prince (two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 22
Who will save Alicia?
Alicia POV
I got home and met my mum in the sitting room
“ where are you coming from?”. She asked
“ I went to meet a friend at the bus station”. I told her
“By this time ?. She said glancing at her wristwatch
“She called that she was stranded but on getting there I didn’t see her”. I explained
“ it is alright.go to your room”. She instructed…
I walked into my room and immediately jumped on the bed
“Why did Andra call when she knows she wont wait”. I thought
My phone soon beeped , it was a message from Ryan and I clicked on it
“Why aren’t you picking your calls”
I checked my call logs and was surprised to see 30 missed call all from Ryan. I immediately dialled his number and he picked up immediately
“ Andra”. He called , I have been very worried “. He said
“ oh! I am sorry, I went to the bus station
“Bus station”. He muttered, by this time
“ yes Andra called to tell me she needed my help but I did not see her”.I tried explaining
“And you went?”. He asked
“ of course I did”. I replied
“ how will you?”. He asked , what if someone tries to harm you?
“ she is my friend and she needed help”. I said
“ friend, do you know what a friend is?”. He asked
I suddenly became angry
“ of course, i know the definition of a friend which is something you will never know”. I said
“ what?”. He asked
“ yes, I will never push my friends away just like you did”. I said and ended the call
I kept on turning on the bed . I was feeling guilty the way I talked to Ryan on the phone and I decided to call him back
I tried his number several times but there was no response…
I stared at the chain on my neck admiring it,it was made of pure gold
“ it must be precious”. I said to my self, I removed it and placed it carefully inside my drawer.

I got to school the next day and walked straight to class ignoring everyone greeting. I just wanted to see Ryan and be sure he wasn’t angry with me.
I walked into the class and saw Ryan laughing with some ladies
“ is he doing this to make me angry?”. I thought
“ Ryan”. I called walking towards him
He looked and me and flashed me a smile
“ Alicia, how are you?”. He asked
“ I am fine”. I replied
He nodded and continued his conversation with the ladies completely ignoring me
I signed and walked over to my seat. I felt lonely, Brenda was not yet in school and also Andra
I looked over at Ryan and he was completely enjoying himself
“ how will he feel if I go flirt with other guys”. I thought within in and immediately he looked at me
“ what?”. I asked him
He shifted his gaze to my neck and looked away
“ oh! the chain. I said touching my neck, I forgot to wear it
“ Alicia”. Brenda called walking towards me
“ you are late”.I queried her
“ I woke up late”. She replied, what of your new friend?”. She asked
“ I guess she will be late also”. I said shrugging my shoulders
The principal soon walked into the class and everyone became quiet
“ There would be no class today, you are free to go home”. He announced
The whole class became noisy
“ we lost one of your classmates”. He said sighing
“ who”.the class chorused
“ Andra jerkins”. He said and soon left the class
“ what”. I screamed , it can’t be possible
Brenda tried holding me down
“Brenda, you won’t understand”. I said
“ then make me understand”. She said
“ Andra called me yesterday night to ask for help and when I got there she wasn’t there”. I explained
“ weird”. Did you see any one around”. She asked
I nodded, only a man”. I replied
I turned to look at Ryan but he was not in class……..
Ryan POV
I appeared nearby the place where Andra body was found and luckily no one saw me
I ran to the spot people were gathered, it was already a crime scene
“You are not allowed here”. A man said to me
“ she is my friend”. I said pushing him aside
I stared at the body and I noticed the deep wound on her neck, it was obvious it was from the fangs of a vampire
“ Theo”. I muttered
I watched Andra body being carried to the ambulance
“Poor Andra”
The body was already stone cold and it was obvious she died last night . I smirked, That bastard tried to use her to lure Alicia out.
I suddenly had a strange feelings that the bastard was around , I looked around and spotted the idiot across the road and left immediately to avoid being seen by him……
Prince Theo POV
I watched some men in uniform surround the lifeless body and soon carried the body into an ambulance
“ I fulfilled my promise to her, she will receive a proper burial”. I said laughing
I got into the car
“ I need a fresh blood this night”. I muttered and drove off
I walked into my hotel room and packed my stuffs, I need to lie low for the main time, Ryan would have gotten the hint that I did it..
I checked out of the hotel and headed outside, I got into my car and drove off to the underground room
“ I will stay there for the main time and only come out to hunt for my next meal”

Ryan POV
I watched the idiot parked in front of an abandoned old building and walked inside.
I followed him throughout in my invisibility form without him noticing
“ Never underestimate the power of a Dracula”. I smirked
Let him have all the whole fun he needs because he will be dead this night…….

Vampire kingdom
Mara POV
“ make sure you don’t make any mistake”.I instructed the men
“ yes ma’am “. They said
“ I want the girl dead tonight”
“ I want her dead tonight”. I repeated
They nodded and left
“ bran”. I called my personal guard
“ yes ma”. He answered running towards me
“ immediately they kill the girl, strike both of them”. I instructed
“ yes ma”. He said
“ when I become the vampire princess, I will make you the head of all royal guards”. I promised
“ yes ma”. He replied smiling
“ you can take your leave now”
I watched him go and smiled .
“ Ryan, your love will be dead tonight and I will be the one in you heart…..

Mara wants to kill Alicia tonight and Ryan wants to kill Theo tonight….
I can’t wait

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