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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 21

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The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 21
Dracula chain

. Ryan POV
” oh mother, I have no appetite for this”. I told my mother as she tried forcing me to eat pancakes
” baby, you are getting lean”. She said assessing me
“Mother i am fine”. I assured her
I smiled when she brought out a jar of blood she was obviously hiding so I could eat
” oh mom , you are the best”. I said gulping the blood down
” oh yeah”.she said dryly eyeing me
” see you later mum”. I said pecking her as I headed to school
. I got to school and was surprised to see Alicia and Andra laughing
” Good morning”. I greeted
” Good morning baby”. Alicia pouted greeting me
” Good morning”. Andra greeted
I looked at Alicia and then at Andra
” are you guys friends now?”. I asked
” yes Andra apologised and I forgave her”. Alicia said excitedly
” really?”. I asked eyeing Andra
” yes I just wanted to be at peace with everyone” she explained
I looked into her eyes and I saw fear
” is everything alright?”. I asked her
” sure”. She nodded
I smirked , it was obvious she was lying…
I had a feeling immediately that something bad wanted to her

I headed to the cafe with Alicia during recess, I watched her ordered for food and she came sitting beside me
” Ryan , you need to eat this”. She said munching a sandwich
” I will pass”. I said
I brought out my chain and gave it to her, it was now a Dracula chain and would burn anyone who tries to harm the one in possession of it.
” wow”, I love it . She exclaimed.
” put it on”. I instructed her and she did
” why did you give me?”. She asked
” it is a gift”. I told her, always put it on

Andra POV
I wondered why the beast is very much interested in Alicia
He asked me to get closer to Alicia and asked lot of things about her
” why can’t he approach her directly if he is so much interested in her”.
I met him when I went to the mall and was surprised when he called my name. He told me he asked my school mates about me because he was so into me.
I was very angry when I found out Ryan was into Alicia and was glad when the young cute guy in front of me declared he was into me
I never knew it was all a facade, he banged me without emotions and I still feel sore .
Theo is a beast, he is really a beast
I waved at Alicia after school and crossed to the other side of the road where the beast was waiting
” how did it go?”. He asked
“Fine”. I replied
“Get into the car”. He ordered and I did
We were both silent throughout the drive
“Is Ryan always with Alicia every time?”. He suddenly asked
” Only during school hours”. I replied
” Damn”. he cursed, she hardly goes out of her house after school”.He said
” what?”. I asked in surprise, it was obvious he had been stalking Alicia but why?
He suddenly stopped the car in front of a different hotel
” get out”. He ordered
” why?”. I asked
” don’t ask questions, just follow me”. He said
I walked behind him into the hotel as female staff drool when he walked past and gave me a angry glare
I smirk, they would never know the evil hidden behind the cute face
He opened the door of a room and walked in
” strip”. He ordered immediately we walked in
” what!!!! I exclaimed”
“I said strip”. He barked
” I am still sore from yesterday banging”. I pleaded
He scoffed and moved closer to me and tried pulling my clothes
” No”. I yelled slapping him
” what, you slapped me “. He said touching his face
” and I will do it again if you don’t let me go”. I threatened
He scoffed
” really”. He said closing his eyes
I raised my hands to hit him again when he caught my hand and I gasped in shock immediately he opened his eyes. I stared at the red eye, Long fangs and his claws
” Vaaaaaaammmmmpppppiiiirrrrre”. I stammered and soon blacked out
I opened my eyes slowly looking around
” where am I?”. I asked myself, i was in a very dark room
I shivered in fear as I remembered what happened
” where is this place? How did I get here?
I thought of the fangs and claws I saw , do vampires really exist?
The door soon flung open and the beast walked in holding a lamp
” hello baby”. He says grinning
I stared around the room as the became became brighter and I screamed at what I saw. There were human part scattered all over the room
He looked at me and smiled when he saw my facial expression
” I am a vampire as you know, so I made use of these human blood to quench my thirst”. He explained
I looked at him really frightened, ” no wonder there was lot of missing persons case in the town”
” Don’t worry sweetheart, I will let you go it you can help me with something “. He said
” what is that?, I will do anything for you”. I pleased
” Good girl”. He said
He brought out my phone and gave it to me, I want you to call Alicia and tell her to meet you at the bus station nearby her house
I nodded as I took the phone from him and dialled Alicia number, she picked it up immediately
” Andra, how are you?”. She asked why are you calling by this time?
” I am at the bus station closest to the house,I am really stranded and need your help with some cash”. I said trying to act real
” okay, I will be there in about 20 minutes”. She said and ended the call
” is that okay?”. I asked Theo and he smiled
” can you let me go now ?”. I asked him
He flashed me a smile
” oh baby, how I wish I can but I am thirsty for blood “. He said smacking his lips
“What do you mean?”. I asked him
“I need blood sweetheart”. He said caressing my face
” I will do you a favour by making your family give you a proper burial unlike the ones here who no one knows of their whereabouts “. He leaned toward me whispering into my ears
” what dddoooo yyyouuu meaaaan?”. I asked stammering in fear
He flashed me a smile and closed his eyes turning to a vampire
Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaassee” I pleaded as I felt his fangs on my neck as he sucked blood out from me
I tried to fight back but he was too strong , I suddenly became weak and soon drifted off to sleep….

Prince Theo
I belched in satisfaction after draining the bitch of her blood and stood up from the lifeless body
” it is time to meet Alicia”. I said laughing and disappeared
I soon arrived at the bus station and waited for her arrival..
I spotted her putting on a white gown walking towards the bus station and I smirked
I watched her looking around till she met my gaze and started walking towards me and immediately the chain on her neck blinked
” what”!!!. I exclaimed. She was putting on a Dracula chain
” hello. She greeted , do you see any lady of my age around her?. She asked
I kept staring at her and immediately lost the will to harm her
” No”. I said shaking my head
” weird, she called to tell me she was waiting here”. She muttered
” Thank you sir”.she said as she turned to leave
I just kept staring till she was out of my sight
“I guess my plan failed, Ryan was a step ahead of me…..
Poor Andra
I guessed the chain saved Alicia

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