April 11, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 14

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❤(its all starting again)❤
🌹(When The rich fall for the poor)🌹
Written by Bella writes 😊😊😊
Season 2 (episode 14)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭Melanie pov 💭
After hours of driving to the airport, we finally made it there.

I got out of the car and with my luggage, I proceed into the airport.

I was almost in when I turned to see a limo appear.

I knew who it was even before he came out.

Picking up my bag,I began to walk fast into the airport.

Maybe if I mingle in the crowd , It would be hard for him to find amongst them.

I kept on going and Would have succed with my plan only if he hadn’t yelled my name.

I stopped and turned to stare at him, He was by the entrance and I was surprised to see that he had spotted me amongst the whole crowd.

He began to move towards me and though I wanted to run, I found that my legs wouldnt move

“Where do you think your going” He said as he stood starring at me

“Home, I need to get answers to all these questions,To know if all you said is a lie or not”I said

“They are the truth, You are My Melanie ” he said fiercely

“words enough cant prove a thing” I replied

“But I showed you the picture” He said

“Pictures which could have been faked, Right now I cant believe anyone words, I just need to talk to my mom, She is the only one that will tell me the truth ” I said turning to leave but he held me back

“I cant let you leave, Not when I just found you, No Melanie , You will stay here with me” He said carrying me into his arms.

“What are you doing? Put me down” I said trying to free Myself but he carried me till we got to the limo.

“Why are you making this hard for me,I need to leave to find the answer I need”

“We will find it together Melanie, Now get in the car” He said and having no other choice,I got into the car fuming

A guy who kept on starring at me like I was ghost sat there.

As soon as Alex got in the car zoomed off.

“Melanie” The stranger called

“Do you know him ?” Alex asked

“I never knew you, How do you expect me to know him” I replied angrily

“Am Andrew , I was your best friend” The stranger said

I starred at him, Have finally meet someone who is not Alex but he knows that am the Melanie Alex is looking for.

“I dont remember you” I said

“I know, You have amnesia,You cant remember us because you have amnesia” He said and I starred at Alex

“Before Andrew became my friend,He was yours,At first I disliked him because he had your attention but as days went by, I realised he wasnt a threat” Alex said

“And that is because I saw that you loved Alex a lot, Melanie you and Alex loved each other a lot in the past” Andrew said

“Please its enough, I dont want to know anything that happened in the past, everything is now in the past, lets leave it like that!”I said

“That is something I cant do Melanie, No matter how hard I tried, I never forgot you, If your mother hadn’t lied…..”

“My mom didnt lie” I replied fiercely

“If your mother hadn’t lied about your death, I would have married you, You would have been my Queen ” He retorted

“But am not your Queen and I never married you, You have your Queen and am sure that she wouldnt like whats going on” I said

“To heck with Sarah, Its you I want to be with” He said

“Alex,I think Thats going a bit far, You cant leave Sarah like that” Andrew said .

He would have replied if the door of the limo hadn’t been opened.

Together we got out of the car.

“Take Andrew back with the limo” He said to the guard

Andrew walked towards and pulled me into a tight hug

“Am glad that your back” He said lightly and Instead of feeling strange by him hugging me, I felt Good about it, It feels so familiar,I thought as he released me

” goodbye for now, My friend” He said ruffling my hair before walking off to meet Alex

I stood starring at him leave,I felt a sense of familiarity with Alex and now him,Could I really be the person they say I am.

I watched the two of them hug each other and then the limo drove him off leaving Alex and I

I stared around and saw that we weren’t at the palace

“Where is this place ?” I asked

“My villa, I come here every time to think, Your the first lady that have ever bring here” he said

“Why bring me here first when you have your wife” I asked

“That Is because I built this villa thinking of you and its also right that you be first female that see it because I did it in your honour” He said into my ears

I moved away from him and stared around us

“I want to go back to the palace , I dont want to be here with you” I said

“Well you have no choice, I brought you here so that I can convince you about us and I will succeed in doing that”He said

“I dont need you to convince me about a thing, Take me back to the palace” I said

“We have no means to do that, Have sent my guards and the limo away, They will only be coming back tomorrow evening, So its just going to be you and me” He said ?

“This is crazy!!! Have you thought about what people would say, what about your wife? She wouldnt like it one bit” I said trying to make him see reason

“Sarah is with her parents, her brothers just came back, Rex, Does that name ring a bell” He asked

“Look,I hardly know you and That Andrew guy,What now makes you think I will remember a Rex, I want to go back to the palace”

“That would be impossible , we are here now Melanie and I plan to make use of this moment” He said and before I knew it, I was lifted into his arms

“Put me down, put me down” I said hitting him

“Dont you know when to stop, am your cousin fiancee for crying out loud”

“I know and I dont care, As of now your the only thing i want” He said

“Thats so inconsiderate,You are only thinking of yourself and its so unfair”

“Youve been away from me for seven years, we lost seven years of our lives together, I wont waste not even a single day” He replied and carried me all the way in.

Later that day I stood by the window starring outside.

I still cant believe that all this is happening to me

I wonder how Francis would react when he comes back and see all this.

“Melanie come,I prepared something for you” he said behind me

“Am not hungry okay, just leave me alone” I said

But instead of leaving, he took hold of my hand and led me downstairs

He led me to a room where its been decorated with lights and flowers.

With a table full of food all waiting for us to eat it, I felt my stomach rumbling loudly.

“Did you do all this for me?”I asked

And he came to stand behind me wrapping his arms around me

“Yes Melanie,I did all these for you and when we are done eating , I would like you to watch a show with me” He said

I found his hold on me so good , I liked the way he held me even though am suppose to push him away,I thought

“It would be talking about our love story, how we met and fell for each other, Am sure that it will trigger some response In you”He said

I sighed gently, There was just not saying no to him,As long as I am here, I will just do as he says and when we leave,I intend on going back to with or without Francis.


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