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Beautiful Romance Episode 6

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺


Episode 6

By Adebayo dolapo

Nadine Meg ✏️

I was done working, it was around evening by the time I was done.

I was damn tired, and hungry.

I carried my slagging bag, and clutch it on my shoulder, and walked outside, out of my office.

” I walk out, and saw my boss car, he wanted to drive out of the parking lot, I quickly hide my face but immediately his body guard walked towards me”…

” Ma’am the boss needs your attention in the car” he said but I acted like his not talking to me.

” Ma’am am talking to you” he said almost yelling at me.

“Have you gone nut, I asked and kick his legs, who are you to shout on ? ..

“Am I a small girl”?

I asked angrily and landed a double slap on his cheeks.

“Now is it the first car or the second one” I asked angrily.

” The first one ma’am” he said almost like a whispered.

I walk gently towards the first car, and saw Lucas sitting at the back sit, pressing his phone.

” Sir, you called me” I said softly trying not to act like something happened between I and his body guard.

” Hop inside the car , I will drop you off” he said, and my eyes almost popped out …

“Sirrrrrr, Don worry I can manage” .
I said in a cracked voice.

” Nope, i insist ” he said with an eye roll.

” I hop inside the car, while the driver took off Immediately”.


Thank you sir, I said to Mr Lucas as he drop me off, at the entrance of my house.

” Hey don’t be late or else you won’t like my reaction” he said with a grin.

I hissed slightly, and muttered “@sshole”..


“Mum am back” I yelled happily and ran to hug her.

” Come on Nadine, why are you happy” she asked.

” Mom I got the work, am working as the personal assistant mom”.

I yelled happily while she kiss my cheeks.

“Daughter am so happy”, she said .

“Have prepared your favorite meal”


I said eagerly.


” The ray of sun glinting on the window reflected on my face”.

I look up tiredly, and remember I have a get the office quickly.

I checked the time , is quarter pass 8.

” What the heck?” My second at work, am late.

” Oh my goodness” .

I said and quickly rush to the bathroom.

I quickly do all the necessary things, and get ready for work.

” Mom an off to work” I said and quickly rush out of the house, running to the main road.

I got there , but couldn’t get a cab.


What hell?

I stay for like 50 min, before a bike drove speedily pass me, and spit mould on my left hand.

” What the heck” I yelled angrily , sweating profusely.

Am stained .

” Immediately a motor bike, stopped in front of me, he was neatly dressed up, very cute , with a baby face, with a pink lip” .

” Hi am Santiago Dave” he said and bring out his hand .

“Nadine Meg” I said and we continue starring deeply at each other.

Santiago Dave ✏️

” She pretty, but clumsy” I thought and smile lightly at her.

” If you don’t mind, I can drop you off ” I said.

“Noooo” I don’t know, so there’s probability you might hurt me.

She said in a cute baby voice ..

” Trust me for once”.
I said lightly.

” Okay, deal Dave ” she said and smile before hoping on the bike.


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