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Girl In The Hoodie Episode 36

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💃 Girl In The Hoodie 💂
🎸 {Who is she…?} 🎸

🎧 Episode 36 🎧




“Where should we use?” Ria asked
“The empty class upstairs” Ashley said

“No no, I suggest we use the music room, so that we can get used to the instruments, you know we won’t only write but play it also”Jessamyn said and we all agreed to it.

“That will be great!” Monalisa shouted and we all laughed.




Jessamyn brought out a small book and I handed her a pen, she started writing out some lyrics.

Minutes later, we checked what she has written and discovered that she has written three pages.

“Wow! Jessamyn you’re so fast and intelligent” Ashley shouted smiling

“Yes, but don’t you think this is too much, I guess a sheet is okay” Ria said

“No, I will write six sheets, each sheet for each person, we all have to sing not that just one person will sing everything” Jessamyn said

“Oh my! But my voice is bad, I’m so bad when it comes to singing” Ashley said

“Don’t worry, we’ll find solution to that” I said and Jessamyn continued writing.

After about ten minutes, she stood up and tore the sheets separately. She handed a sheet to us each and we scanned through it.

“I don’t think I can know all of these off hand” Mia said

“But you have to. Try Mia try” I said
“Alright, I’ll give it a try” Mia said

“We haven’t talk about the instrument that’s to be used” Ria said

“Yeah, I guess piano 🎹 is good for the music” Monalisa said

“No, guitar 🎸 is the best instrument for this kind of music” Jessamyn said

“Alright, but no one here can play a guitar 🎸, or does anyone knows how to play it??” Ashley asked

“Yes, I do.” Jessamyn replied
“You do??” Ria asked

“Alright then, the job is done already” Ashley said

“Yeah, come on let’s start” Monalisa said and Jessamyn grabbed a guitar and started strumming the strings as we prepared ourselves.





We got into the library and sat at a corner, then each of us brought out a book and started writing.

Minutes later, Kaima came to me to show me something

“Isn’t this okay?” she asked as she placed her hand on my shoulder

“It is. But if you wish to add more, you’re free” I replied

“Alright, I’ll add more” she replied and went back to sit.

Minutes later, we’re all done writing.

“Now let’s see how we’ll join the lyrics” I said and checked all the lyrics

“Wisdom’s own is good for beginning, then comes mine, then Babita, Anderson, Chris and lastly Kaima will round it off” I explained and they all nodded.

“Now let’s start practicing” Wisdom said
“We can’t practice without instruments” Chris said

“So what do you suggest we do?” Anderson asked

“Let’s go to the second music room, since the all girls group has occupied the first one” Babita said

“Alright let’s go” I said and we headed to the second music room.


I sat in front of the piano 🎹 while Wisdom grabbed a guitar.

“Hold on guys, don’t tell me you know how to use these instruments” Kaima said

“Must we let everyone know about what we can do or not?” Chris asked

“You also know how to use them?” Kaima asked
“Nope, I just know how to play them” Chris said and we all laughed

“Come guys start playing, I want to see Archie performing” Kaima said and I scoffed.

Wisdom started strumming the guitar as he sang from his own book while I played the piano, then others watched.



We all sat down to relax after practicing.
“You’re so good Jessamyn” Ria said and we smiled

“Thank you” Jessamyn said
“But your voice sounds like Tiana’s” Mia said and I stared at Clara

“Oh! That’s nice, thanks for the compliment” Jessamyn said and quickly stand up.

“Let’s go home, it’s closing hour” she said
“Alright, but I think we should practice later in the evening today” Ashley said

“Yeah, but no one has these instruments at home, so we can’t practice at home, unless we come to school” Ria said

“But come to think of it, Clara’s sister is a musician, we can go to their house and use the instruments” Mia suggested and I tapped Clara.

“Erm…Uhm…My sister doesn’t have any instruments at home, all her instruments are at the concert” Clara said and I heaved a sigh of relief

“Oops! Alright then, let’s come to school early tomorrow, so that we can practice before lecture starts” Ashley said

“Okay, let’s go home” I said and we went out of the music room.



We all sat down quietly in the large hall. All instruments were moved from the music rooms to the hall.

Each group was busy practicing, while we awaits Mr Bills’ and the HOD of music’s arrival.

Few minutes later, they both came in and we sat down in silence.

“Good morning students” Mr Ben, the HOD greeted as he stood on the podium.

“Good morning sir” we all responded
“How are you all?”
“We’re fine sir”

“Alright, let’s get straight to business, the first group should come out” Mr Ben said and Davison’s group walked to the stage.

They performed really well and headed to their seats back.

“Next” Me Bills called and Archie’s group walked to the stage.

Archie sat in front of the piano while Wisdom grabbed the guitar.

They started singing and they really are performing well.

“Wow! I never knew Archie is so good at playing piano” I said

“And neither do I know that Wisdom could play a guitar” Monalisa said

“No one knows about it, so let’s focus on our own goals, I want our group to win” Ria said and we kept quiet and listen to Archie’s group’s song.

Few minutes later, the next group was called and Reena’s group went to perform.

Then the next was ours, we went out to the stage and Jessamyn took the guitar, she started strumming and Ria started singing.

After Ria, Ashley, Mia, Monalisa, Jessamyn then Me.

We performed with all our might so we could win, after singing, we headed back to our seats.

“Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! That’s superb! I must say you guys are really amazing! And one of the members of the last group sounds just like Tiana Hathaway, her voice is really amazing!” Mr Ben said

“Yeah, I thought I’m the only one who noticed that” Mr Bills said

“Alright, let’s leave that aside, now the scores” Mr Ben said and started saying the scores.

“Davison’s group won with 35 points, Archie’s group won with 50 points, Reena’s group won with 42 points, Raynaud’s group won with 38 points, while the last group, the all girls group won with 50 points as well, so there would be another competition between Archie’s group and the all girls group to know who will go with the first position” Mr Ben said and we all shouted excitedly.

“And one more thing, the two leading groups should better go and prepare well, because the leading team will be participating with other schools, so be prepared” Mr Bills said

“Okay, thank you sirs” we said
“Take care” Mr Ben said and they both went out.


To be continued…

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