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The Abomination Episode 4

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The Abomination

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 4

Mama left with Ope and the house was deserted. I went there to pick more of my things. After a week, Kassim called Toyin begging her to plead with me to forgive him and return home. She can’t return home just like that. In fact, myself and my husband are already filing for divorce between both of you.

All these are like medicine after death. Go and continue to sleep with your sister, you beast. Toyin insulted him. You must be the reason why my friend had not been able to conceive all these years.

This is part of the abominations baba talked about the other day. You better go and sort out yourself with God before it is too late.
Kassim kept sending me text of apology but I never reply any. We didn’t divorce but we were not living as husband and wife again until our pastor intervened.

He has called me severally, asking me why he has not seen us in church for sometime. He also had visited our home but met nobody there. I was afraid to honour his appointment but Toyin encouraged me to. A meeting was slated for 10am the next Saturday.
I went with Toyin to see our pastor but on entering into his office, I saw Kassim who was already sitted with elder James.

His head was buried in shame when he saw us. Good morning sirs, we greeted pastor and elder James together. Good morning my daughters, pastor responded cheerfully. You may have
your seats, he directed us to sit on the same couch with Kassim but I didn’t know when I screamed, “I won’t sit with this beast”. Immediately, I was given a plastic chair from the church to sit on.

I ensure I positioned my chair in a way our eyes will not set on each other.
Let us pray, pastor instructed, we all bent our heads in prayers. His prayer was short and simple. Brother Kassim what did you say happened between you and your wife that made her left home?

He kept quiet for minutes until pastor repeated the question again. He sluggishly stood up and said “we had a slight argument and since I have been apologizing for her forgiveness. Please pastor help me beg her that I am truly sorry. Pastor looked at me, I looked at Toyin in disbelieve. To err is human and to forgive is divine.

The scripture admonishes us to forgive ourselves of our offences so that our father in heaven can forgive us, pastor continued his sermon of forgiveness as I sat down dumbfounded. So he didn’t tell the pastor
the truth. Slight argument? I was so angry like I should walk out of the pastor and the elder but they are both old enough to be my father so I controlled my temper.

Sir, I want to leave until Kassim is willing to say the truth. Before pastor opened his mouth to say anything, I had carried my bag and dragged Toyin by her hand as we headed towards the door. My daughters, please don’t go, let us not give room to the devil, the pastor begged but all fell on deaf ears.

I became more angry than before. Kassim’s pretence and lies made me more sick than what he did to his sister. I felt like killing him when pastor called him brother Kassim. I wished pastor knew what he has done. I started attending Toyin’s church but I tried to avoid baba(their pastor) because of our unfinished deal with him.

Even with Toyin around, I felt very empty outside my matrimonial home. I started giving
attention to guys that were coming close. It is not what you are thinking. It’s just for friendship so I could
get my mind off my predicament. Those friendships didn’t last because they were all after my honeypot.
I vowed never to thread that path no matter the loneliness.

The picture of what happened between us
and prophet Ade still hunts my conscience.
I was married but single. My life was miserable and I became a shadow of myself. Nothing interests me
anymore. I abandoned most of my projects because of lack of concentration


got a call from an unknown number on the 13th of July asking me if I was Mrs Nneka Kassim. I almost replied my caller by saying, “No, it’s a wrong number” but I changed my mind to answer in the
affirmative. “Yes, I am Mrs Nneka Kassim, how may I help you?” I asked my caller. My name is nurse Deborah calling from Diamond Clinic. Your husband is on admission in our clinic and his condition is very
critical. Your attention is urgently needed to save his life. Delay can be dangerous madam, she said and hung up. It’s true Kassim had hurt me but would I let him die? Nneka you need to put away your anger and save the life of your husband, I encouraged myself. I put a call to Toyin to meet me in Diamond clinic immediately. I chartered a taxi that drove me straight to Diamond clinic.

Without any word from the doctor, I was whisked away to the laboratory where my blood sample was taken and tested. The agitations and fear on the staff faces was worrisome, hence no one was willing to talk to me. Can someone tell me what is happening here? What’s wrong with my husband? I angrily asked a nurse. Ma, only the doctor can talk to you on this, and like you can see he’s running helter skelter trying to save your husband’s life. You just have to remain calm until he’s ready to talk to you. I was really angry because this situation will bring us together without Kassim realising the evil he has done. I tried to be calm but that was not easy. The doctor and the nurses were busy going up and down and talking to each other in a way no one was hearing.

After two hours of tension, I was invited to see the doctor in his office. I insisted Toyin should come along with me but the doctor refused her in. She’s everything to me and I will like her to hear
whatsoever is wrong with my husband. No, I will like to talk to you alone for now, the doctor prevailed.
He ordered me to sit down on a chair in front of his desk. Mrs Kassim, it is sad to announce to you that your husband is having a chronic heart condition that require intensive care in China or we lose him in a month. God forbid, my husband will not die, he will live to declare the works of God, I rebuked the doctor sharply. Well, I am a minister of the gospel and I have faith in the healing power of God but I advise you fly your husband to China before it is too late.

I called my in-laws immediately to come down to Lokoja. I was made to deposit N120,000 and two pints
of blood was taken from me. Toyin had called baba to join us in prayers and pleaded with him to send some prayer team to us. I was going up and down at the hospital reception not knowing what to do next.
When the prayer team arrived, they swung into action. Their prayers were directed against untimely death. The only sister among the prayer team stopped the prayers and shared her vision with other team members. “While we were praying, I saw brother Kassim in between two women, an old woman and a young lady. They tied his neck with chains, dragging him to an unknown destination. Immediately after the sister’s message, their prayer points changed and the prayer became more intense until the clinic management barged in and requested we lower our voice because our prayers were disturbing other patients in the ward.

I had to sleep by him in the clinic that day. By the following day, my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law had arrived. I tried to brief them about his condition but they seemed to know more about his ailment than I know. They went out to talk and by the time they came in, they requested he should be discharged. This case is not hospital case, we are taking him to the village for traditional treatment. The doctor did not protest at all. I was shocked when he did their bidding without hesitation. I made up my
mind to travel with them to the village. I called my colleague in the office to inform him about the development and the need for me to travel to the village. I begged him to cover up for me. The journey
to the village was the end of hiding for my husband

To Be Continued…. . . .

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