April 14, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 39

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(She hates him)

Episode 39


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Rissa’s pov….
The door opened again and the same mean man entered. Maybe, he has changed his mind.

I pretended to still be in bondage as he approached the bed gradually touching his belt area.

“You’re back, huh? I was starting to think you were heartless enough to leave me here alone!” I remarked.

He chuckled and removed his belt completely.

“Don’t you ever shut up? You spoiled brat” He glowered and jumped on the bed.

I freed my hands from the rope and pushed him off.

“Don’t come too close, you filthy pig!” I blasted glaring at him.

He dragged my legs under him and tried yanking my shirt off. What the shrek is he doing?!

Mr Frosh’s pov….
*Sir! Sir! Look who we found outside. He demands to see you* A voice informed.

My eyelids perked up a bit to see who was interrupting me from my thoughts.
The ras.cal didn’t even knock! These servants of mine have no manners..
It must be because I’m too familiar with them.

My eyes widened on seeing the person behind her.
Is that who I think it is??….

“Mykel” I whispered stupefied.

“Where is she?” He asked overlooking the amazed expression I held up.

“How did you find me?” I asked muzzled.

He rolled his eyes and pushed my servant to kneel. He raised a stick and set It above her head.
She didn’t shiver but just looked at me as her eyes glistened.

“Where is Rissa?” He asked again wish his voice more threatening.

“Lower your weapon, son. It doesn’t have to be like this….” I spoke softly hoping to calm him down.

He dropped the stick and walked past the maid.

“Start talking. Where is Rissa?!”.

“Why are you siding with the enemy, Mykel? You eat with them, live with them. Do you know how much money is kept by the government in your father’s name? Do you know the power and wealth he possessed before he was killed??” I asked touching his shoulder.

“Killed?” He asked dryly.

“We both know your parents were killed. It was a planned attack on them. Probably for their wealth but unfortunately, the government seized the properties”.

“How do you know all this?” He queried quizzically.

“I’ll come to that later but you’ll soon be eighteen and you’d finally be given your father’s wealth” I disclosed hoping to distract him from who he came for.

“I want the both of us to team up and destroy Edward completely for what he has done” I offered.

“What did he do?” He muttered staring at the floor.

“He killed your parents, of course” I replied making a sad face.
His eyes flung up…

Rissa’s pov…


“Please…!!!” I cried as he rubbed his hard fingers against my private area. I think he’ll actually break my virginity with his fingers.

He had subdued me totally and the only thing I could move was my eyes and lips.

I’m sure he’s planned on raping me and I feel really scared about it.
The feeling will be awful!

I’m tired of kicking an screaming.
I feel trapped!!

“Relax…it won’t hurt too much. Be a big girl” The ugly man hushed and raised my legs up pinning them to the bed.

I was starting to sweat all over.
This can’t be happening!!!

His free hand traveled to my chest as he squeezed my member.

“No!!” I cried getting a weird feeling.

Soon, he looked down like he was about to fix something.

I screamed so loud, right before he could do anything nasty with me.

Suddenly, I felt something sharp coming in.

He froze when the door was broken down and someone rushed in.

“Get off her!!!” The person yelled and threw the man off. I quickly closed my legs, mortified.
The shame weakened me.

I can’t believe Mykel Is here!
He found me…

He walked right over and carried me up from the bed and we left the place together.

I held onto him so tight and close like I would die if I let go..
Amidst this dark place, He’s the only one I know and feels safe with.

We got outside the building completely and he headed for a small car parked roughly. He kept me gently on the back seat while he got on the driver’s.

He turned It on and began driving out of the compound.

I tried wiping off the tears that had flooded my cheeks but the more I tried, the more my eyes produced.

After a while, the car stopped and Mykel came through the driver’s seat to the back.

He removed his shirt and handed it to me. I pulled off the torn uniform I wore and put on his shirt.

“What happened to the car” I asked in muffled breaths.

“Seems like Selena didn’t put In much fuel” He replied taking my hand.

“You can call mom, so, she can send us help….”

“My phone’s dead” He replied fixing my messy hair behind my ears.

“We can stay here till tomorrow morning. It’s late already. We can’t get help by this time of the night” He stated and I nodded.

He pulled me close and I dropped my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his hands around me.

“I told him to stop but he didn’t…” I mumbled feebly.

“I know. It won’t happen again…I’ll make sure of that” He cooed.

I lifted my head and looked into his face.
His eyes were wet like he was gonna cry too.
My eyes dropped to his lips. I sheepishly couldn’t take my eyes off it.

My head drew nearer until I could feel his cold breath and our noses were inches apart. In a split second, his lips were on mine sucking slowly and softly.

I started feeling fireworks and butterflies in my tummy – which I never felt when Lucas kissed me.

I hope the night in the car would be successful😋🤫

What else did Frosh tell Mykel? Did he brainwash him?😱😱…

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