April 11, 2021


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Addicted To Her Episode 4

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🖤 Addicted to her 💙
(He is cold, she is crazy)

By vickie 💞

🌷 Episode 4 🌷

💭 Nicky POV 💭

I rushed home in anger.

I need to see my parents right now.

I must marry my Bryan at all cost even if it means putting matters in my hand.

Good afterno…..”

Shut your damn mouth up, old hag” I shouted at one of those good for nothing idiot placed as securities.

I hissed in anger as I shrugged him away.
I headed into the house.

Just as I wanted, they were sitting on the couch laughing at something I don’t care about.

Dad, mum…” I said and they turned to look at me immediately.

What’s t…..

When are we getting married dad..?” I blurted out cutting him from whatever he wanted to say.

Sweetheart”mum said caressing my face.

Stop rushing things this way, you two will surely get married, just a little more time sweetie” mum said.

I stared at her angrily.

Keep that fucking time to yourself mum” I said angrily.

How many times do you guys wanna tell me that..??” I said facing them angrily.

Are you playing pranks on me or what…??

You have to arrange our marriage as soon as possible dad” I said but he just had a blank expression.

Dad…??” I called out when he wasn’t saying anything.

Go to your room now Nicky” Dad said sternly.

But…….” I wanted to say something when he cut me off angrily.

Now! He said making me shiver.

I ran to my room crying seriously.

Dad has never spoken to me like this.

Today is definitely not my day.

I must get married to Bryan at all cost.

🧔 Mr Blaire POV 🧔

I knew Nicky would be hurt and surprised at my reaction earlier.

But am doing this all for her future.

Honey, don’t you think that was too much for Nicky??

You shouldn’t have shouted at her like that” my wife said.

It’s for the betterment of our life Fiona”

Or would you go to Bryan again” I said.

Holy moly, Nothing would ever make me come across that boy again”

Never” she spat out and I chuckled.

He almost ruined us” I said.

I could remember vividly how we went to Mrs Donald’s to arrange a marriage for Nicky and Bryan.

Bryan froze all our accounts that day, he held Fiona captive with him.

He almost set my four companies ablaze.
He suffered us that day, luckily nicky went to her friends house.

I had told him we would withdraw the marriage proposal which I did but not without me telling his mum the reason.

I knew he loved his mum a lot.

I don’t know what his mum had told him.

But I made sure I avoided him like a plague.

He has no feelings at all and now Nicky has fallen for him.

I really don’t blame her, she wasn’t aware of anything that transpired between us.
💜 Rihanna POV 💜

I woke unusually early today, can’t even believe I could wake up this early.

I love sleeping a lot.

My stomach rumbled reminding me I didn’t eat last night.

Oh God!

I would have to go on an empty stomach to the interview today.

Yeah, Nina called me yesterday that there is a vacancy available in Donald’s company and co.

I wonder what position was vacant…hmmm” I thought entering the bathroom.

I hurriedly took my bath packed my long hair in a ponytail.

I took a white top with a short black skirt.

I’m not a fan of make up really.

I looked at the mirror….. hmmmm….

I’m not looking bad” I said .

I put a call across Nina, but she wasn’t picking up, guess she is still in dreamland then.

I had already told mum I would be going for an interview.

I took all what I’d be needing, heading downstairs.

Eric, you ought to be asleep now right??..I said worried.

I know sis, not just feeling sleepy” he said smiling.

Have you eaten?? He asked.

Nope, I’m not hungry” I said.

Immediately I said that, my stupid stomach rumbled leaving me embarrassed and Eric burst out laughing.

He stood up coming back with a cup of tea.

Thank you kiddo, I would be leaving now” I said a little satisfied, though I’m still hungry.

At least, it’s just an interview, I would come back pretty soon enough.

Em, Anna I would be going to momma’s restaurant today, and please don’t cause any trouble” he said.

I just smiled.

Promise?? He said.

Promise” I said going out immediately.

Bye” I waved and he smiled.
I checked the time, it was 7:45am.

Oh God!

I hurriedly flagged down a taxi and in few minutes, we arrived at the company.

Wow! It was a huge building. I looked around, people were going in and out.

I don’t think I’m late.

Hello, good morning, I’m here for the interview” I said and she looked at me irritatedly.

I don’t wanna waste any time that’s why I talked like that.

I really needed the job.

By your left” she said like I was forcing her to.

Fool…” I muttered walking to the room or should I say office??

To my surprise, I met no one there.

I turned and I saw a lady with a vicious mask on her face.

She was puffing with anger.

I heard her muttered something like ” what an arrogant jerk”


I wanted to turn back cause I don’t condone arrogancy.

I don’t want to end up in trouble.

What if he is the CEO??

I would still end up losing the job cause I won’t be able to control this mouth.

I was about to go when I heard a cold, deep, masculine voice that sent shivers down my spine.

Hey! Where to?? I froze.

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