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One And Only Kiss Episode 49-50

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💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 49 & 50

Theme: They are in Lennox custody

Lennox ran to meet Bella, he was surprised to see Bella sitting on the floor like a poor beggar.

“Bella, what have they done to you” Lennox asked

“Dad, I’ve being paralyzed by the warrior angel ” Bella replied

Lennox stood up and looked at Owen.

He stared at Feathers and Mary and smirked

“I can see that your power is making you raise shoulder right? You made my daughter paralyzed, wow!” Lennox said

Feathers knew that Lennox is ready for something crazy, Feathers winked at everyone at once, since everyone was looking at him as if he’s the saviour

Feathers carried his school bag and ran out, Owen, Collins , Anna , Josh and Mary slung their bag pack on their shoulder and ran out

Lennox was stunned, he wasn’t expecting them to run away. He thought that they would have a duel with him, after all, they had supernatural power

He watched all of them faded out of sight.

Josh quickly went to the drivers sit of the car bus and waited for everyone to step in, he drove away.

Feathers picked up a call and put a call through to Seven

“Hello Seven, please leave the house right away, meet us at Josh’s father house” Feathers said

“Send the address to me as soon as possible” Seven said and waited for some minutes, the address came as message to his message bar, he opened it and read it. He mastered the address, he closed the door and went to Josh’s father house.

“Owen , hope you are fine” Feathers asked in sign language

“I am, I can’t believe that all this duel is because of me” Owen said in sign language

“Do not worry Owen, we will definitely win, we will sand by you” Mary said to Owen

Owen nodded and exhaled

“Anna, how are you doing now?” Collins asked

“Fine” Anna replied Collins coldly, she doesn’t really like Collins

“I’m happy that you are fine now” Collins said to Anna not minding how she replied him

Collins indeed liked Anna, he hope that someday, he will be able to confess his feelings to Anna

“Hey guys, where is the crazy Jude that followed us here?” Josh asked

Everyone laughed

“Crazy guy, he use to behave like he’s strong, It’s obvious he ran away” Feathers said

“He can’t even fight for his crush” Josh teased Mary

“Silly you, stop it” Mary said and slapped Josh at his shoulder

Josh giggled an everyone laughed sarcastically at Mary

“That’s Mary number one’s boyfriend in this school, the guy can even donate his kidney for Mary” Collins said still giggling

“He can donate his kidney for Mary but he ran away when he saw a strange wind that almost swallow Feathers, why can’t he wait for his girlfriend” Josh said

Feathers and Anna laughed

“Sincerely, I never knew Mary had a boyfriend” Anna teased

“Aw” Mary said like someone that wanted to start crying

“Stop it guys, Jude is just a friend, he is not my boyfriend” Mary said and folded her hands like a kid

Feathers and Anna grinned mockingly

“Feathers, why did you signal for us to run away?” Josh asked

“I was about asking to” Owen said in sign language

“Big brother is afraid with all his powers, he only knows how to abuse Kitty, his girlfriend” Mary said savagely

Feathers looked at her and giggled

“Silly girl, Kitty is not my girlfriend, she is just like any other girl , at least she is not like big eye Bella” Feathers said

Owen and others bursted into laughter

“See guys, I wasn’t scared, I only need to be wise, you remember the book that says that even an housemaid uses wisdom in all that she does.

Running away from battle sometimes is good, it doesn’t mean one is not powerful, it’s a way of protecting all of us and retreating

Did you guys know that Mary fumbled when she was casting spells, you see that now, we still need to study this spell very well” Feathers said

Everyone nodded

“Feathers and Mary, you are the only ones with supernatural power here apart from Collins who only becomes supernatural at night and Anna too, guys , master your power very well” Owen said freely in sign language

Everyone nodded.

Josh drove to the his father’s house, they all stepped down and saw Seven waiting at the entrance.

They greeted Seven and Josh led them inside


Lennox went to meet Bella, he and Jane carried Bella who can’t walk out of the school.

They ordered for a cab and the cab drove them home

“Lennox, what are we gonna do about Bella?” Jane asked

“I do not have the power to heal her , I can only hope for Unknown to return from the astral realm soon , I’m sure he will be able to do something” Lennox said

“But you are a dark mage, can’t you cast powerful spells to heal her?” Jane asked surprised that Lennox can not heal his own daughter

“You still do not get it , do you? A dark mage does not heal, I can not heal, not even when it was a white being that made her paralyzed, I have my powers but healing is not among” Lennox said in pain

He wished he can heal his own daughter but he did not have the power

“But Seven, two warriors followed you from the strange world, why not ask them to go tell Uncle Luci to give them the portion to heal Bella” Jane questioned

“Jane, I had that same idea, but Luci himself cannot heal ” Lennox replied

“Who can heal then? Or is this how Bella is gonna spend the rest of her life” Jane asked

“There are mysteries and their are secretes, I can only hope that when Unknown comes, he will deliver to us the mystery of the unknown, the secrete of her healings” Lennox said

“So you mean to say, what Uncle Luci, the king of the dark world can not do, unknown will do it” Jane said curiously

“You need to understand a lot about the dark world, let me teach you what you did not know.

Did you know that a lion is the king of the jungle, but a lion is not the strongest , lion is not the biggest neither is it the fastest, he was just made a king by nature.

About 99, 000 years ago,The king of the white world was living all alone in space, he thinks he should have children who will also be his servants.

So he created the earth and the white world , there was no dark world then

He created sons and daughters , this sons and daughters are spirits, they are the white beings.

The king created millions of this white beings.

He now sits and think that he can not just keep creating white beings, he need to assign work to them.

So he made some singers, some to treat the white territory flowers, some to drum, some as warriors, some as messengers and so on

After he had created them into categories.

He thinks again, that the white world is clumsy.

So he created another heaven. He told all the choirs (singers) to go to the second heaven, their duty is to be singing, praising and worshiping him everyday from the Second heaven

But it is pathetic that they do not have a leader.

So the king of the white world sits and thinks again “should he appoint a leader among them or create a new one”

He decided to go for the second option.

He thinks that if he will create a leader of the choir, it has to be a very powerful white being , beautiful and precious

So he went to his throne, he began to gather many musical instruments like harps, tambourine, flute and so on.

He used those instrument to cave a white being, he spend a lot of energy in creating that white being.

He breathed into the nostrils of that white being and he came alive

He presented the white being to the choirs at the second heaven who had being expecting their leader

They saw who their leader would be, a very handsome , beautiful and gorgeous man like being.

The king likes him cus he dedicated a lot of energy into creating him.

The king blessed him with powers that he can not take back and the sweetest voice to praise him

He named him Luci.

Luci started carrying out his duties everyday as he is supposed to, until one day

“Why did the king thinks he can just sit on his throne and just keep enjoying our song, so we will keep praising him and he will keep enjoying it , we are the one stressing ourselves here, I need to take over the throne”luci thought

Luci gathered all the white beings that are choirs together.

He told them that they should rebel against the king and take over his throne.

They all agreed

Luci started training all of the choirs to become warriors.

After they had trained for many years, during this time, they had stopped singing and praising the king.

Luci led all his choirs who are now soldiers out of the second heaven to the first white territory where the king dwells.

He started fighting the white beings that are in the king territory

They were not expecting it, the kings solder also started fighting Luci’s soldier.

Luci was fighting and moving closer to the throne

A white being quickly ran to meet the king of the white being

” my king, may you live long, you lovely servant, Luci, the one you made head of the choirs in the second heaven had rebelled and he is fighting many white beings already, he is coming to take over the throne” The white being who happens to be a servant said and bowed

The king stood up in all his glory

“Mike” The king called

Mile came out from his mansion instantly at the call of the king

Mike is specially trained to fight, he is the leader of all soldiers in the white territory

“Go now, and fight Luci and his rebelled spirits” The king commanded

“Consider it done sir” Mike said with a bowed head.

He unsheathed his sword and ran to the battle field.

Luci and his rebelled choirs fought with Mike and all his angels

They fought for thousands of years because beings does not get tired.

They fought till there was no more space in the white territory for them.

The king then created the dark world for Luci and his rebelled soldiers.

He made a decree in all his power and authority that they be casted there.

He casted luci and his soldiers to the dark territory on earth

Luci and his soldiers starting falling down like a rain pouring to the dark territory on earth

That was how Luci and the beings with him became dark till today. Luci created a throne for himself and started fighting anyone that works with the white beings on earth.

Did you see that Luci is just like any other white beings that was created differently, so he doesn’t have all the power especially the healing power

The reason why I said we should wait for unknown is that he went to the astral realm where Jupiter is located, there are new beings there, you call them alien, they have super powers and can teach him how to heal as well” Lennox said

“Now, I understood everything especially about Uncle Luci, what are we gonna do for Owen ,Feathers , Mary and their friends ” Jane asked

Lennox laughed

“They are still in my custody cus Josh’s father is working for me” Lennox said

To be continued

💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 50

Theme: Did Bella kiss Owen?

Josh’s father welcomed Owen and friends.

They all sat down tiredly

Josh went inside his room to drop his school bag, he went to the kitchen and prepared drinks for everyone. He served them all respectively

“Thanks”Many of them said as they received and sipped in the glass of wine.

Josh’s father’s phone rang

” Excuse me please” He pleaded and walked out

It was Lennox calling him

“Hello Jack” Lennox said from the other end of the phone

Jack is the name of Josh’s father

“Master, they are still with me, what should I do” Jack said

“Have you served them a drink?” Lennox asked

“My son just did” Jack replied

“Oh now, why? You should be the one to serve it, why not prepare a simple food for them, cast the the seventh verse of the spell I sent to you yesterday to it” Lennox said

“Oh! that shouldn’t be a problem, what of my son, Josh, won’t he be affected?” Jack asked

“He will, try to engage him in something that will not make him eat the food, please make sure they all eat it” Lennox pleaded

“Consider it done master”Jack said and hanged up

He went inside

” Guys, I can see that you are so tired, how about I prepare a food for you?” Jack asked

“We won’t mind” Mary replied

Jack went inside and prepare the food. He served it on the dinning table and invited everyone over to eat

Everyone came to the dinning table to eat

“Josh, a minute please” Jack requested

Josh stood up follow his father to the room

“Josh, I do not want you to eat that food” Jack said

“Why dad?” Josh asked

“The food is made specially for them, excuse me?” Jack said and walked outside. He closed the door on Josh so he won’t he able to come out.

He had already casted a spell on the food they are about to eat

Josh is oblivious of the truth that his father is working for Lennox

Everyone started to eat excluding Anna, she doesn’t feel like eating the food. She is just getting used to earthly food. The food they eat in the strange world is quiet different

“Goddy, are you there ” Ana asked

“Stop asking me that question , I’m always here please” Goddy replied

“I’m sorry, I do not know why I just do not feel like eating this food” Anna said

“Cus it is spelled by Josh’s father” Goddy replied

“Come again please” Anna requested

“You heard me, the food is spelled by Josh’s father” Goddy said

“Why didn’t you inform me before we start eating?” Anna requested

“You didn’t ask before you all start to eat” Goddy replied

“I must really ask about everything before you say something” Anna said to Goddy in her mind

“That is what I’m sent by the master for, ask and it shall be answered, you keep shut and ignore me as if I do not exist, then you eat your cake and have it” Goddy replied Anna sternly

“Oh! Anyways, what are we gonna do , everyone is eating a spelled food already” Anna said

“I do not know dear, I can’t help” Goddy said

“What exactly are you sent to do” Anna said furiously in her mind to Goddy

“To direct, to lead, to comfort , to guide and to help you, you have the power, you know what to do” Goddy replied

“I’m pretty tired of you Goddy, the last time Bella was casting a spell on me, it was working, I was revealing myself to her , yet you did not do anything” Anna said

“Keep waiting for me to do everything when the king already gave you the power to accomplish and overcome all that you will face in the human world” Goddy said

Anna exhaled

All this while, she had being staring at her food and lost in thought, her conversation with Goddy had made her loose consciousness of her environment

She suddenly noticed that everyone had slept off.

While she was stunningly staring at them, she heard footsteps behind her

“I know this girl might not be affected ” Lennox said as he walked in with Josh who went out to welcome him

“I do not think she even ate the food” Jack replied

Anna turned and was stunned to see Josh and Lennox.

She knew Jack to be Josh’s father but Goddy had informed her that he spelled the food he served to her and her friends

Anna stood up courageously and stood behind the chair

“I’m disappointed that you are working for Lennox” Anna said to Jack

Jack giggled

“Wickedness is good dear”Jack replied

” let me see what you can do to my friends” Anna said.

“Well, We can’t do anything, but we have someone that can do something” Lennox said and stretched his hand towards the door.

Unknown entered.

Unknown had returned from the astral realms with two aliens , their names are Jo and Bo.

Spell can never work on an alien

“Duf duf maih maih

Koru nu nu nu fus

Bel fur bur bur fur

Ef kef tef ef kef tef” Anna casted a spell and she stretched her hand at Unknown who was dressed in a priestly dark regalia

Unknown smirked

The spell is suppose to make him fall to the ground and lay unconscious, but he wasn’t affected.

He signaled with his eye for Jo and Bo to bind Anna.

Anna casted another spell but it was like pouring water inside a basket

Jo and Bo walked closer to Anna, they folded her arms to the back and carried her out.

“Lennox, find a way of brining all of them to the temple, we do not have time, as soon as they got to the temple, make them lie down, tell Bella to kiss Owen and let’s settle this once and for all” Unknown said and walked out

Lennox bowed slightly and smiled at Jack

Lennox picked up his phone and called his boys, they guys Lennox called came after fifteen minutes and carried Feathers , Owen and friends to the the van they brought.

Lennox stepped inside the car he brought and followed after the van that carried Owen and friends.

The guys got to the temple and carried everyone inside the temple.

Lennox entered and told the guys to lay everyone flat on the floor.

Lennox put a call through to Bella to come to the temple right away , she did , she arrived and was stunned to see Owen and friends lay on the floor

“Dad, how do you accomplish this” Bella asked stunningly on the wheel chair that she sat

“Unknown had return, he easily helped us. That girl you said is a white being is in custody of the two alien Unknown brought as we speak ” Lennox said


Unknown tied Anna to a chair in the middle of an empty room

Unknown started to cast different spell around Anna

“Goddy, my spells are not working” Anna lamented

Goddy remained quiet

“Goddy, you said I should ask you if I need help , please Goddy help”

Goddy remained quiet

“Goddy please, do not mind me for how I spoke to you the other time, forgive me please, help me, as soon as this man finish casting his spell, I do not know what may become of me” Anna said pathetically but there was no response from Goddy


Strange world

Immediately Goddy saw that Anna’s spell isn’t working on Unknown, she knew that the power that Unknown had gone to acquire is far greater than the power the king gave Anna

She left Anna and ran to the strange world

She ran to the white King’s palace

No guard stopped her from entering cus she is well known

She entered the king’s chamber

“My king, may you live long” Goddy said and bowed

The king recognized her at once

“Goddy, aren’t you assigned to be with Anna, what are you doing here? ” The king asked

“A man had gone to acquire power in a realm and he is very powerful, he even came with Aliens , the spell Anna casted isn’t working on him” Goddy said with a bowed her head

“Mike” The king called

Mike, the warrior leader of all soldiers working for the white king stepped to the front of the king

“Here I am my Lord, Command me” Mike said

“Follow Goddy to the human world, go and help Ana” The king said

“Consider it done my Lord” Mike said

He ran with Goddy to the portal that leads to the human world

They entered the human world and found themselves in the room Anna was being tied to

Mike unsheathed his sword immediately and walked towards Unknown who was lost in the spell he was casting

Jo and Bo , the two Aleins that came with Unknown saw Mike and charged at him

They unsheathed their sword and started fighting Mike, Mike was very skilled but they were not bad either.

Unknown knew that there is a fight occurring in the room . He opened his eye and saw Jo and Bo seriously fighting with Mike

He was scared of Mike, the last time he saw mike was many years ago when a godly human on earth pray for help when he was about casting spell on her son , the king of the white world listened to her prayer that day and sent Mike to deal with him, he can never forget how he was brutalized my Mike.

He knew he has power now but it can never be as much as that of Mike.

He hope that Jo and Bo won, but Jo and Bo suddenly fell to the ground groaning in pain. Mike had defeated them.

Mike walked closer to unknown

“We have met before, I’m glad we are meeting again” Michael said and raised up his sword.

He touched unknown on his head with the sword , Unknown fell and became smoke, he faded like flies into the strange world.

Jo nd Bo who were lying saw that Unknown had being banned to the strange world, he may never be able to come to the human world again

They casted spells together and they found themselves in the strange world with unknown too, but they can still go to the human world unlike Unknown

Mike untied Anna

“Go now and free Owen and friends” Mike commanded

“That is if Bella had not kiss Owen” Goddy said

To be continued

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