April 17, 2021


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Dreams Episode 19

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 19
Knowing the truth about the Delgado’s
Candace Noah
Laying down on the Chase’s huge bed, i was lost thinking about the happenings of today
What exactly were they both talking about? why would two brothers hurl hurtful words at each other?
Baby! Chase called distracting me from my thoughts.he was just returning from the bathroom
I turned to look at him and immediately looked away
He was wearing only his briefs and …… damn, he looked so hot
What is wrong? he gave me a confused look
Nothing , I lied
he sighed
he picked up his laptop from the table and Joined me on the bed
Are you gonna sleep in that? he asked eying my clothes
And are you going to sleep in that?I fired back at him while trying not to meet his gaze
he smirked
What is wrong with with it? he looked down at his briefs
“Everything is wrong with it . I drawled, how do you expect me to sleep when you have only your briefs on. I blurted out”
he chuckled
Is that why your face is all red?
How.. what .. what do you mean? I stuttered while touching my cheek
You are blushing Candy”he smirked .
Oh! I exclaimed staring into space
“Don’t worry candy , I don’t bite. he assured”……. just go change into something comfy
What can I change into?
“You can change into any of my pyjamas.he said pointing to his wardrobe
I stood up from the bed and walked over to his wardrobe
I opened it and exclaimed in shock
Are you running a boutique? I inquired looking back at him
No. he grunted with his eyes still fixed to his laptop
I huffed
I continued searching for something to wear and smiled when I saw a sky blue pyjamas
I pulled it out
This will be perfect! I grinned . it was very long , my body will be well covered
I glared at Chase before walking into the bathroom. he was so engrossed with whatever he was doing and didn’t even notice me
he is so rude!
I soon returned to room wearing the bogus pyjamas
I scoffed when I saw Chase still busy with his laptop, he even had a little smile across his face
What are you doing? I asked gritting my teeth
he looked at me
Are you okay in that? he asked eying me
I nodded
I joined him on the bed and moved closer to him
What are you doing? I repeated looking into his laptop
a message suddenly popped up and I sighed in anger when I saw the sender
Kira! Why are you chatting with her? I yelled
He gave me a surprised look
What is wrong with you? She is a childhood friend
Childhood friend! I sighed in relief …… but I still don’t care , why are you chatting with her when I am here beside you?
he chuckled
“She just reminded me about her birthday party tomorrow night. he explained”
Oh! I exclaimed
Will you go with me? he smacked his lips
I can’t , I don’t think my parent will allow me sleep out again . i replied staring at his abs”
I understand, I will just go alone then. he sighed
No you can’t . I objected
Why? he gave me a puzzled look
I bit my lips
Why? he repeated
“Because I will go with you . I blurted out and he Chuckled
You are so impossible! he remarked
“I just don’t want you to be lonely. I lied
I can see!
It was obvious he didn’t believe me
Are you …… I tried to ask when the door flung opened and Chase mum walked in holding a book
Mum! Chase called while sitting up on the bed
She moved closer and sat down close to Chase
hi ma. I greeted and she flashed me a smile
What is it mother? Why are you here by this time?
She shook her head before scribbling down some words on the book she was holding
Wait a minute!……. Can’t she talk? Is she dumb? Is that why she is always smiling?
I watched Chase read what his mother wrote
he sighed
“Mother! You just need to ignore her, she is just being Jealous. he assured and she smiled
Don’t let anyone push you mother, you have full right to this house also
he added
She leaned towards him and pecked him lightly on his forehead
Good night mother
She stood up and flashed me a smile before leaving the room……..
What are they talking about? I wondered, The Delgado’s sure have lot of secrets……
Chase Delgado
I watched my mother leave the room and sighed
What the hell is wrong with Nick’s mother? Why is she always trying to frustrate my mother?
I felt a Candy hands in mine and smiled
What is wrong baby? she leaned her head on my shoulders
I gave her a surprised look, this was the first time she called me baby
Nothing, I lied
Chase! she called softly, I am your girlfriend and you can confide in me
I heaved a deep sigh
Nick mother is a thorn in my mother flesh , she causes her pain and bully her most of the time just because she was once a maid. I explained
She gave me a puzzled look
What exactly are you saying? Are you trying to say your father married two wives?
I nodded
Oh my gawd! I heard her exclaimed softly
“So Nick is your half- brother. She probed
I nodded
Is that why he was trying to bully you down there? She asked
“Yes , because he still thinks of me as a bastard , he still sees me as a maid son . he bit his lips”
Oh my Chase! She exclaimed as tears rolled down her eyes
I stared at her without uttering any words
I love you with all of my heart, I love you Chase …….
I hugged her and smiled
I love you too……..
Kira Montes
I ransacked my wardrobe while searching for a sexy dress to put on for my birthday party
What about this gown? My friend Anna asked
I stared at the short black gown she was holding and shook my head
Why? She asked
“It is not sexy enough . I rolled my eyes”
She shook her head
Are you doing all this because of Chase?
I nodded grinning
“Snap out of it girl, Chase will never look at you because he has a girl. she retorted”
What girl?Do you mean the commoner that is always hovering around him? I scoffed
She might …….. she tried to say something but I cut her off
Is she more beautiful than me? Is she? . I yelled
Come on Kira , we all know the girl is a natural but you are a …… plastic. She drawled
Shut up. I barked. What do you mean by plastic? I went under the knife just thrice
We are still saying the same thing. She rolled her eyes
I scoffed at her
She was so lucky I was in a good mood..
I can’t wait to see my Nick. I heard her say
Whatever. I rolled my eyes
I kept on searching for clothes and a blue gown hidden at a corner caught my eyes
I pulled it out and stared at it
Perfect! I smiled.
I am sure Chase won’t be able to resist me on this ……
I can’t wait to make him mine …..
Kira Kira! madam plastic , Abeg leave Chase for candy oooo

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