April 11, 2021


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Addicted To Her Episode 6

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🖤 Addicted to her 💙
(He is cold, she is crazy)

By vickie 💞

🌷 Episode 6 🌷

💜 Rihanna POV 💜

Miss Smith, 6:00am tommorow” I heard the handsome devil said.

What..??” I screamed.

I would still be snuggling with my bed by then.

Does he wants to kill me??

Excuse me sir..?” I said.

He didn’t even spare me a glance.

He was just knocking the buttons of his laptop furiously.

I knew he heard what I said.

You heard me miss smith…,out of my office now” he said irritatedly.

I was just staring at him in anger.

I felt like slapping that his handsome face.

And one more thing, I don’t want you wearing this haggard looking rags here to work” he said looking at me disgustingly.

I was burning with anger now.

Excuse me sir, if you don’t want me to wear my rags here” I said.

Why don’t you take me out for shopping, i mean get me nice clothes to wear” I said.

I was very happy seeing him puffing with anger.

Very soon, smoke of anger could come out of his head” I thought smirking happily.

He kept staring at me angrily.

If eyes could kill, I’m very sure I would be long dead by then.

Those cold eyes boring deep into my body.

.Right now, I felt like my body was shredding to pieces as his gaze never left me.

I suddenly wished I never spoke what I said earlier.

Tell him you are sorry dummy” my subconscious mind said.

No I won’t” I said.

Now, I have been engaged in a staring competition with mr arrogant.

To be honest, I was getting scared.

Get out” he finally said.

I went out immediately, holding my chest breathing heavily.

Those eyes were killing.

But why the hell is he like that..?” I thought.

I was wondering what type of interview was that, like who does that..?? I thought.

Personal assistant of mr Bryan McDonald’s!
Hmm….I smiled inwardly.

I brought out my phone.

Gosh!… 25 missed call from Jeremy.

Gosh! he would be freaking out now.

Sorry, I didn’t mention him earlier.

He is my other buddy, but Jeremy and Nina don’t get along at all.

They are like a cat and a rat.

I don’t understand the reason two of them dislike themselves.

When they come across themselves, a fight must surely ensue between them.

I wondered why he called me so much like this. My phone was on silent.

I wanted to call him when his call flashed in .

Jeremy, I’m really sor….

No princess, it’s okay, I’m coming to pick you up, so get ready, I’m taking you out. I’ll be there any time soon.” He said.


No buts princess, hurry up please” he said and hung up.

🌺 Nina POV 🌺

I woke up with a bad hangover.

I went partying last night with some friends.

I quickly used the aspirin beside my bed.

I checked the time, it was 2:25pm.

I never knew I slept this long.

I laid down facing the ceilings.

RIHANNA” my head rang.

God! am finished” I said frightfully looking for my phone.

I would receive a lot of spanking and scolding today.

I finally found my phone and immediately dialed her number.

She picked up at the second ring. I don’t want her to talk first.

Good afternoon sweetie, coming right now, love you so much” I wanted to hang up but to my surprise, she just chuckled.

What is it rihanna…?” I asked suspiciously, I could not tell if she just wanted to trick me.

Nothing babe, just wanna tell you I wouldn’t be at home when you come” she said.

Why…??” I asked suddenly sad.

Well, I’m going out with someone” she said.

OMG! Is my baby going out on a date” I said.

I was just teasing her, rihanna always turned down advances from guys since high school.

So tell me who that person is” I said.

Come off it babe” she said.

Well, Jeremy told me he wanted to take me out, he will be here soon” she said.

What?? I screamed.

Chill babe, Jeremy isn’t a monster, huhn??” She said.

That idiot, I knew he always wanted rihanna and now he wants to do what??


Nina..??” She said.

You know what rihanna, I’m coming to your house right now, you are not going anywhere with that dumbass” I said hanging up, rushing out of my room, grabbing my car keys.

I didn’t even take my bath” I thought.

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