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One And Only Kiss Episode 47-48

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💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 47 & 48

Theme: Light versus Darkness

“Josh, I really do not know what came over you, but I want you to know that this is not how Love works, some hours ago, you were behaving coldly to me.

you suddenly saw me in class and pulled me here like a puppet, you panting like a lion that wants to devour, you started confessing like a witch whose secrete was discovered that you Love me, what sort of Love is that? Do I look like a kid to you ?” Anna said and removed his pinned hand over her shoulder.

She walked to Mary’s class to meet Jane.

“Let’s go dear” Mary said

Jane nodded and walked out with Anna

“Is anything wrong? ” Jane asked

“Do not worry about that, I ain’t feeling like going to the cafeteria again please” Anna replied

“Oh! No qualms then” Jane said and they both walked to the class

They sat down silently on their sit

Bella who had being sitting all this while suddenly walked out

“Excuse me please” Jane said to Anna and walked out

“Jane, any update, have you confirmed who she is?” Bella who had signalled for Jane to meet her outside asked her

“Not so soon, I have to be friends with her first” Jane said

“I can’t wait, before we start talking about her weaknesses, we need to know who she is first” Bella said feeling frustrated

“Bella, take it easy, she might suspect, I’m trying my best” Jane said

Bella sighed and walked back to the class.

Jane waited patiently outside before she came back smiling at Anna.

“Goddy, are you there?” Anna asked

“Of course” Goddy replied

“Good, my heart is getting softer for Josh, what do you think I should do cus I must not disobey the order of the king” Anna lamented

“Leave their house, tell Feathers to get you a new accommodation” Goddy replied

Anna sighed

“Alright dear” She said in her mind.

“Anna, aren’t you missing your dad?” Jane asked

“Dad! Erm.. Actually, not really,I’m not really used to him” Anna replied

“Anna, can you follow me home today?” Jane requested

“You are funny, we met today and just because we are smiling at each other, you want me to follow you home” Anna said

“Oh! You do not even trust me” Jane said

“Is this about trust or about being careful” Anna replied

“How about me following you home” Jane said

“Why? Don’t tell me it’s because you like me so much ” Anna replied

“Okay, forget that” Jane replied and fury arose inside her.

“This girl is really hard to get along with” Jane lamented in her heart

The break was over, every student had returned to class including Owen and Collins

While the teacher was teaching. Bella was busy thinking of what she can do to Anna and his friends for humiliating her

The teachers taught according to their periods and the bell for closing time rang

Bella rushed without thinking at Anna and blew an evil air into her nose, Anna who was still sitting struggled for breath and began to confess

“I am a white being, I am a white being, leave me alone, light has nothing to do with darkness” Anna said while dozing

Collins saw Anna dosing like someone loosing consciousness

“Owen , stay here please, let me go and call Feather and Mary ” Collins told Owen and ran to Mary’s class to inform them about Bella’s action in class

“Goddy, I’m confessing already, please help me” Anna said weakly in her mind to her friend

“I can’t do anything to help you, I am only here to answer any questions you ask , that is the Job the king gave me, I must not go beyond my jurisdiction, I’m sorry Anna” Goddy said

Bella smirked and Jane who was working for Bella but disguising like a good person to Anna also sat beside Anna who was fast loosing consciousness

“So, she is a white being, good! So tell me now, what is the secrete to your power” Bella asked Anna .

Bella was happy that her newly acquired power is working on Anna

“The secrete of my power is…” Anna said and paused

“Goddy help me, a force is pulling me to tell my secrete” Anna pleaded to Goddy

“I’m sorry, I can’t help” Goddy replied

“The secrete of my power is” Anna said and Feathers , Mary , Josh and Collins rushed in

Josh followed too and Jude who came to pock nose also followed

“Bella!” Feathers yelled boldly

Bella turned angrily, her eyes was red, just when she was about to get a vital information from Anna, Feathers entered

Irrespective of her feelings for Feathers, she must teach him a lesson

“Josiak masiak teuu

Brunooo masiak teuuu

Jaufat masiak teuuu

Janni janni arisum” Bella casted a spell

The spell conjured a very strong wind, it is as strong as a rock.

Bella directed the strong wind with her eyes towards Feathers

Everyone ran away from Feathers but Feathers stood still

Jude ran to his class in fear, he carried his bag and picked a race home

The wind blew around Feathers that no one could even see Feathers, he was lost in the wind

Bella smiled when she was not seeing Feathers anymore, she saw that the rest had fled away including Mary

“Mary, I know you have not gone, you are the next” Bella said and took some steps forward

” I am strong, your wind is useless over me”Feathers said

” Brunias jeluminot

Julias ferikanisos

Tofa tofa korah kora

Juhu juhu nof kef

Sef duh muh ruh jaif ni”

Feathers casted the spell

A cold smoke appeared from feathers mouth, it flew like a butterfly slowly at Bella

Bella watched the smoke flew directly into her eyes

Bella lost sight, she can’t see

“I can’t see” Bella lamented almost crying

Mary , Josh and Collins entered and laughed

“Evil shall not prevail, may you live the rest of your life like that” Feathers said affirmatively

“You are really funny, you really think I can become blind just like that’ Bella said and laughed.

She yelled loudly and the whole building began to shook and crack . she float on air and flew to Collins , she touched Collins on his head.

Collins fell

She flew to Josh, Josh ran away but she sped faster, she caught up with Josh, she touched Josh in the head

” my father, help me please” Josh screamed but it was too late, he fell

Bella happily flew to Mary

Mary casted a spell so that a force can protect her from Bella, she missed a word

“Durofis durofis durofis

Durofis jais jais ”

Bella flew to her before she could complete her spell. Bella touched her head, she fell

Bella smirked

“Silly girl, she doesn’t even know simple spell, It is

Durolis Durolis not Durofis durofis

I’m happy she wrongly pronounced the spell .

Bella who was happy that she is winning flew to Feathers

” casiat casiiiiat ” Feathers shouted

Casiat is the name of a white being destined to help him and Mary

Bella’s heart skipped on hearing Casiat

“Juromibas jurofaidat

Juromibas Jurofaidat ” Bella casted the spell and she find her self in the strange world

She intentionally casted a spell so that she can disappear and stop Casiat, the white being from coming to help Feathers

Bella walked to Casiat in the strange world.

Casiat had heard his name being called by Feathers and he is now going to the human world to help Feathers

“Casiat, where you are going?” Bela questioned

“To help Feathers and Mary, they are in danger” Casiat replied and walked faster to the portal

The portal is like a door that leads to the human world.

“You can’t go Casiat, my dragons will not allow you” Bella threatened

“Jusssssssssss” Bella groaned a demon’s name

Jus is one of the evil spirit that walks with Bella

Jus ran with a sword

He ran towards Casiat with his sword.

“I will not allow you to go, I have being summoned by my master” Jus said

Casiat is just a messenger In the white world, he can not fight , he only delivers message

“Please, do not stop me like the prince of Persia did to angel Gabriel when he was bringing the answers to the prayer of Daniel” Casiat pleaded

Jus giggled and laughed

“See you! I work with the prince of persia for fifteeen thousand years, we stop white beings from delivering the prayers of help to the saints” Jus said

Casiat was confused and ran back to the king in the white region

“Jus, I’m going back to the human world, do not let him pass” Bella commanded and Jus nodded

Bella appeared and saw Feathers casting spell on Mary so that she can wake

Bella flew to Feathers and touched Feathers on his head . Feathers fell

“Just Owen and Anna now” Bella smiled and flew to Anna, she touched Anna’s head and Anna fell

She flew towards Owen, She touched Owen’s head and Owen fell

She stood happily and laughed with Jane for winning

“Boss, now that Owen is lying, why not kiss her and fulfil your mission once and for all” Jane said

“Thanks dear” Bella laughed and walked to Owen, she squatted on Owen ready to kiss him

Casiat appeared suddenly with a warrior white being. The warrior used his sword to touch Bella on his shoulder. Bella turned

“You are evil” The warrior angel said

Casiat went quickly and woke Mary.

Afterall, they must not do anything as white beings unless they are commanded by a human

“Casiat, thanks for coming, please just make her paralyzed, let her lost the ability to walk around” Mary commanded Casiat

Casiat gave the warrior angel the permission to do what Mary requested

“Done” the warrior angel replied

To be continued

💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 48

Theme: Uncle Luci helps Lennox

Lennox had a feeling that something is wrong with her daughter.

He ran to the temple and stood in front of the ancient statue of his fore father

He knew for sure that his child is at school. He guessed that Feathers and Mary who had supernatural powers must have being winning the battle against her.

“Curos baijat bainu

Bunfuros diatus

Koba koba koba

Durosat fait fait” Lennox casted a spell and he finds himself in the strange world.

He quickly ran around in the dark territory searching for Jus. Just is the dark being he personally assigned to be working with Bella

He met Jus bruised and battered behind the portal, he knew at once that Jus had a duel with a white being and the white being ended up wounding him

Lennox squatted beside Jus

“Jus, tell me what happened?” Lennox questioned

“Master, I stopped Casiat, one of the white being destined to help Feathers from going to the human world, he went back and call a very powerful white being to fight me, I tried all I could cus I do not want to disappoint Bella, the warrior white being fought me and he ended up brutalizing me” Jus said faintly

“You mean my daughter is in danger of Casiat and the warrior white being right now?” Lennox asked fretfully

“I fear that they must have done something evil to her” Jus replied

“Where are our warriors, where are the Baal warriors, what of the warriors of Jezebel and seducing ladies of Delilah, I need as many as possible right now to follow me to the human world, I never knew this people will take things far like this, If they win, my ancient temple will be destroyed.” Lennox lamented

“There is a case of one Pastor White at Washington DC in Nigeria, the king of the dark territory and many of our warriors are busy attending to his case, I guess you should visit our king” Jus said

“That shouldn’t be a problem, uncle Luci and I have being friends right from the day my father had always brought me here when I was young, I just hope he is less busy” Lennox said

“Of course , he should, tell him what you came for” Jus said and closed his eye . he was going through a lot of pain.

Lennox stood up at once and ran to Uncle Luci’s palace.

He met many guards dressed in uniform with helmet on their head, horns on their head, and a disfigured body structure

“Please, I want to see Uncle Luci” Lennox asked hurriedly one of the guard who was standing like a robot

“Does he know you?” The guard replied

“Please tell him that Lennox, the dark mage, the son of Korah is here” Lennox pleaded.

His legs were jugging on the floor by itself, he can’t just wait to speak to Uncle Luci for help

The guard signaled to another guard who happens to be a messenger guard. The messenger guard went inside to deliver the message to Uncle Luci and came back to meet Lennox.

The messenger guard whispered to the guard that instructed him to go in

“Uncle Luci said you can come, please go in” The palace guard said politely

Lennox hurried inside .

He met Uncle Luci on a dark throne and two ladies who were dressed like queen sitting on a smaller throne beside him. He saw their names written on their forehead

One was Jezebel , the other was Delilah. They were stark naked .

HARLOT was written like a tattoo on the chest of Delilah.

MOTHER OF ALL WITCHES was written as a tattoo on the chest of Jezebel

He ignored and focused on Uncle Luci

“May you live long Uncle Luci, your prowess and power had shaken the universe , you are being rebuked every day in the human world by good people who work with white beings, may your name he exalted forever” Lennox said and squatted in front of Uncle Luci with his head bowed

“Sit down my son, It’s being long I see you, the last time you came to my palace with your father, you were young , now the young boy has grown.

I really wish I am having face to face contact with all those that are working for me but I just do not have the time.

Recently, I and my queen had being personally working on a case of one pastor White in washington DC, very stubborn a man , always casting spells to chase my servants away, I’m sure you shouldn’t he surprised that every religion cast spells.

The spell of Christians is speaking in tongues , the spell of muslim is their confession of their quran and the spell of herbalist is their incantation, do I even need to be lecturing you? I’m sure your father must have taught you all this, I trust unknown too.

I even met him in the astral realms when I was going to meet the king of the white territory some days ago to report some saints like I did for Job, trust me, I enjoy reporting the saints and seeing them punished.

that is why I always wish for them to just fall into sin so I can penetrate and devour them” Luci said and laughed

“Yes, my king is very kind, always seeking to steal, to kill and to destroy” Jezebel added

“Yes, our king is very sweet, if any human bows and surrender themselves to him, they must enjoy the Riches of life without peace” Delilah said and everyone laughed

“May you live long my king” Lennox who was sitting bowed to the king once again in respect

He wanted to quickly state what he came for but he doesn’t want to spoil the fun they are having, he has to make uncle luci feel like he is caring. Hence, he has to say something on what uncle luci has said

“Uncle, this pastor white, have you being able to get to him?” Lennox asked

Uncle Luci looked at Delilah and they both laughed sarcastically

“Delilah, why not tell him how you penetrated into Pastor’s white’s life” Uncle luci said

Delilah adjusted on her throne

“young man, I believe you know who I am by now, I am the same lady that seduce Samson till he tells me the secrete of his power.

Same me possessed a church member, she visited Pastor white many times and became close friend with pastor White.

I made sure that she ensures that pastor white comes to her house cus she calls him that she is sick.

As soon as pastor White came, I made sure she possess pastor white, Pastor white casted some spells that almost drove me out but I’m persistent.

You can’t speak in tongue in front of fornication, even the book of the white beings says they should flee from formication.

pastor white didn’t run away from the room, he stood there trying to resist until I slept with him, he fell into my hands.

I came back and informed Uncle Luci, Uncle luci then sent Jezebel as a witch that she is to go and finally destroy all that pastor white had, so yes, I can say we are successful and we are fine” Delilah said

Lennox faked a smile, that is not what he came for, he came for his daughter, now that he has shown that he is concern, he faked a smile and spoke what he intentionally came for

“Erm….Uncle Luci , my daughter is in danger of the white being in the human world” Lennox said

“Oh! Some humans must have conjured them to earth cus spirits does not go by themselves to the earth unless they are being conjured by humans” Uncle luci said

“Exactly uncle, those humans are my family’s real enemies” Lennox said

Luci’s face became serious

“Tell me their names?” Uncle Luci asked willing to help Lennox

“Feathers, Owen, Collins, Josh, Mary and Anna, this are the six people that wants to destroy my daughter and ensure that our temple collapse” Lennox said

Uncle Luci wrote down the names of the six of them

“Lennox, I will help you but I do not do anything for free, that means if I help you you must also do something for me in return” Uncle luci said

“Anything my king, as long as my family and our temple are saved. and I will need you to help me accomplish my primary mission too, which is making my daughter, Bella, to kiss Owen, the dumb boy on earth,he is the son of Star that Seven made convenient with many years ago

” do not worry, I will help you, but first promise to do what I ask?”

Lucifer asked what he wished from Lennox and Lennox thought for long, when he had no choice , he sadly agreed.

Lucifer commanded the two strongest baal warrior to follow Lennox to the earth.

Lennox and the two warriors ran to the portal that leads to the human world

The entered the human world and appeared at Bella’s class

Bella whose leg had being paralyzed, she was sitting like a witch that had lost her power amidst Feathers and his five friends who were watching.

Casiat and the warrior angel had returned to the white world, after all, they had helped Feathers, Owen and their friends accomplished their mission

Feathers and his friends had being awoken by the spells of Mary including Anna

Jane was squatting beside Bella, watching her boss pathetically and casting the little spell she knew on Bella so that she can walk but none of it works

Anna was surprised to discover that Jane was working for Bella

“No wonder she is asking suspicious questions ” Anna thought

Bella was happy to see Lennox appear suddenly to the class with two strong and powerful dark beings soldiers

Feathers, Owen and others who were sitting comfortably stood up suddenly and jerked in fear of what they saw

To be continued

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