April 17, 2021


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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 20

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The Vampire prince (two worlds)
Episode 20
Alicia POV
It was soon time for closing and Ryan was still not in class
“ where will he be?”. I asked myself
I arranged my books inside my school bag and walked out of the class.
I sighted Ryan in the hall way with three girls , they were all laughing
“ what!!”. I exclaimed in anger
I walked towards him and glared at the girls
“ Can we go home please?”. I asked
“Oh Alicia I am having great fun , this girls are damn funny”. He said
“ really, I will be going then”. I said expecting him to leave with me but instead he just smiled and nodded….
“ I will kill you Ryan”. I said in anger as I walked home alone
I could not believe he chose those girls over me, I am his girlfriend.
I felt tears rolling down by my eyes and I wiped it off, I won’t cry because of that flirt
“ who is a flirt?”. Ryan suddenly asked appearing in front of me
“Oh my god!, you scared the hell out of me”
“ are you this jealous?”. He asked
“What, I was not jealous”. I defended smacking my lips
“ oh really, I was walking behind you and I overheard every single thing you said”. He said smirking
“ Why did you ignore me?”. I asked
He looked at me with a puzzled look
“ I never ignored you, you left yourself”. He said
“ I really hate you”.i told him
“ I love you Alicia”. He said laughing
“ go away”. I told him playfully and he held my hands as we walked together
Vampire kingdom
Unknown POV
I decided to take a stroll around the kingdom when I saw Mara sitting outside her father chamber
“Hey”. I greeted
“ Hi”. She responded without looking at me
I smiled
“ why are you here all alone?”. I asked her
she looked up at me and I saw the tears in her eyes
“ why are you crying beautiful one?”. I asked her
“ The Vampire prince rejected me for the third time and I betrayed Theo because of him”. She replied sniffing
“ so?” . I asked
“ I don’t think I can ever be the vampire princess”. She said
“ why not?”. I asked her
“ he told me he loves someone already”. She said
“ That is not a problem”. I said and she looked at me in surprise
“ what do you mean?”. She asked
“ You have to fight for his love”. I told her
“ how?”. She asked
“ for you to win his heart, you have to eliminate the one already in his heart”. I told her
she looked at me in surprise
“ do you mean I should kill her”. She asked
“ Think of it as a way of fighting for you love”. I told her
She became quiet and I pretended to take my leave
“ wait”. She said
I turned to look at her
“ I will do it”. She said
“ it is your choice”. I told her
“ how do i find the girl”. I asked
“ you don’t need to find the girl, I know her”. I said
She looked at me in surprise
“ who is she ?”. She asked
“Her name is Alicia”. I replied, she is just like you
“ like me”.she muttered
“ yes, she is beautiful like you”……..
I was glad Mara agreed to do my biding , I will use her till I don’t have a need for her
I started keeping watch on the vampire prince as soon as he became The Dracula ..
I always wanted that throne , he came in the way and destroyed all my plans . I will do anything to hurt and bring him down…

Prince Theo POV
I brought out the cell phone I got when I started living in the human world, I dialled a number and she picked it up immediately
“ Hey baby”. I said
“ hi”.she replied excitedly
“ can we hook up?”. I asked her
“ sure” . She said excitedly
“ I will send you the address now”. I said and ended the call
I immediately sent the address of the hotel to her .
Thanks to my brother Ron, he made sure i always had enough cash on me….
My phone beeped and I clicked on the message , it was from the bitch and I smiled when I read it
“ I will be there soon”
I really need a good sex

I laid on the bed playing a kind of game on the phone when I heard a knock
I went over to open it and smiled welcoming the bitch inside
“ Helo Theo”. She greeted
“ hi beauty”. I replied her
She walked over to the bed and sat down
“ what can I offer you?”. I asked her
“ I am okay”. She replied smiling
“ really”. I asked moving closer to her and she smiled shyly
I caressed her cheeks
“ you are beautiful”. I said and she blushed
I placed my lips on hers and kissed her hungrily and she kissed back
“ Damn, it has really been long I had sex
I started kissing all over her body when she suddenly asked me to stop
“ you haven’t even told me you love me”. She said still panting for breathe
I smirked
“ just tell me you love me and we will continue”. She said caressing my face
“ Love, I don’t and will never love a bitch like you”. I told her point black
“ what. She gasped and started adjusting her clothes
“ where do you think you are going?”. I asked her
“ home”.she said and was about to stand up from the bed when I gave a thunderous slap
“ I don’t need permission from you to fuck you”. I said tearing her clothes, she wriggled her body trying to break free from my hands
“ stay still”. I barked slapping her again
She immediately became still . I tore her underpants and penetrated into her and started banging her harder ignoring the tears streaking down her face
I rolled off her when I was done
“Make sure you are always available whenever I need you”. I instructed her
She nodded
“You will do anything I instruct you to do and make sure you never fail me because if you do I will kill you”. I warned her
She nodded shivering in fear
“ go and clean yourself up”. I instructed
She nodded and tried standing up but she fell back to the bed
“ stand up now”. I barked and I smirked as I watched her stand in difficulty
She is my new bitch

I pity Theo’s new bitch
Hmmmh Mara

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