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The Mafia Lord Episode 23

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The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 23
Troy PoV continues
We got to the ammo vendor store, it was a little store located at the outskirt of the town…
“Hi Santiago”.i greeted the man behind the counter
“Troy”. he called flashing me a smile, what do you need?guns or bullet
“I am not here to buy anything”. I said placing the bullet on the counter, I need you to help with this
He picked up the bullet and studied it
“Do you know about it?”. I asked him
“It is a bullet used by the Russians Mafias, the R inscription on it is like a symbol”. he explained
“Who could be behind this?”. Andy asked me
“I really don’t know”. I replied with a shrug, or could it be………damn! Diego………..
“How can it be? . Andy asked ,
“I really don’t know”. I replied, there is only way to find out
“How”. he asked
“Find if Diego came over to the state…
I dialled Montes number and he picked up immediately
“Troy”.he called , how are you?
“Fine”. I replied, I need a favour from you
“Anything for you brother
“I need you to help me find out if Diego is out of the country”.
“Okay, I will do that”.he replied and ended the call…..
Trent POV
I sat down in the sitting room watching Tricia dance to a music.
“Trent”. She called , come and dance with me
“I can’t dance”. I replied her
“I will teach you”. She said with her tiny voice and I laughed out loud , she was really so funny and I was already getting fond of her…..
My phone suddenly beeped, it was a text message from and an unknown number, I clicked on it
“Yakusa needs you to bring the girl tonight, if you fail to do so you will meet your mother lifeless body at home”.
I immediately deleted the message..
“How did it get to this?”, Yakusa is really a beast”. I can’t let him use the little girl just like the way he used me but what of mother? I am very sure the beast will plant his guards outside the house should Incase I plan on betraying him …….
I live in a small house with my mother, I never knew my father and mom hated talking about him.
We were never free because Yakusa had us under his watch .
he took care of our bills , paid my fees but Mother still hated him…..
I asked her several times the really she despises him but she never gave me clear answers…..
I came back from school one day and met yakusa in our little home..
My mum was on her knees begging him not to take me away
I stood there gobsmacked wondering what yakusa wants with me….
he took me away and assured my mom I will be back if I do as he says…..
he took me over to his mansion and instructed me to spy on Troy Daniels, he threatened to kill my mother if i do anything funny..
I was scared of Troy because I heard he was ruthless but I heard to do it to keep my mother safe….
I was surprised he accepted me in easily and treated me the way he treats the others
“What will I do now?”, I wondered,I can’t hand over Tricia to the beast and I can let my mother get killed ……..
I need to tell Troy about it, I really need to ……….

Troy PoV
“Why exactly will Diego want me dead?”. I wondered, I have no business with him….
“Did he really Come over to the state Just to kill me?
“What are you thinking about ?”. Andy asked
“Diego”. I replied
“But he might not…….he stopped when My Phone rang..
“Montes”. I called immediately I picked it, Is there any info about him?
“Diego is out of the country”. he replied
“What!!”. I exclaimed
“I don’t really know the country he travelled to but he is definitely not in Russia?
“Thanks “. I said and ended the call….
If Diego was behind the attack,Why did he do it?…….
I alighted from the car and was surprised to see the newbie alone in the compound..
“What are you doing here alone ?”, I asked him
“ waiting for you”. He replied
“Why?”. I asked with a raised eyebrow
“I need to talk to you”. He replied
“Is anything wrong?”. I asked him
“Yes”. he replied
I studied him and he looked really tensed …
“Come with me”. I said as I led him upstairs to my room
I pushed the door opened and saw June on the bed with her eyes closed.
“What is wrong?”. I asked sitting on the bed
“Tricia is in danger”. he replied
“What do you mean?”. I asked in alarm
“I work for yakusa”. he replied
“Really?”. I asked calmly
“ yes, he sent me a message to kidnap Tricia “. he replied
“Show me the message”.
“I don’t have it again”. he replied
“Why?”. I asked
“ I deleted it”. he replied
“Are you trying to play with me?”. I asked clenching my fist
“I am damn serious”. he replied , he threatened to kill my mother…..
“Really? Then why are you risking your mother life?”. I asked
“Because I am tired of Yakusa threat, Because I don’t want to hurt Tricia, Because I don’t want to be a bad guy”. he replied sobbing, please save my mother , please don’t let her die…….
I stared at him as he cried and I felt his pain, I pulled him towards me and hug him……
“It will be alright”. I assured him
“Thanks”. I muttered
“Where is your mother?”, I asked him
“No 3 Terra block”.he replied , we live in the slums
“I will find her and bring her over here” I promised
“What is wrong?”.June asked , your noise woke me up
“It is nothing baby”.i replied, go back to sleep
“Are you going out again?”. She asked
June PoV
I stared at the boy who was still crying and I felt sad for him
I overheard the discussion between him and Troy..
I never knew the grey haired man I saw in the party could be so ruthless..
“Why can’t he let my Troy be?……….
Troy PoV
“Are you sure this is not a set up?”.Andy asked on out way to Terra blocks
“No”, I replied
“Why are you so sure?”. he asked
“Because I believe him”. I replied
“that is…….
“Just drive”.i instructed
There was something about the kid, I am kinda drawn to him………
We soon got to Terra block , it was indeed a slum..
“Why would Yakusa threaten a little boy from the slums ?”. I wondered
We drove till we sighted the little house we parked beside it so as not to attract stares . There were two armed men in front of the little house
“Take care of them”. I instructed Andy
He alighted from the car and walked over to the house. I watched him pretend to talk to the men as he pulled his gun from the back pocket gunning them down….
I smiled at his tactics
I got down from the car and walked towards the house. I stared at the two lifeless body on the floor and shook my head
“They died serving yakusa to the very end , they are indeed loyal dogs!”……
I pushed the door opened and saw a woman curled up on the floor obviously frightened…
“Hey”.i greeted
“Please don’t kill me”. She pleaded without looking up
“I am not here to kill you, I am a friend of Trent …
“Trent”. She muttered looking up and I froze immediately I met her gaze…..
“This cannot be”. I muttered
She stood up from the floor and walked towards me
“Am I dreaming?”. She asked staring directly at my face
“What is going on here?”. I heard Andy yelled
“Troy”.the woman called, touching my face”.is that really you?
I tried to say something but could not, I was gobsmacked
“baby, is that really you?
Mooothheeerr”. I stammered

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