April 14, 2021


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Unwanted Fiance Episode 3

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🌜(just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by bella writes😊😊😊
When i got to the garden i saw him there and he was alone
He hadnt even noticed me yet, i stood there watching him
In a few weeks from now, he would be marrying my sister
I felt the tears running down from my eyes
I cant let him see me this way, i thought as i began to head the other way
On hearing him call my name , i stopped, i didnt want him seeing me but now he has seen me
I wiped my eyes and turned around forcing a force smile on my face
“Hello Michael ,i didnt see you there? Why are you outside when the Party is going on, where is grace? Wouldnt she be looking for you?” I said nervously wanting him to go before i break down
“Your eyes! Have you been crying!” He said as he touched my face
I moved back quickly not wanting to feel his hand on my face
If only he knew what his mere touch did to me
“Tell me whats wrong isadora,who made you cry” he said
Suddenly my pain turned into anger, i got so angry that i spilled it all out to him
“You of course, who else?”
“But why?”he said and angrily i hit his chest
” sometimes you can be very stupid, havent you realized that i love you, have loved you a long time ago but you never noticed it ”
” a lot of people apart from you saw it,or maybe you did but you just ignored it,what can you do with a plain me right?”
“And then you met my sister and wham, your inlove with her and would soon be married to her ” i said angrily
“Grace is right, you love me?”
“Of course i love you, she has known from the begining but that didnt stop her from seducing you ” i said
“You shouldnt have fallen for me”
“But i did, this stupid heart of mine did okay, i watched how you kissed my sister , tell her sweet things, things i wished was said to me by you but its all just a dream right? You wont ever love me because am just a friend to you” i said
” that is it, your just a friend and would forever be a friend, why are you so bent on taking my man” grace said as she came to stand in front of micheal
“Am not taking him okay” i said as i cleaned my face
” liar, if your not meant on taking him then why tell him you love him, think he would change his mind and come to you, well sorry micheal is mine” she said as she pulled his hand over her
” he belongs to me and have you ever wondered why he never set his eyes on you but did with me, Thats because am much better than you, look at you, your nothing than a plain stupid jane” she said
” its enough grace…..”
“No micheal this girl needs to be told the truth and the truth is for her to stay away from you, micheal can never love a girl like you,its only our type that he sees” she said and kissed him right in front of me
” see that, its only our type he wants and not a silly teenager like you” she said
I couldnt take anymore of her insults and so i ran to the wash room and cried
It took me a while before i came out, i was heading to my room
Wanting to go there to stay locked up when suddenly i saw some guys putting something in a drink
I knew those guys to be grace friend , i wanted to know what it is so i went to them
” what did you put in that drink” i said to them
“Relax dora doll, its just some tranquilizers” he said
” why did you put a tranquilizer in a drink, who do you wanna put to sleep” i said
“No one in particular, look you can have one yourself and use,its really good” he said pressing a pill in my hand
Before i could a thing, they walked off leaving me with the pill
I stared at the thing and wanted to throw it away and then i saw micheal and grace walk in and an idea popped into my head
I smiled as i stared at the tranquilizer and at micheal

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