April 17, 2021


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Unwanted Fiance Prologue

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🌜(Just one night with him changed every thing)🌛
🔥(My forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by bella writes😊😊😊
“You did the same thing to me four years ago,its time you pay back”he said as he starred at me harshly
“But i never meant to,i never meant to destroy your relationship with my sister”i said as i pulled up the sheets trying to cover my naked body
“But you did,you made her hate me,made her call off the wedding and made me a laughing stock to everyone”
“But that was never my intention?”i said
“It was your intention and so dont worry my dearest cause am here to do the same thing to you and whether you like it or not,you must marry me?i mean it when i say it and you will marry me”
Meet Isadora Belmont ,she is a shy helpless virgin who made the mistake of falling for her sister fiance

Meet Micheal Blake ,the only heir to blake industries,he is sexy,rich and talented and he is every girl dream
At least to dora he is the love of her life,she met him first at college,wanted him and loved but she never got the chance to tell him because her wilful sister caught him and hooked him
And dora at eighteen felt so sad and longed for him secretely,it was on the night of their engagement party that she finally confessed and one thing led to another and she had a one night stand with him,with a forbidden man
Her sister and parents had caught them both and they had cancelled the wedding with Micheal,while they sent her away

Now four years later,she is happy with her new found fiance,ready to put the past behind her but Micheal is not so willing to do the same thing

He wants to have revenge to what she did to him and what other way could he have done it than to do the same thing to her

This time he wasnt to leave like she did,he is determined to stay in her life and to marry her whether by hook or by crook

Now what do you guys think would happen to Dora?

Will her life ever be the same after he puts his threats to action?

Well join me and find out……….

You dont want to miss😄😄😄

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