April 17, 2021


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Beautiful Romance Episode 7

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺


Episode 7


Lucas knight 🌺

” Hey get Nadine Meg , tell her to come to my office now” I said to Jupiter my secretary.

” Sir , she’s not yet arrived”.


This pass nine, anyway tell her to report in my office immediately she arrives.

” Okay sir” he said and walked away.

“I signed tiredly and continue going to the file, immediately I recap how I met her, she looks pretty good in that her outfit, I thought and smile.”

* Come on, you can easily get her , by inviting for dinner tonight*

” Oh my goodness, I can easily get her, wow am very wise” I thought and smile, immediately she rushed inside my office, adjusting her clothes.

” Welcome miss crazy, so you have the got to beat my bodyguard, and you came to my work place late” what a got you have. I muttered.

” Actually sir, am sorry it wasn’t intentional beating your bodyguard, I just wanted to help him , when he wanted to fell down, and am sorry for coming late, i couldn’t get a cab”.

She said without looking at me.

” Hmm, miss crazy so you’re have the talent for lying, wow what a nice and cool talent” I said, and laugh foolishly at her, I couldn’t control my laughter anymore.

” Anyway, your work has been waiting for you, come closer Miss crazy” I said.

She roll her eyes, and catwalk towards me .

” Arrange this file “, miss liar .
” Mr Lucas could you please concentrate on your work, before I get rid of your tongue” she said daring me…

” Do you realize am still the boss of this company, I can do and undo ” I said with a smirk.

” Now do the necessary things now ” I said with a smirk.

She adjust her grown, and move closer to me, the closeness made my body temperature to hot…

” I stop my work, and raised up my head and saw her starring at me”.

“Hmm, are you done drooling ” I asked with a smirk, and get up from my sit, I continue moving closer to her, while she move backward till her back touches the wall”.

” I move my hands closer to her waist, and move her grown up a little bit, and find my way to her p@nt”.

” Hmm sir, she stammered.”

” Should I continue or stop ” I asked with a grin, and kiss her neck, her earlop…

” I shift her p@nt , and slip a finger inside”.

* Ouch * she groan lightly.


” Is miss crazy still a virgin”?

I thought and ignore it.

” She can’t be a virgin, I said and assure myself”

Santiago Dave ✏️

” Sir their secretary said we can come in ” my guys said.

” Have been searching for my crush, but she’s no where to be found inside the company”. Maybe she’s in her office, I thought and smile, as I recall what happened between us this morning”.

” Is everything ready now jeopoy ” I asked him.

” Yes boss, everything is set”.

” Okay let move it, let me go inside firstly, I don’t need to Knock the door, I don’t care who she is”.

I said with a grin.

I opened the door slightly, and walked inside.

“What the heck”!

His busy with a lady!

They were so engrossed in the kissing not noticing my presence.

“But the lady looks familiar”.

I cleared my throat, and they stopped instantly..

” What the hell, my Nadine” I muttered to myself.

” Nadine”, I stuttered.

Nadine Meg 💣

* Nadine you can’t lose your virginity just like that* my mind said to me .

I was so engrossed in what we’re doing, until I heard someone coughing.

I unlocked from the kiss instantly, and push him away, and saw the guy I met in the morning.

” Santiago Dave” I called as we continue starring at each other, with Lucas.

” The office was tensed up, nobody was willing to talk”.

” But what his he doing here “?



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