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The Mafia Lord Episode 20

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The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 20
Ophelia (June mother) POV
I came over for a visit and never expected to meet your family in disarray….
I was shocked seeing your father dead and your mother unconscious.
Your mother was still breathing so I rushed her to the hospital ,I couldn’t bear to see my friend in that condition…..
She soon got better but was going crazy worrying about you.i begged her to focus on her health for the sake of her unborn child and I promised her I will find you….
My husband and I did everything possible to find you , we involved the police, hired a detective but it was all to no avail….
I got to the hospital one day and was told your mother ran away ……
I was surprised at the same time scared because everything seemed weird
“How?”.Troy asked
“I received a letter of threat from an anonymous person warning me to stop searching for you”. I replied, what really happened to you Troy?
“A man took me in and raised me”. he replied still holding June hands tightly
I turned to look at my husband and he gave me a small smile…
“It was obvious they were both in love and I had no plans to come in between them…….
Troy PoV
I stared at her when she was done explaining
“If my mother is still alive, then where is she? Why did she run away? Why hasn’t she tried to find me?or did something bad happen to her? Is she dead?
“ what is going on in your mind?”. June asked
“Nothing”. I replied smiling
“It is going to be alright”. She assured me
“Thanks”. I muttered ..
“I need to pick something from my room”.She said squeezing my hands before climbing up the stairs….
I smiled watching her as she climbed the stairs.
“Troy”. Mary called
I turned to look at her
“Can you please let me ride with you ?”, she asked
“Sure”. I replied
“Thanks”. She said and ran up the stairs
“Feel free to visit us anytime”.June mother said , I am glad you became very successful….
“Alright”. I replied
“You mum can…….”
“Can we Please not talk about her”. I pleaded
“I am sorry”. She replied .
“I am ready “. June announced heading down the stairs
“Promise me you will take care of her”. June mum whispered
“I will”. I promised
“ what are you both talking about?”.June asked looking at us curiously
“Nothing”, I replied
“Really?”. She asked smirking, can we go now?
“What of your sister?”. I asked her
“Why are you asking about her?”. She asked frowning
“She is riding with us “. I replied
“She can’t”. She yelled
“Why can’t she?”. her dad asked
“She betrayed my trust”. She replied
“Watch your words June”. her dad cautioned her, she did that to protect you…
“Whatever”. She muttered with an eye roll and stormed out
June”. her mom called going after her
“Really, I never knew she was this stubborn “.
“I don’t know what to do about June again “. her father complained, she is getting out of hands
“What she needs is a little space , I am sure she will come around”. I assured him…
“Fine”.he replied…..
I stood up when I saw Mary headed down the stairs
“I will be leaving now sir”. I said
“Alright Troy”. he replied, please take care of June
“ I will “
I glanced at Mary and met her gaze
“I will be waiting outside “. I told her and walked out of the sitting room…
“I don’t care”. I heard June yelled as I got closer ….
She was leaning on the car and was frowning at whatever her mother was saying to her
“Troy”. her mother called me, when did June become this stubborn? She refused to heed to my advice
“I will talk to her ma”. I assured her
“Thanks”.she muttered
“Can we go now?”. June asked getting into the car
“Sure”. I replied. I nodded at June mother before getting into the driver seat…
I waited for Mary to hop into the car before zooming
“I never knew you were this stubborn”. I said to June on our way
“How am I stubborn?”. She asked with a frown
“You could have listen to your mother”. I replied her
“Oh!”.she exclaimed
“really, you are just impossible!
I glanced at Mary through the rear mirror, she was watching us silently….
“how can a bitch like her be June sister?
“ what will you do about your mother?”.June asked distracting me from my thoughts
“Nothing”, I replied
“Why?”. She asked
“She has been dead to me long ago”. I replied, I don’t want to keep my hopes high
Okay”. she muttered
“You can drop me off here”. Mary said when we got to the front of a hostel…..
I parked the car and waited for her to get down
“Thanks for letting me ride with you”. She appreciated
“It is nothing”. I replied and zoomed off
“Why did you let her ride with us?”. June asked frowning, I am sure she is going over to her Miguel
“Who is Miguel?”. I asked her
“her loving boyfriend who she loves so much”. she replied with an eye roll
“Does she really have a boyfriend?”.I asked disbelieving
She nodded …….
I parked in front of her hostel and she planted a kiss on my lips before alighting …
I was about driving in when I saw a teenage boy seated in front of the huge gate
“ he must be homeless “. I thought
I wind down my car windows and summoned him nearer
“ what are you doing here?”. I asked him
Waiting to see you?”. he replied
“Who are you?”. I asked eyeing him
“I am Trent”. he replied, I need your help
“What kind of help?”. I asked him
“I am homeless”. he replied
“Trent”. I called, get lost
“Please help me”.he pleaded..
I drove into the compound ignoring his pleas……
I walked into the sitting room and joined Andy who was drinking in the bar
“How did it go”.he asked
“Good”. I replied , is Mary still working at the club?”. I asked him
“Who is Mary?”. he asked
“The slim black hair girl”. I replied , what is her name again?
“Miriam”. he replied
“ i almost forgot she changed her name”
“I want her out of the club immediately ”.I commanded
“but why?”. he asked, most of our client love to fuck her because she is good on bed”.he replied grinning
“Have you fucked her also?”. I asked him
“Yes”. he replied
“What a crazy bitch”. I muttered, I want her out of the club
“Did she offend you?”. he asked
“Just do as I say”.I replied him
“Boss”. one of my boys called running in
“ what is wrong Ben?”.I asked
“There is a kid at the gate begging to see you”. he replied , we threatened to kill him but he still wouldn’t budge
“ what does he really want?”. I yelled
“Should we kill him or….:
“Let him in”, I replied sharply
“okay boss”. he replied….
“Who is that?”.Andy asked
“a homeless beggar”. I replied
“What do……..he stopped when Ben walked in dragging the boy
I looked at him and scoffed
“Didn’t I tell you to get lost?”. I asked him
“I am sorry”.he apologised, i have no other place to go
“Really?”. I asked, and you think coming to me is the best thing to do
“I am willing to do anything”. he pleaded , even if it is a servant job
I studied him, he was young and looked kinda familiar
“Have we met before?”. I asked him
“No”: he replied
“Strange! What really happened to you?”. I asked him
“I was kicked out by my uncle”. he replied
“Really?”. I asked laughing, it was obvious he was lying
“Should we throw him out?”. Ben asked
“No”. I replied, take him to your quarters and make him comfortable
“What!” He exclaimed, but boss he……..
“Do as I say”, I commanded
“Thank you very much sir”..The boy said beaming happily as he walked out of the room with Ben
“ why did you do that Troy”.Andy asked
“I don’t know”. I replied
“But it is so not right”. he queried
“I know, just keep your eyes on him”. I instructed…
Mary POV
I walked towards the lecture hall after having a quickie with Miguel
My phone rang buzzed indicating and incoming message , it was from an unknown number
I clicked on it and read it
“We don’t need you in the club anymore”
I read it all over again and began sobbing quietly
“What have I done to myself? What will Miguel do it he finds out I work in a club as a bitch…..
“how I wish I never listened to My roomie, how I wish I never agreed to work in that club…..
I was used by those crazy men ..
I remembered the look on Troy face when he got to know I was June sister, he was really surprised
“My life is all messed up”………:
June PoV
I headed to the class with Sara and noticed most of the student staring at me
“Why are they all staring?”. I asked Sara
“because you are Troy girlfriend”. She replied
“Really?”. I asked , but how did they know
“I can’t say”. She replied
“I hope I am safe”. I muttered
We walked into the class and I was surprised to see Steph seated in class.
“Steph”. Sara called walking towards her, how are you
“Fine”. She replied calmly
“Hi June”. she greeted flashing me a smile…….
I stared at her in surprise
“Why is she acting so friendly”……………..

Hmmmh Mary

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