April 17, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 38

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(She hates him)

Episode 38


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Mykel’s pov…
I stood up and headed for the door. I just called Selena and she said she’s close by.

“Mykel, where are you going to?” Rissa’s mom asked from behind.

Shoot! What do I do about her?

“I…I just want to walk around, clear my head” I stated with a bland look.

“Oh no…no one is leaving this house until my daughter is found. Not even the employees” She stated with her teeth chittering.

She really looked scared.

“I’ll be back soon, I promise” I said raising my hands in the air.

She thought about it for a while..

“I can’t restrain you. It’ll be violation of your rights as a human – be back in ten minutes so you can be questioned by the police” She muttered and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Today’s gonna be a long day.

I turned around and started leaving the house. The police were still getting their investigating props ready right outside the house.

I walked quickly to the gates and luckily, the guards let me leave after much interrogation.

Great! I’m finally out….

Selena’s pov…
I spotted Mykel approaching the shade with his hands in his pockets. I can’t believe the rumors!
Rissa Is missing. No one knows where she is.

I can imagine how livid and perturbed her mom must be right now.

“Hi Mykel” I greeted forging a smile.

“Do you have her?” He asked cutting me off completely.

“What??” I muttered feeling lost.

“Oh, cut the drama! I know you don’t like Rissa that much so tell me if you’re behind the kidnap…” He rasped icily.

“Seriously, Mykel? How could you even suspect me. I have nothing to do with this and I don’t have anything against her” I replied dumbfounded.

“You’re the one who told me to be careful, like someone bad is out there to get me. So, explain that!” He asked angrily.

“It’s nothing serious. I just met a man at a restaurant and his wallet dropped and I tried picking it up, then I saw a photo of you attached to the wallet. It got me really curious—”

“Who’s the man?” He interpolated with his eyes dark and gloomy.
I think I prefer the other side of Mykel.

“Mr Frosh. He has some kind of business relationship with my friend, Gabriel” I replied trying to be as honest as possible.

“Selena, I want his phone number” He said ignoring the detail that I had just dropped.

“Alright…I’ll call Gabriel” I mumbled and dipped my hand into the pocket to get my phone.

**(At Mr Frosh’s Cabin)**

Rissa’s pov…
I was wide awake! Just staring around the room. It looked more homelike than hideous or terrifying like I thought it would be.

So, this is how it feels to be kidnapped?…

I felt an itch by my nose but I couldn’t scratch it since my hands were tied up with a stinky rope.

I can’t believe my own driver fooled me.
Led me into this trap!
He told me Mykel was waiting outside the school gates and I stupidly fell for it.
When we got outside, there was no sign of Mykel and he kept going. The doors were locked as well.

What if I end up getting killed??…

I might be the youngest in Heaven. Or probably the be the only girl with school uniform.
What am I thinking??!!

I’ll be the only girl with ropes around her wrists and ankles. The angels would laugh at me.

It’s getting dark outside and I haven’t had something to eat.
I have to alert someone.

“Hey!! Is there someone out there?!!!” I yelled.

I didn’t get a response immediately so I kept yelling. The door finally flung open and a man stormed in.
Its about time!

“I know I’m being kidnapped but before anything else, can I just have a hamburger or dip and chips?? If you don’t have money, you can check my cute white bag. There’s enough cash there. Thanks” I rushed my words.

“I don’t want to hear your voice again” The man said coldly and left the room locking the door.

I sighed and struggled with the ropes.

Mr Frosh’s pov….
“Sir” The guard called walking in.

“The girl was yelling just now. She’s being a pain in the a.ss. What are your plans for her?” He asked perfunctorily.

“I don’t know…I just want to deal with Edward so bad. I don’t want him to become the president. He keeps aiming for things that I deserve” I replied staring at the glass cup in my hand.

“Your face speaks of something else. Like he did something you cannot forgive” He added and I nodded.

“I’ll never forgive him!….” I yelled angrily.
I never wanted to remember what he did to me but now I’ve thought of it….

“Now, I know the plans I have for his daughter. I want you…” I took a deep breath.
“I want you to have her raped. I think one round Is enough” I added and got up from the chair.

“As you wish, sir” He replied with a smirk before leaving the office.


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