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One And Only Kiss Episode 51-52

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💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 51

Theme: Battle of the fittest

After Lennox had told Bella to kiss Owen, Bella struggled to stand cus she can not walk.

Lennox helped her crawl towards Owen.

Lennox helped her squat on Owen

“Kiss him now”Lennox said

“You can’t” Feathers who had being watching the whole drama with his left eye slightly opened it and said.

Feathers stood up abruptly and went to Bella, she pulled Bella away from Owen.

“I thought…” Lennox said and paused

“You thought I ate the food, huh? Yes I ate the food but I wasn’t spelled, Mary wasn’t spelled as well. We had to pretend along with others to make you think we are all spelled.

I needed to confirm that Josh’s father is working for you.

Feathers tapped his fingers and Mary rose

” wickedness shall not prevail” Mary said and moved closer to Feathers

“Drui drui makos

Juroni duoirs duiors

Fe ru ns ns ns afiat

Cubo rai raiju raisi” Mary casted a spell on Owen and Owen’s eye got opened.

Owen stood up in fear

“Do not be afraid Owen, we are here ” Mary said

“I’m still thinking of what I can do to you evil man ” Feathers said walking around the room.

Anna entered

“Mary, has Owen being kissed , how did you wake ?” Anna asked surprisingly

“No, we were not affected in the first place, we only pretended ” Mary said

“I’m happy the spell did not work on them” Owen said in sign language

“That’s good, Mike, a warrior angel from my territory has fought and defeated Unknown and the aliens ” Anna said

“Really? ” Mary asked

“Yeah, I’m telling you” Anna replied

Feathers went to Lennox

“Man, now your Unknown had being defeated, what are you gonna do now?” Feathers asked

Lennox was stunned to hear that Unknown had being defeated by the warrior angel of the white territory

“Your daughter is paralyzed, how about you not being able to see again” Feathers said

“Oh! That is too much boy, stop that, I do not want to fight with you, just leave” Lennox said

“Oh now, duel with us, please fight with us” Feathers pleaded sarcastically

Lennox can not believe he is afraid.

He decided to duel with them with all his power

Lennox shifted back and conjured his first spell, the rain began to fall heavily, thunder strike Feathers all of a sudden and he fell, he stood up immediately, the thunder strikes him again , Mary stood in fear of what may happen to Feathers

She quickly casted a spell and stretched her hand towards the thunder. The thunder turned into a man like structure and rushed at Mary, it collided with Mary with full force, but Mary stood , she maintained her tenacity

Lennox was stunned to see Mary still standing

The thunder got angry and roared from the sky, it increased it’s energy and ran towards Feathers who had just stood up, Feathers slides back and almost fall

Anna ran towards the thunder and hugged the thunder , she started casting a spell on the thunder , the thunder tries to let Anna let hold of it, but Anna refused

The spell of Anna conjured powers and it broke the thunder into ashes , it disappeared into thin air

Anna furiously flew like a butterfly to Lennox , Lennox brought out his ancient ring and rolled it in the air before Anna came

The ring created a strong force in the presence of Lennox

Anna who was flying with full force collided with the force guiding Lennox, she stumbled back with full force, before she could fall , Feathers quickly ran towards her , held and support her from falling

Anna was happy that Feathers helped him

Mary squatted and casted the third stanza, the seventh chapter of the Fifty second book of pharaoh that they read

“Asuun ariat ariat

Dof kef kuf buf jug suf” She casted the spell three times and a fire appeared before her in form of a kettle.

She grabbed the fire like kettle as if it was nothing and ran towards Lennox with full force, Lennox staggered to the back and cried for help after Mary threw the kettle of fire on his body

“Uncle Luci, where are you, save me, my body is burning” Lennox cried out

The body of Lennox began to burn

He remembered the spell of quenching fires that his father taught him when he was young

“Orian atior Orain

Muuuu sat mmuuu sat ” Lennox paused the spell and cried out loud, the fire was seriously burning him

“Mary, go and wake others Feathers commanded

Mary ran and started casting spells so Collins and Seven will wake

“Dainaaaani dainaaaani

Dura dura dura dura” Lennox finally tried to complete his spell in pain

The fire left him at once and the spell heal his body and made him feel better immediately

Lennox became extremely furious , he is now ready to fight Mary and Feathers with all his might

Lennox covered his face with his hand, he casted a silent spell, the demon working for him suddenly had full possession of him. Lennox body shook and his face looked exactly like that of a demon .

Even Feathers got scared

“This is the real dragon” Feathers exclaimed

They were no longer seeing Lennox, they were now seeing Dragon

Lennox roared in the dragon form that he is

He bent like a dog and flew with sting in his mouth at Mary who was busy casting spell on Seven to wake

She had already casted a spell so Collins can wake

Lennox opened his mouth wide, a doggy sharp teeth has replaced his human teeth, he placed his teeth on Mary’s shoulder and stings Mary

Mary cried out loud for help , her powers can not withstand the sting, the pain surged trough Mary’s body that she thought she is gonna die any moment from then

Mary fell to the floor groaning in pain

Feathers saw his twin sister rolling on the floor in pain. Feathers ran towards the dragon.

Anna ran towards the dragon too

The dragon flew high and escaped their fury

The dragon landed like a bat and stared scarily at Anna and Feathers

Feathers quickly squatted beside her sister to heal her

“Jufris jufris kaima

Muroni muroni muroas

Tofa tofa juu juu juu

Drin drui drui” Feathers casted the spell on Mary and Mary who was fast losing consciousness got healed immediately

She stood up and joined Anna

Anna, Feathers and Mary stood in the same line facing the scary dragon

The dragon groan and roared like a lion, he casted a spell and horn grew from his forehead. Fangs grew from his nail and tail appeared from his anus

“This is the dragon the prophecy had being talking about” Feathers said

“Yeah, let’s take it down once and for all” Anna said

“You dragon, you are going down today” Mary said out loud

“I am the dragon, I am undefeated” The dragon said and waged his tail

He opened his mouth and fire rolled out from his belly out of his mouth towards where Feathers , Mary and Anna stood

“Castronuini niun afus” Feathers casted and stretched his hand , the blazing fire coming with full force suddenly stopped as it saw Feathers stretched hand

The fire went back to Lennox to destroy him.

Lennox stopped it with a spell and directed it back to Feathers

Mary flew and catch the fire, the fire burned her but she has already casted a spell that is not gonna me her feel pain

She took the fire and took it to the dragon

“Cufona cufona ” Mary shouted at the top of her voice

The fire left Mary’s hand and consumed the dragon

The dragon burned into ashes and they were all happy

Mary walked back to Feathers and Anna

“You can never defeat me, my temple will never collapse” a voice sounded behind Mary, Feathers and Anna

They turned and see the who it was, it found out it was the same Dragon that they thought had died

“He is not dead” Feathers exclaimed

The dragon laughed

“You Owen, kiss my daughter and I will let you go freely or else, I will make you all my servant” The dragon said

Feathers giggled

“Do your worst cus Owen is not gonna kiss Bella” Feathers said

“You tried me ” Lennox said and bowed his head and casted a silent spell.

Jo and Bo, the aliens that came with Unknown suddenly appeared

“Make them my servants, fight them and defeat them” The dragon said and grinned wickedly

Feathers shifted back in fear, Mary took some steps back

“Feathers , they are aliens, they are undefeatable unless the warrior angle comes to help us” Mary said in fear as Jo and Bo approached

“I handled that already” Anna said and Mike appeared suddenly with his sword




💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️


Episode 52

Theme: Mary kissed Owen

Mike walked closer to Jo and Bo. He unsheathed his sword and rose it

“Are you ready to surrender or I do what you will not like” Mike said

Jo and Bo quickly stared at the dragon for what to do

“Fight him” The dragon yelled angrily

Ja and Bo unsheathed their sword and started to have dwell with Mike. They were not ready to give up this time.

Mike fought with all his might.
After few minutes, Mike charged back and stood

Jo and Bo smirked when they realize that Michael isn’t winning

“Dad, tell them to stop, I’m scared” Bella lamented
“My daughter, do not worry” Lennox said in a soft tone

Even though he was angry, he still respects his daughter and answered her softly

Anna charged at Jo and Bo abruptly and blew air towards them, the air formed a smoke towards them and they were forced to inhale it.
Jo and Bo struggled for breath and was almost falling.

Mike saw that as an opportunity and charged at Jo and Bo. He touched their two heads with his sword and they fell

“Seriously! They are down” Anna said stunningly

Mike smiled and squatted before Jo and Bo, the power he exerted on them by the use of sword had made them fall and loose power

Anna giggled, she was so happy to see Jo and Bo down, she knew that Unknown had being banned into the strange world and now, Jo and Bo had also being easily defeated

The dragon roared and waged his tail. Lennox was sad when he realized that the two Alien had lost their power. He watched the aliens as they transform into smoke and flew back to the astral realm where they came from.

“Lennox, are you gonna give up now or you still wanna dwell with us?” Feathers asked

Owen walked closer to them and smiled. He was happy that they had won already

“All that happened is not my fault, I only did what I had do to, I just wanna protect my temple, If the right lady kiss Owen, my temple will crumble, that was why I had being trying as much as possible not to ensure that it happens” The dragon said

Lennox knows that he has lost already not even when Mike is present

“You are not even sure if Owen has met the right lady yet, why disturbing yourself?” Feathers asked

“I know who the right lady is from the beginning, I know that the only lady that can break the curse of dumbness over Owen is the daughter of the Seven ” Lennox confessed.

“You mean Mary is the right lady to kiss Owen?” Feathers asked and Owen arched his brow

Something had always told Mary that she is the right lady that will set Owen free but she can not place what the thing is

“Yeah, but I decided to keep it secrete from everyone, their parents made mistake while they were young and now they have to suffer for it” Lennox said

“How do we know you are saying the truth” Feathers asked

“Let them try it, but if they do, my temple will crumble, what my forefathers had laboured for over the years will have to fade off in an instant” Lennox said

“Dad, so you knew Mary is the right lady all along” Bella said and cried

Bella knew that her father made her evil, she has supernatural powers but her father made her use it for evil and now she has to be paralyzed for the rest of her life

“Feathers, why not tell Owen to kiss Mary and let’s see if this will work” Mike said

“And what if it didn’t” Feathers questioned

“Do we have a choice, all this battle is because of Owen who had not being able to kiss ” Mike said

Feathers heart skipped
“Mary, did you think you are the right lady to kiss Owen?” Feathers asked .

“I’m so sure of that, something has always tell me” Mary said

Feathers looked at Owen whose face is dropped

“Owen, this is a great risk you are about to take, no one is certain , we can not trust Lennox yet , did you think that Mary could be the right lady to kiss you?” Feathers asked Owen

Owen shook his head

“I do not think so” Owen said

Feathers exhaled and looked at Mike for help , but Mike is only a warrior angel , all he does is to help good people fight battle

Feathers saw that Mike wouldn’t suggest anything that can help, he set his gaze at Collins

Collins bowed his head and sighed

No suggestion was coming from Collins too. He knew now that the whole decision is for him to make

Seven walked closer to Feathers
“My son, I know you are confused, but come to think of it, if Mary is not the right lady, whom did you think the right lady will be? I was the one that made covenant with his mother , his mother betrayed me, her son was cursed and my daughter is the only remedy to lift the curse off his head, isn’t that making sense?” Seven said

“True” Feathers said and reasoned

Mary is the closest person that can kiss Owen.

Feathers exhales and went to Owen

“Be strong brother, we all love you but this is a risk we all have to take, take courage and kiss Mary” Feathers said

As if Owen’s heart was placed inside a mortal and a pestle was pounding it , that was the way Owen’s heart was beating

He was so scared immediately the word kiss dropped from Feather’s mouth

Mary was simply staring at Owen, she was not scared at all, she was only waiting for Owen to approach her

“You can do it” Seven encouraged Owen

“Yes you can ” Collins said

“Do it Owen” Anna and Mike said uniformly

Owen closed his eye and prayed to Zeus to help him, he walked closer to Mary.

He watched Mary’s beautiful lips and he wondered how he will even kiss her, should he bend his head or how?

They both have pointed nose, he thinks he need to bend his head slightly, his heart was beating faster

Mary stood still and was looking at his face boldly

“Do it… Owen do it… Do it Owen… You can …” Everyone started encouraging Owen

He moved his lips gently and placed it on Mary’s lips
Everyone watched and prayed that Owen will speak

Mary rapped his right hand around the neck of Owen and placed her left hand on his chest as if they were in an intimate relationship

Owen kissed her passionately , Bella couldn’t watch them, she bowed her head, even though she has no feelings for Owen, the person her heart desire is Feathers, but she doubt that Feathers may ever receive her into his heart

Owen disengaged the kiss

Everyone watched Owen expecting him to speak

Everyone was scared, Feathers was scared, Feathers brought out his phone and opened his page, he is ready to type what happen to Owen at last, he knew that his fans will be scared too especially at this junction

Is Owen going to speak or he is going to remain dumb for the rest of his life

Mary’s heart was beating fast this time

Owen opened his mouth and tried to talk. He opened it widely and tried to talk

Everywhere was quiet like graveyard

“Hey! Let Owen speak, this is his one and Only kiss” Owen thought in his heart . his hand was on his phone ready to type what will become of Owen

Heart beating
They are waiting
He has received his one and Only kiss

“I can’t speak” Owen said audibly

He didn’t say it in sign language.

“You can’t speak, what did you just say” Mary said

“Can I really speak, am I speaking” Owen said audibly and tears fell from his eyes

Everyone ran towards Owen and hugged him , the swarmed around him in Joy.

The temple began to shake, a strong wind was bowing over the temple

“Out everybody, Owen has spoken and my temple will finally crumble ” Lennox said in pain

Everyone rushed out, Anna felt pathetic for Bella and pushed her out on the wheelchair

The back side of the temple suddenly collapsed

“What of my father” Bella screamed

Anna heard, she ran back inside the temple.
Feathers followed behind

“Lennox your sins are forgiven, come with us” Feathers said to Lennox who was standing like a robot in the temple

“No, If I will die, let me die with my forefather’s temple, I can’t live without the temple, please go” Lennox yelled and knelt down

“No Lennox, there is still hope” Anna said

The roof upon them broke suddenly and it will fall on them

Feathers quickly casted a spell and the scattered blocks and cement hanged

“This spell on this blocks and cement will not last long, Lennox please , follow us” Feathers said

“No leave me, my sins are much, it can never be forgiven, I made my daughter evil, allow me to die with my forefathers temple” Lennox said

Anna ignored Lennox’s word and held his left hand, Feathers held Lennox’s right hand and dragged him out.

He closed his eye and all he hope for is death

They all walked far away from the temple

They all watched as the Temple collapse

Bella cried on seeing what she had being commiting evil for crumble right before her eye

Anna saw Bella crying, she walked closer to her
“Bella stop crying” Anna said and patted her

“Why won’t I, this is how I will be on wheelchair for the rest of my life” Bella lamented

“No, I have the powers to heal” Anna said

Bella arched her brow

“Mis su sur surfri main
Du kier seir furo
Ainnn ainnnn nas nef
Drin drin drin” Anna casted the spell and a cold air blew on Bella

Bella felt strength surge through her body

“Stand up Bella” Anna commanded

Bella tried to stand and she was able to

Lennox blinked his eye in surprise , he wanted to cry, he wanted to smile, he doesn’t even know what to do, he thought his daughter will remain confined to the wheel chair forever

Bella ran towards Lennox and hugged him

To be continued

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