April 14, 2021


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Only You Season 2 Episode 5

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Episode 05.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
I walked out of the lecture room holding my book to my chest.

” Where is Shirley and Bryan? I thought walking through the corridor.

I smiled when I sighted them coming towards me.
” Hey Brianna” she said with a smile.

” I was actually coming to Meet you both” I said.

” And we were also coming to meet you too” she said.

I chuckled.
” How was lectures? She asked.

” It was fine and you?

” Not too good not with that bald headed lecturer” Shirley said loudly.

” Shirley” I gasped.

People walking in the corridor stopped to look at us.
Bryan chuckled.

” Let’s go” Bryan said walking away.

We followed him.
” Who is the bald headed lecturer? I asked.

” Mr Shawn…he is strict and too boring..l can’t even enjoy his class at all” she said in disgust.

I smiled.
” Shirley, when will you stop giving them names?

She Chuckled.
” They deserve it” she said.

” Am hungry” I said

” Uhnmm here…I bought some chips” she said opening her bag.

She brought out the chips and handover one to me.
” Thanks”

” Where is Bryan? She asked looking around.

” He was walking ahead of us, a while ago” I said.

” Yeah…I guess I have talked too much that I didn’t notice my boyfriend is missing” she said.

I chuckled.
” He is not missing”

” Then where is he?

” There” I said pointing at Bryan when I saw him walking towards us with two smoothies in his hand.

Shirley smiled.
” Where were you? Shirley asked immediately Bryan got to us.

” To get you this” he said handling one to me then Shirley

” Awwwnnnn… you are very romantic” I said smiling.

” Yeah…my baby is very romantic”

” Not your baby…our baby” I said.

She chuckled.
” No, my baby” she said and pecked his lips.

I smiled.
” Thanks babe” Shirley said.

” Do you care for some? Shirley asked, referring to the chips.

He shook his head.
” No, have it” she said pointing one of the chips at his mouth.

He opened his mouth and took it.
” Good boy” Shirley said ruffling his hair.

He chuckled and kissed her cheeks.

” I hate that girl” Shirley said.

” Who?

” That girl” she said pointing at someone.

” The blonde girl? I asked.

” Yeah”

” What’s wrong?

” I have noticed the way she has been staring at my boyfriend” she said.

” Really?

” Yeah”

I chuckled.
” I really feel like plucking out her two eyes” she said.

” Babe” Bryan called, laughing.

I smiled.
” She is a bitch” she said.

” Babe” Bryan called, looking at her.

” Am sorry” she said remorsefully.

Bryan nodded his head.
” Let’s go” I said.

” Yeah”

” I need to get some sleep…looks like am head is gonna explode any time from now” I said.

Shirley and Bryan laughed.
” Let’s go” I said walking away.

” No more lectures today?

” Yeah”

” Hey, hey…look here” I heard someone calling behind me.

I ignored the person and continue walking towards the lecture room.

” Hey….” She yelled.

I stopped and turned to look at the person.

” Hi” she said.

I looked at her.
” You are the one? I asked.

” What?

” Shouting hey”

” Yeah..I was actually calling you” she said with a smile.

I stare at her.
” Am Natasha” she said bringing out her hand.

” So?

” What’s your name? She asked.

I smirked and stare at her for a while before walking away.

” Hey” I heard her yelled.

I chuckled walking away.

I got into the lecture room and sat down on my seat.
The lecturer walked in and started teaching.

She flashed into my mind.
I remembered her.

How is she doing now?

How is Bryan and Shirley?

Has she forgiven her mother?

I sighed remembering her.
” Hey you..” I heard someone yelled.

I jerked up.
It’s the lecturer.
” Where are you? He asked.

” Here”

” Were you even listening at all?

I only stare at him without saying anything.
I wonder where this school got their ugly lecturers from.

I chuckled staring at his nose.
” What’s funny?

I shrugged.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
I got to the room given to me.
I opened the door and got in.

It’s a room for two but I haven’t seen my room mate.

I was told the person is not back to school yet.

I walked over to my bed and dropped my books on the small shelf.

I sighed and walked to the fridge and brought out a chilled water.

I poured it into a cup and drank it.

I yawned and lie on the bed.
I don’t know why, I am feeling sleepy.
“Knock.. knock” i yawned and opened my eyes.

Who’s knocking on the door?

Who knows.
It can be Shirley and Bryan.

I got up from bed and walked towards the door.

I opened it and saw a guy standing.

I stare at him.
” Keep drooling” he said walking pass me.

I blinked my eyes before asking.
” Who are you? I asked looking at him.

He dropped his bag on the couch.
” Who am I? In my room? He asked.

I Arched my brow at him confused.
” Your room?

” Yeah…so what are you doing here?

” This is my room” I said.

He laughed.
” Are you the new roommate I got? He asked.

“Who are you? I asked again, staring at the strange guy.

“Am Nathaniel… your room mate” he said smiling devilish.

” No…it’s not possible” I said.

He chuckled.
” What’s not possible? He asked.

” You can’t be my room mate” I said.

” Now, I see you are a dummy”

” Why will a guy be my room mate?

” Are you scared? He asked walking towards me.

I looked at him strangely.

” Are you scared? That am gonna get down there? He asked licking his lips.

My heart jumped in fear.

” You are very beautiful” he said trying to touch my cheeks.

I yanked his hands off.

He chuckled.
” I need to take a shower” he said walking away me.

I don’t think I can stay in the same room with him.

It’s not possible.

What kind of school is this?

Why will the opposite sex stay in the same room?

The guy is a flirt.

I need to talk to her, maybe she can change my room or my roommate.

I walked out of the room.

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