April 14, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 15

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❤(its all starting again)❤
🌹( when a rich fall for the poor)🌹
Written by Bella writes😊😊😊
Season 2 (episode 15)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭Melanie pov 💭
“Come in” He said as he opened the door for me

I walked into a room which looked like the cinema.

“originally this room was a hall before but because of you, I had it made for today” He said

“Isnt that risky, What if I hadnt come ?” I asked

” your here right” He said giving me a smile as he pulled me into the room

I sat down beside him and soon the lights went off

“Whats happening ?” I asked

” Something and Dont worry you will understand everything ” He said

“I hope I do ” I said gently

Just two guys walked out of the curtain, talking to each other and then there were two girls by the other side and they were shouting at each other and due to a push one of the girls fell off but she was still clinging on the edge

And then one of the guy ran to her and helped her up,hugging her close to him

” That is you and me Melanie, That was how we met” He said to me

Just to make me remember he had hired people to act it out for me.

I sat still watching everything, working for him, The girl Asking him to stay away, Him choosing her as his personal maid ,She going to his school and meeting Rex , Alex enemy and sarah brother.

Then the break up, The king trying to pull us apart

Then mother collapse which had ended her in an hospital

Searching for money only to go to the king and seeing that as an advantage, He asked her to stay away from his son

And then Alex going back to Sarah and Rex angrily telling him why Melanie had to leave him

Going to her room and asking her about it only to make love to her.

She leaving making the guy suffer and then seeing her again only for her to meet with an accident

Then the girl dying and he going to visit her grave and then it ended

I sat still, Not noticing that tears were dropping from my face

Some of it felt real because i knew that it happened and some I still couldnt remember

But if this had been our love story, Its a really sad one

I felt his hand on face wiping the tears off

I stared at him and gave me a gentle smile

” was our love story really like this” He asked me

” yes,It was sweet and at the same time,It was sad” He said

“Do you believe me now, Do you believe that there was a us in the past” he asked

” Alex am…….I dont know what to think anymore” I said feeling confused

He held my chin and put one of his hand on my chest

“Believe your heart, It would surely tell you the truth” He said starring at me

I felt my heart beating very fast, like it wanted to explode.

“Trust him” It kept on ringing in my head

” You feel the same Way I do,Your heart is telling you to trust me right?” He asked

“Yes it is” I answered

” Then do my love,Trust me because I love you, Have always loved you” He said and pulled me to him

Kissing my lips and what surprised me the most is that I didnt push him away.

Being in his arms and kissing him only made me want more

“You have no idea how much I dreamt of this moment” He said

“I cried, drown myself with alcohol,out of frustration for forgetting you, I Married Sarah and let me tell you, It hasn’t been a good living with her”He said and kissed me again

All I wanted to do was to just stay in his arms forever but thinking about Sarah and Francis , I quickly pull out of his arms

“No Alex,No” I said getting up and running putside

He came after me and when he caught me , He pulled me to him

” This cant be! , If our love hadnt been accepted before it wouldnt be accepted now and besides we are both committed to someone”

“You with your wife sarah and I with Francis” I said

” I will get a divorce and luckily you aren’t married to Francis yet ” He said

” You must be joking,You would give up your marriage just for us ”

He pulled me to him and held me close

“For you I will do anything” He said abd kissed me again

And I let him kiss me because its the most fantastic feeling ever

” I must be going crazy! You are a married man and am letting you touch me, Am really going crazy” I said as I pushed him away

I ran straight to the room given to me and shut the door

Our love couldnt be in the past and its impossible for it to be now



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