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One And Only Kiss Episode 43-44

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💋💋 One and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 43 & 44

Theme: A white being has come

Feathers and Mary kept reading the scrolls, they were engrossed in reading the scrolls

Feathers and Mary forgot to eat for three days , they do not know if it is morning or night. They just kept reading like a force is pulling them to read and they can’t help it

After three days, Feathers had read all the scrolls. He raised his head and stood up. He walked outside

“Now, I know everything about the use of my power ” Feathers muttered and stretched his body

Mary walked out, she stood beside Feathers and stare at the sky for the first time after three days

Feathers turned at Mary and set his gaze back at the sky

“Brother , we are done studying the use of our power, what next?” Mary said still staring at the sky

“We are heading back to America, we will make sure we protect Owen and if Bella and her family stands in our way ,we deal with them” Feathers said and lowered his head

He squatted to the ground and used two of his fingers to draw a circle on the clayey soil

“Brother, how about we text our power here before we go back to America” Mary said

“You want a dwell with me?” Feathers asked

“Yes brother, I hope I won’t hurt you too much” Mary said

Feathers giggled

“Why not pray that I won’t hurt you too much”

Feathers said and stood ready to dwell with Mary

“Duferat dufera digun

Duferat ariop ariop

Miso misons ariop as

Jumnnnn jummnnn asi”

Mary casted a spell and she formed a circle with her hand in the air, a circular stone appeared in her hand, she blew a gentle air on the stone.

The stone left Mary’s hand and roll with full force at Feathers , Feathers bent to guide the stone but the stone stayed on top of him and landed on him

Feathers fell to the ground with a eye closed

Mary ran to Feathers

“Brother!” Mary shouted

“I’m not dead” Feathers said and used his hand to control the stone that landed on him, he directed it Mary, Mary was quick to cast an instant spell, the stone disappeared

Mary smirked when she realizes that she is winning

“That must have hurt, sorry brother ” Mary apologized with a mockery expression

Feathers smirked

“Why are u quick to announce yourself as the winner , by the ways, I wasn’t hurt by the stone, I had casted a spell already that doesn’t make me feel pain or feel weak ” Feathers said

“Toflas ajiut ajusas

Murona murana murona


Aji nun an nfu merin”

Feathers casted the spell and the spell made him float in the air , he kept floating till he disappeared into thin air

Mary was not surprised to see her brother disappear into thin air , after all, she also read it in the scrolls

“She smiled and lay on the floor casting a very long spell so that Feathers next action would not have effect on her

No mortal man can see Feathers, Feathers saw himself in another world

He saw Mary , he tried touching Mary but he couldn’t . He wondered if he was a ghost, he saw many spirits walking around. He was scared when he saw an ugly spirit with two heads, six legs and five horns approaching him. Feathers quickly casted a spell that will bring him back to the human world.

He casted it and still find himself in that strange world

The spirit approached him and smiled

Feathers became scared and wondered why the spell had stopped working

” i am horrible right? Yes, you can call me Apolion, I only work for dark mage and wizard. I work for those who perform evil, they conjure me and I help them accomplish their evil mission , I like you cus you are handsome but I know we can’t be friend because you and your sister are white Mage, you are destined to use your power for something good , you missed a word amidst the spell u casted , that is why you have not being able to return to the human world, try to cast the spell accurately again, but before you do that, I will like to show you where the good spirits live” Apolion said

Feathers exhaled

“Where please?” Feathers asked

“Follow me ” Apolion said and pointed to a very large space at Feathers. Feathers saw many spirits putting on white, their hair are as white as wool, there cloth is as white as scarlet, their face is as white as snow, all of them were floating, they were very beautiful, there are beautiful flowers around, there were beautiful trees, Feathers wished at once that he can go there but he has to go back to the human world to talk to his sister so they can go there together

Feathers casted the same spell but this time he got every word right, he appeared before Mary.

Mary who was laying stood up

“Brother, I thought u would hurt me from the other world you went to” Mary said

“I won’t , I saw something very beautiful there, I saw some beings that looked like angels, their hairs are very white and curly, it’s long that it reached their spinal cord section in their body

This beings are very beautiful, an ugly guy I saw there , he called himself Apolion, he was the one that directed me there” Feathers said happily

“I can’t wait to see them” Mary said

Feathers and Mary looked at themselves eyeball to eyeball and casted the spell together

They found themselves in other world

Feathers led Mary to where the white beings are

Feather and Mary got there, they saw some singing , some dancing, some treating the flowers

Mary walked to a white being that was treating the flowers

“Excuse me !” Mary pleaded

The white being turned at Mary

Feathers walked closer to meet Mary

“I’m Mary, my brother here is Feathers, we came here to see how beautiful you guys are and I wanna ask, are you guys angel?” Mary asked

“You welcome Feathers and Mary, my name is Anastasia, we are over one millions white beings here. But we all have our different works. My closest friend here is Goddy. We work with the flowers , we ensure that the compound is clean always , I knew already that you both are coming, the king has instructed me to follow you into the human world to help you in accomplishing your mission, the only warning he gave me is to return early after I had helped you accomplish your mission and not fall in Love with human” Anastasia said

“You wanna follow us to the human world, are you still gonna be dressing like this ? You are dressed in white from head to toe” Feathers said

“Once I get to the human world, I will have to behave and live like a human, dress and eat like them, please do not ever disclose my secrete to anyone that I’m a white being from the other world ” Anastasia said

Feathers and Mary nodded

“Cast your spell and let’s go” Anastasia said

Feathers looked at Mary in surprise , he casted the spell together with Mary, they found themselves in front of the hut of power

“Where is Anaestesia?” Mary asked

“I do not know too, I thought she said she is gonna follow us to the human world” Feathers said

“I’m here please” Anastasia said already dressed like a human, her white hair had being changed to a dark one. Her white face had being changed to a red one.

Her regalia had being changed to beautiful skirt and blouse

She walked out of the hut of power

She smiled

They were surprised to see her already dressed like a human

Mary giggled as she looked towards Anastasia leg

Anastasia looked at her leg and wondered why Mary looked at her leg

“This is the human world, Anna, you gonna need to be putting on sanders or shoes here ” Feathers said

“Oh” Anna said

She wasn’t putting on a foot wear , in the other world, they do not put on footwear, they just float around with their white shining legs

“Don’t worry, gonna get you a footwear for you on our way to America ” Feathers promised Anna

Anna nodded

The man that was working for Lennox saw Feathers , Mary and a very beautiful girl from afar

“They are suppose to be two, how are they three?” The man thought from the mountain.

He knew that they had already uncovered their power in the hut of power, he ran away from there before they test their newly uncovered power on him

Feathers, Mary and Anna went back to America.

To be continued

💋💋 One and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 44

Theme: Pray For Feathers


Feathers and Mary arrived at America at Seven’s house with Anna.

They all entered the house with the house spare key that was with Mary.

“No one is at home, dad couldn’t have gone out at this hour” Mary said and sat down tiredly on the chair

“Ana , please have your sit” Feathers said and she sat down gently .

“Would you try his number?” Feathers asked

“I just did, it isn’t going through” Mary said

Feathers sighed

Feathers brought out his phone and put a call through to Josh

‘On phone”

“Feathers, whats up?” Josh’s voice sounded on phone

“I’m fine, we just arrived” Feathers said

“Wow! I’m happy, I’m gonna come there with Collins soon” Josh said

“Collins! Is he with you?” Feathers asked wondering why Collins would be with Josh at that time of the day when it is obvious that school hours are over.

Feathers went inside the kitchen and served Mary and Anna with drinks. He took his too and sipped it gently.

About thirty minutes later, Josh and Collins entered.

Josh walked closer to Owen who had already stand up ready to welcome his friend

They both hugged.

They disengaged.

Feathers hugged Collins too

Josh gave Mary a slight hug, not too deep or tight.

He wondered who the new girl is

He ignored her and before he could find a sit for himself , Feathers called him

“Josh, meet Anna, Anna meet Josh” Feathers said

Josh moved closer to Anna and stretched his hand at Anna , Anna received it and smiled at Josh.

Josh wondered what was funny, isn’t it just to greet , what made her smile while shaking me.

Josh and Collins sat after Collins had shook Anna with a bright smile on his face.

Anna wondered what’s making Collins smile. Isn’t it just to greet me, why then is he smiling

They all sat.

“Owen himself is suppose to be here or has he gone somewhere with Father too” Mary lamented

“Mary, I’m sorry to say this, but your dad is in Bella’s custody as we speak. Her father had come to take him away. They almost casted a spell on Owen so he can loose all his memories but Bella insisted promising her father that Owen is not gonna report to the cops” Josh said

“If Seven is in Bella’s custody, what of Owen?” Feathers asked while Mary lowered her head in pain and thought of what they must have done and be doing to her father

“I and Collins advised Owen to go to an anonymous hotel to stay for the main time” Josh said

“Please call him, let him come and meet us here” Mary pleaded to Josh

Josh nodded and brought out his phone.

He dialed Owen’s number, it rang, after a while, it was picked.

.”Josh, Owen is with me and I would have cast a spell on him that would make him kiss me, but the spell will not work because he is cursed . but I’m gonna make sure he likes me, I will orientate him and inform a doctor that can help me in every possible means to make him like me, once he does, I’m sure he will kiss me willingly, after which you can have Owen and Seven back and you all will be free” Bella said and hanged up

Everyone listened to what Bella said cus Josh had put the call in loudspeaker

“What are we gonna do now?” Mary asked looking at everyone

“We gotta be smart, you guys had hopefully uncovered your power , we need to strategize on how to get back Owen and Seven” Josh said

“How do we get started?” Feathers asked

“The chance we have here is that Bella liked Feathers, she wouldn’t want to hurt him. Feathers should pretend as if he likes Bella for the main time” Josh said

“How am I gonna do that?” Feathers asked

“Put a call through to Bella now , tell her that you are gonna like to come visit her, remember that witches are very dangerous and deceptive, you have to be smart, every power has it’s own weaknesses , try to find out her weaknesses so that even if Mary and you wrestle with her with your power, you will be so certain that you will win. It’s not certain right now that can win any battle with her cus we all know that not only is she powerful , her families are also very powerful” Josh said

“If I put a call through to Bella now, won’t that be suspicious?” Feathers asked

“Try it first” Josh said

Feathers put a call through to Bella

“Hi Feathers ” Bella said from the other side of the phone

“I’m fine, where are you?” Feathers asked

“Home of course and I didn’t even see you at school for some days neither did u inform me . I’m surprised to see your call though” Bella said

Feathers exhaled

“Yeah, I was suppose to tell you, I went somewhere but I had arrived. I would like to come and visit you ” Feathers said

“Oh really? I’m gonna be so glad, but u use to dislike me, why did you suddenly change your mind” Bella said

“I never said I like you , I only said I wanted to come to greet you” Feathers said

“Well, I’m just wondering why a male would visit a female without liking the lady, just confess you like me and stop pretending, anyways, if you can not confess you like me , I’m gonna tell you a thousand times that I like you. I’m gonna text you the address to my place, I’m gonna be expecting you” Bella said

“Alright” Feathers said and hung up

Everyone heard the conversation cus the call was on loudspeaker

“I do not like the girl,I just do not like her” Feathers said feeling irritated for calling her

No one replied Feathers, after all, he wasn’t expecting someone to reply him , he was only confessing how he feels

The whole room was tense and silent for a while, everyone was thinking on what will become of Feathers if he goes to Bella’s place

After about two minutes, Feathers phone buzzed briefly

Feathers knew it was an SMS, he clicked the message bar open and read that of Bella out loud.

It was an address of her house.

“You can go now, but be careful, give us updates every time you are chanced , I hope you come back today but if you can’t , we will have to hope that we meet in school tomorrow” Josh said

“Are you saying I might end up sleeping in that house” Feathers asked with a disturbed heart

“We do not know what the future holds, just be smart ” Josh said

“How is Anna gonna be doing please? isn’t she suppose to be following us to school or what did you guys think?” Mary asked

“She should follow us to school tomorrow, I’m gonna speak to the principal myself about her enrollment in the school” Josh said

“She is beautiful, Josh, Isn’t it?” Mary teased

“What are you talking about?” Josh asked with a frowned face

“Of course, she is very beautiful, very gorgeous , soft skin and beautiful lips” Collins said and bite his lower lips

“Excuse me?” Anna exclaimed.

She stood up

“Mary, please, I wanna shower and rest” Anna pleaded

Mary led her to the bathroom and showed her the room she’s gonna be staying

Josh and Collins switched on the plasma TV to catch some fun


Feathers arrived at Bella’s place. Bella who had being anticipating for his presence welcomed him with a hug.

Feathers stylishly rejected it by bending down and holding his stomach like someone having stomach upset.

Bella smiled and controlled the pain she felt as a result of the stylish rejection of her hug by Feathers

Feathers stood upright and exhaled like someone that had just recovered of the stomach upset

Bella signaled for Feathers enter the house.

He did

Lennox was sitting in the room reading one of the ancient scrolls he had just ordered from Babylon

“Dad, meet Feathers , the twin brother of Mary” Bella said

Feathers wondered how Bella knew that he is the twin brother of Mary

“Feathers, I must say that we’ve met before but that was when you were under a spell, I was happy that Collins helped you out , after wards, you went to Korea to uncover your power, you escaped the man I told to cast a spell on you. Not only are you now powerful, you also returned to America here with a new girl.

well, I just wish that you were smart, my daughter told me that you are a story writer on Facebook, you even have a page, how come you do not reason that walking inside this place might be the end of all the power you went to Korea to get.

At least, my friend who is also a writer, she is very smart , she doesn’t make senseless decisions. Now see this pin in my hand, it is the secrete to you power, once I inject you with this, you loose all powers you had acquired . what you did not know is this, while you are working on acquiring your power, I had ordered ancient books from ancient libraries of power in Babylon to find out the weakness of your power.

Don’t think too much, I found the secrete to your power, here it is in my hand, Feathers, I am sorry, deeply sorry that after I had injected you with this pin, you will become our dog once more, we will cast a spell that will work on you for 50 years , after all , no spell is ever permanent, but I know that 50 wasted years of your life is gonna satisfy us and make us happy.

You are too small, too young to fight against the Family of Lennox, yes, you can call us big eye family, you can abuse my daughter by saying all her brains are in her big eyes, she told me all the insults you have hurled on her in the past, I’m sure you will swallow all those insults after you work for her like a servant working for his master for fifty years of your life.

I’m sure that your fans on Facebook will miss you, they will keep waiting for you to update them with the next episode not knowing that you have become my daughter’s dog’ Lennox said and smirked.

He took the pin and walked closer to Feathers

To be continued

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