April 14, 2021


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Assistant girlfriend Episode 9

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Assistant girlfriend

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 9

shook my head, the tears burning beneath my eyelids. “I’m not pregnant mom. I’m not”
“Yes you are Dora. You’re as pregnant as pregnant is. There’s no half-pregnant.”
And truly I was pregnant but I hesitated to tell her who was responsible. I had conducted my affairs in secret, satisfied that I would never be found out and it won’t happen again. But fate had something else in store for me, for us.

When I told him about the child what would he do? We were both so young and had our lives before us. A baby would ruin the plans especially a baby that had been borne out of an abominable desire. My mind went back to that afternoon.
“Do you think he loves you?”
“Yes, I mean, I don’t know but I know I can’t do this to him, not again, not with you. Its so wrong.”

“But I love you.”
I stared at him dumb struck as he told me all of it. How he had felt for me from the first day. His sadness at the cruelty of fate that had made me end up with his brother instead of him. All the drama I’d gone through with Mark that only riled him, he knew about it because I told him. He’d always thought there was something terribly wrong with him for desiring his brother’s girlfriend but he didn’t care. He loved me unashamedly.

But I wasn’t having any of it – a destined for failure relationship shrouded in secrecy and guilt. A roving fire of passion and lust bound to leave everyone burned out. An abominable liaison – or so I thought.
He shut my arguments with a soft kiss that made my brain turn to mush. All of a sudden I couldn’t remember what it was we were arguing about again. His tongue probed deeper into the recesses of my mouth, seeking, demanding and I gave my all and some. His tempo increased to fever pitch as I encouraged and urged him along and soon we were buck naked.
“No it can’t be him!” Common sense had warned me. “Anybody else but him.”

But my body proved a traitor when my hard nippl.es trembled and sent slivers of pleasure when he s—-d at them. Common sense was eroded over passion when he sent two fingers into me and drew them out wet. I was ready for him long before he moved over me, and when he entered me I let out a long, satisfied sigh of completion. I moaned as he t—-t slowly deep inside me and moved my hips in rhythm with his.

I was being carried to heights I’d never dreamed of before. The pain and regrets seemed infinitesimal to this. Surely something this right couldn’t go wrong, or so I hoped, as I rode on gloriously to an earth-shattering c—-x.

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