April 11, 2021


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Beautiful Romance Episode 5

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺


Episode 5

By Adebayo dolapo

Nadine Meg ✏️

” Oh my goodness sir, I can’t be working with you till you’re tired” I said sadly.

” There’s nothing I can do miss crazy, so respect youself “, he said with an eye roll.

” So you’re my personal assistant from now on, your office is next to me miss crazy” he said and lick his lip.

” Now , go and tell the people outside, that we don’t need vacancy again miss crazy, he said and roam his eyes on my body”.

” @sshole” I muttered and walked outside.


Santiago Dave✏️

” I trace the beautiful damsel, who I met at my way to the cafeteria, I was on my way to get a coffee with my guys, but saw this angel, but she capture my heart instantly”.

I saw her talking to some group of people…

I think she works here.

.” Why don’t I invest more to the company, so that we could be business partners” I thought eagerly.

She looks pretty, when talking.

I continue admiring her, till one of my guys walked to me.

“Sir your girlfriend, miss Jessica is waiting for you in the hotel”.

He said.

I groan lightly.

“Keep an eye on her jeopoy ” I said and walked to the parking lot where my guys are waiting for me.

I hop inside the car, and the car zoomed off speedily, going to the hotel to Meet my so call girlfriend.

Writer’s the✏️

Dave walk inside the hotel, going to room eight six, his room where he usually screw ladies.

Jessica on the other hand, was tensed up , walking for Dave to start f**king her.

Their parents were business partner, that’s how the get to know each other’s.

The door cracked open and Dave walk inside, towards Jessica who was already st@rk naked on the bed.

Dave get on the bed, and separate Jessica legs, so that he can position himself into her.

Dave quickly unbuckle his trouser, and bring out his manh©©d, his manh©od was standing, ready to devour Jessica.

Dave use his big manho®d to tease Jessica V@gina , she let out a soft moan.

“Humm” .

Without any further notice, Dave push his full length inside Jessica V area.

Jessica V area was very wide, so she couldn’t feel any pain.

There’s no different between hole and Jessica V area, it almost the same.

Dave go deeper vigorously, Dave increase his speed into her.

Jessica hold Dave back as he continues f**king her, it was so roughly ..

” After some minutes,Dave released inside her V area”.

They were d@mn tired, Dave check is his closet, and bring out some pills for Jessica.

” Jessica was angry, because she wanted to be pregnant for Dave,but Dave was smarter than her”

Jessica collected it with the table water, and gulped it down.

” I have to go Dave said and wear his clothes, and muttered take care”.

Dave walk to his car, and hop inside.

” I want to go alone” Dave said and start the car .


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