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Dreams Episode 20

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 20
Candace Noah
I woke up to find myself alone in the room
I yawned while sitting up
Where is Chase? I wondered
I glanced at the wall clock, it was 8:45
Gosh! I am running late
I jolted up from the bed and was about running into the bathroom when the door suddenly flung opened and Chase walked in
he was already dressed and was holding a black fancy bag
Hey.he greeted while smiling , how was your night?
Fine. Why didn’t you wake me? I frowned
he smirked
Why? I repeated
I don’t wake peaceful sleepers. he smirked…….
Oh! I huffed
Change into this. he handed me the black fancy bag , join my downstairs when you are done
“And be fast about it. he winked at me before walking out of the room
I opened the bag and looked into it
Wow! I exclaimed as I brought out a set of undies and a white floral gown
It is so beautiful! I remarked
I went over to the bathroom to freshen up and soon returned to the room when I was done
I quickly dressed up , slide my backpack across my shoulders and headed downstairs to join Chase
I met a woman seated on the sofa when I got to the sitting room
Her eyes were glued to the television
Who is she? Is she Nick’s mother? I wondered
Good morning ma! I greeted
She looked up at me
Who are you? She asked while eyeing me
I am Candace Noah a ……. I tried to say but she cut me off
Who invited you to my house? She glared at me
I em er . I stuttered not knowing what to say , she is so fucking rude
I said who invited you to my house? She repeated but this time with a very hoarse voice
“I did, Chase replied while coming from outside. Is there any problem with that? he asked glaring at the woman
Oh! the woman laughed . I can see you have finally started bringing your bitches to the house
He froze
What?did I say……
Shut up! he barked at her
She widened her eyes in surprise
Did you just yell at me?
What? Are you surprised? I will do more than just yell if you dare call her a bitch again. he warned
I smiled
Are you alright? he asked facing me
I nodded and he smiled lightly
Good day Mrs Delgado! he bade the woman who was obviously still in shock
He walked out of the sitting room and I followed behind him………
Mrs Delgado ( Nick’s mother)
I stared gobsmacked at Chase as he left with the girl beside me.
Did he just yell at me?
I always thought of him as a weakling but there was something about him, he was getting bolder…
Damn! I really need to act fast , I need to talk to my husband about the will before something…………….happens
I can’t let my Nick go down completely……
Chase Delgado
I drove quietly to the music school thinking about the happenings of this morning
Can’t she just leave me and my loved ones alone?
I sighed in frustration
Are you still thinking it? Candy asked while staring at me
No, I lied
Then why do you look all tensed? She inquired
Nothing, I sighed
But you…….she tried to say but I cut her off
Can we please not talk about it?
She nodded
We soon got to the school and I parked in front
“Go on in. I instructed her
She gave me a curious look
What about you? Aren’t you going in?
I shook my head
“I have an interview to catch up with. I informed”
Oh! She exclaimed while opening the car doors
I will come pick you by 7, make sure you are dressed before then
She flashed me a smile before alighting from the car
I waved at her and drove off……
Candace Noah
I walked quickly through the hall way to the class. I stood at the entrance when I noticed a teacher was already in class…
Good morning ma! I greeted
She stopped teaching and turned to look at me
She glanced at her wristwatch and shook her head
“You are late young lady. She queried”
“I am sorry ma. I apologised
Sorry? She scoffed . Your name?
Candace Noah
Oh! You are Candace , I had no idea. She smiled
You can go over to your seat. She added
I walked over to my seat surprised by her sudden change of demeanour
I flashed Loretta a smile before sitting down
Good morning! She greeted in whispers
I listened to the teacher as she taught about the different themes in music
I smiled
I am just a few steps to my dreams
The class immediately became noisy when the teacher left the class
Candy! Loretta called
I turned to look at her
What happened? Why were you late? She asked rushingly
“I woke up late . I sighed “
She smirked
Is that all?
I nodded
Fine! She sighed, will you be coming to Nick’s concert?
“I will go only if my boyfriend goes. I grinned
She scoffed
Of course he will…. I mean is there a reason for him not to be present at his brother’s concert?
I don’t know , I really don’t know . I shrug
Nick Delgado
I kept on singing the song but still couldn’t get it…..
Why can’t I just sing like Chase?
I sighed in frustration
I think I should Should just give up on this stupid concert
“No you can’t . My manager objected”
I huffed
“But this is so tiring, I am not just getting anything right”
he smirked
“What reason will you give? What reason? Will you tell the world you are cancelling the concert because you can’t sing
he yelled at me
“I really don’t care about what anyone says, I really don’t care . I yelled back at him”
he stared at me for a while
Then what about Chase? do you want him thinking that he is better that you?
No way ! I barked
he smiled
Then this is the only way you can prove to him that you are better
Are you still in or not?
I am in , I can’t make chase look down on me…..
Then you have to keep on trying……..
Candace Noah

I sighed in relief when the last teacher for the day left the class
I shove my books into my back pack
Why the rush? Are you going somewhere? Won’t you wait for the violin lessons? She asked rushingly
I nodded
where are you going? She probed
“Chase asked me to go with him to Kira’s birthday batch this evening. I explained “
“Oh candy! You are so lucky. She remarked
I sling my backpack across my shoulders while standing
“See you tomorrow. I flashed her a smile”
Alright friend!
I scurried out of the class and headed to the taxi station
I flagged down a taxi and hopped in as the driver drove headed to my home
I walked into the sitting room and met my mom seated on a low stool
She was reading a novel and was so engrossed in it that she didn’t notice me
Good evening mother! I greeted
She looked up at me and smiled
How are you?
“I am fine ma . I replied “
“I played with my hands shyly wondering how she would react if I tell her about the birthday party”
What of Chase? Did he bring you over ? She asked
“No mother , he has some things to take care of”
She stared at me for a while
What happened yesterday night? She suddenly asked
Yesterday night? What do you mean? I was confused
She sighed
What I meant to ask was if Chase touched you?
Mother! I called in surprise
“Sit down Candace.She instructed and I did”
She took my hands into hers and stared directly into my face
You see Candy , I am not trying to come between you and Chase but I just want you to be very careful. She advised
You have to brace up your mind because all relationships go through hell but only the stronger ones gets through it . She added
I gave her a confused look
What are you trying to say mother?
She smiled
I am just trying to tell you that you have to be prepared before going into it . She explained
Oh! I exclaimed
So are you prepared for it? She inquired
“Yes mother , I replied confidently”
She smiled
Erm Mum. I called
What is it?
“I will be going out with Chase this evening , he asked me to go with him to Kira’s birthday”. I said trying not to meet her gaze
And when will you be coming back?
“Tomorrow “
She sighed
“Just be careful Candy. She advised”
Thanks mum. I gave her a side hug and she smiled
I stood up from the sofa and went over to my room…..

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