April 14, 2021


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Dreams Episode 18

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 18
Meeting the Delgado’s
Chase Delgado
The drive to the airport was pleasing as Candy kept on telling me stories about her and her family
I listened with keen interest and smiled when she told me how stubborn her brother is…
Does he always fight with you? I inquired
Yes but at the same time he always defend me. She smiled
How i wish I have a brother who can defend me like yours. I drawled
What do you mean by that? What of … Nick? Is his not your brother? She asked picking her words
Of course he is
Then why ….. she was about to ask but I cut her off
You wouldn’t understand candy …….
We soon go to the airport and I parked in front
We alighted from the car and walked into the airport
“ I am scared. Candy remarked while holding me tightly
Why? I asked
What if your parent disapprove of me? You know my family is not as rich as yours
I stopped
Do you think money makes a perfect family? I asked staring directly at her face
She stared blankly at me
Do you? I repeated and she stuttered not knowing what to say
I sighed
What matters most is happiness and you are my happiness……..
I sighted my parent seated close to the exit doorway
I held candy hands as we walked towards them
Dad! Mum! I called
My mom stood up and hugged me.
“I miss you mum. I whispered in her ears”
She disengaged from the hug and smiled
How are you doing son? My dad asked patting my back
I am fine dad”. I smiled
Your really did a great work with your record, your song is an international top notch. he remarked
Thanks, I smiled
When will you be rele….. he stopped when he noticed Candy
Who is she? he asked staring at her
“My girlfriend”. I replied
Oh I see! how are you young lady?he asked her
“I am fine. she replied shyly “
And you are? My dad continued
“Candy erm I mean Candace “. She stuttered
I smiled. I never knew she was this shy ……
Candace Noah
We were soon on our way to the Delgado’s mansion.
I was really exited riding in the same car with the Delgado’s
So Chase! Mr Delgado called , can you at least tell me where you met your girlfriend?
Chase glanced at me and smiled
“We first met at the orphanage and later at the school “
Really! Does she goes to the music school?
“Yes Dad”
“I guess she must be good at singing”
She is very good”. Chase remarked and I blushed
If that is the case, I will love to hear her sing . And if she is so good like you claimed ,I won’t mind recording one of her songs
What!!! I exclaimed in surprise
“Thanks sir. I appreciated while staring at him through the rear mirror
he smiled
I watched him whisper to Chase mother who was just smiling throughout
Why is she always smiling? I wondered
I kept on staring at her
She was beautiful and also very … quiet…..
We soon got to the front of a very big mansion
I widened my eyes in surprise .
Jeez! This mansion is fucking damn huge…
Chase honk the car horn and the gate was immediately opened by the security ….
I won’t be able to drive in, I need to take Candy home. he informed
But is already late ,why can’t she just sleep over ? his dad suggested
Oh no! I gasped
Why? Chase asked staring at me
My parent will be so worried
Then put a call through to them to. he suggested
Will that work?
You need to try first
he drove into the compound and parked in front of the big mansion
his father alighted from the car and turned around to help his wife with the car door
What a lovely couple, I thought within
I was about to dial my mum number when her call came in
I sighed before receiving it
Candy! Where are you? It is already late
She was obviously worried
“I am at chase’s home. I replied softly
And you didn’t even try to calling.She queried
“I am sorry mom, I was about calling when your call came in. I explained
Ok so will you still be coming home tonight? She asked
No mom I will be sleeping over at Chase’s
She was quiet for a while
Mum! Are you there?
She sighed
It is alright.she assured and ended the call
What did she say? Chase asked
She agreed
Great! he smiled

I tried to stop myself from looking when we got to the sitting room but couldn’t
The sitting room was just too beautiful
Your house is beau…… i stopped when I heard someone scoff
I turned to the direction and shuddered a little when I saw Nick climbing down the stairs
Gosh! I almost forgot they were brothers…..
Chase Delgado
I glared at Nick as he walked towards us
What does he want? I wondered
“hi brother. he greeted while staring at candy . I can see you brought our girl over?
I scoffed
I held candy hands and was about heading upstairs when Nick dragged me back
How dare you walk out on me. he yelled
What do you want Nick? I frowned
He laughed
I can see you have grown wings or are you trying to play tough because of the …. girl”. he drawled while staring at candy
Leave her out of this “. I warned
And what will you do if I don’t? When I kissed her what did you do? you are nothing but a pathetic loser
Really? I laughed, are you sure about that?
he gave me a confused look
I smirked
Good luck with your concert bro. I smiled ……
Candace Noah
I stared gobsmacked at the two brothers as they argued
What exactly is wrong with them? I wondered
This wasn’t just a normal argument, it sounded like a threat….
Chase was right after all, money doesn’t make a perfect family…..

Nick Delgado

I sighed in anger as I watched Chase climb up the stairs with the girl
Did he just mock me? how dare he
I guess Mum was right all along, he really need to be taught a lesson
he just have to wait till i am done with the stupid concert…….

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