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One And Only Kiss Episode 41-42

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💋💋 One and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 41 & 42

Theme: Evil in disguise

Owen was surprised that he did not see his new friend, Collins in class. He had stopped sitting with Bella.

The school closed for the day and Bella slung her bag pack, he walked towards Owen

“Tell me, where is Collins?” Bella asked

“I thought you should greet first” Owen said in sign language

“Oh ! I forgot, hi, where is Collins” Bella said

“I did not know, I’m certain he came to school but maybe he went somewhere” Owen replied in sign language

“I see, where are you going now?” Bella asked

“Is that your business? ” Owen asked in sign language and walked away from Bella

Bella wondered why Owen was behaving coldly to her. Maybe because of the last time Lennox and her went to His place.

She walked out out of the class and went to Mary’s class. She searched with her eye for Feathers and Mary but he couldn’t find them

“Damn it!” She cursed

“Are they gone or they left early” She thought and was confused.

She asked one of Mary’s classmate

“Did you see Mary and Feathers in class today”? Bella asked

” No, they are absent” the classmate said and walked away

“What are they up to?” Bella thought and went to her car. She drove outside the school and saw Owen waiting for a car.

“Let me trace Owen, he might not be going home, he might be hiding somewhere” Bella thought

Owen entered a cab to Seven’s house. Bella drove and traced the cab that Owen was to Seven’s house

Owen was oblivious of the fact that someone was following him. He entered Seven’s house and Seven welcomed him.

Bella noted the house that Owen entered and smirked . She drove back to her place.


Bella drove inside her house. she walked inside and Lennox welcomed him.

“Dad, I couldn’t find Feathers and Collins at school today” Bella lamented and sunk on the chair in the living room

“Tell me, you mean they didn’t come to school today? That must be suspicious” Lennox said

“But Dad, I found out the hiding place of Owen” Bella said

“They might actually be hiding there, I mean, Feathers, Collins , Mary and Owen might be hiding there” Lennox said

“Maybe” Bella said

“Let’s finish this once and for all , since they might be in one house, let’s just put them all under a spell and bring them here so we can accomplish our mission” Lennox said

“I’m tired ” Bella said

“Don’t be my daughter, we are almost there, let’s go together “Lennox stood up and helped Bella up

They drove to Seven’s place

Bella and Lennox entered the house using spell to open the entrance door.

Owen who was having dinner all alone noticed that someone entered. Seven who was watching television saw two people entered.

Seven walked closer to them and saw Lennox and a girl. Owen left what he was doing and walked closer to them

” Lennox , do you come to greet me ?” Seven asked

“Maybe, I came for a serious business, how many people are in this house now?” lennox asked

“Well, Mary and Feathers had travelled to Korea, it’s just Owen and I that are here presently ” Seven said

“They travelled, why? Anyways that’s your family’s business, I think your children will have to come home from wherever they are after they heard that you are missing ” Lennox said

“What are you talking about?” Seven asked

“I meant I’m taking you to the temple right now , you gonna stay there , the government will declare you missing when they found out that you are lost, your children will find out over there and come home. In other words , we are holding you hostage till we are able to get your children” Lennox said

“I do not know what you are talking about , I do not offend you, I have no issues with you, why should you hold me hostage ?” Seven asked

Lennox casted a spell on Seven, he became unaware of who he is

Owen was watching them from where he stood with a scary face.

“Owen, you are our last target, have fun, but if we leave like this, you will tell the cops that we came for Seven, I’m sorry that you will have to loose your memory” Lennox said and walked closer to Owen


Feathers and Mary had arrived at Jeoju Hanok village in Korea.

They were searching and asking every villager for where the hut of power is but everyone claimed not to know the place.

It was late at night and they did not know where to stay, it’s a village and there is no hotel where they can lodge there

They sat beside a very old house . A man was passing by and saw two young teenagers

“My children, why are you sitting here?” The man asked

“We came from America in search of the hut of power , we have searched everywhere and asked many villagers but we couldn’t find it still” Feathers said

“No one will tell you, the library is a very dangerous library, no one goes there and return , but since you came from America, you must have come for a very important mission. Sleep in my house this night and I will take you there tomorrow” The man said

“Thank you sir ” Mary quickly said

They both stood up and followed the man to his house

The man lay a mat for them to sleep on , Even though it was not convenient for them, they had to.

After an hour of laying, Mary wanted to ease herself , she stood up and walked outside .

She overheard the man speaking on phone

“Okay… Yes I have …. They are sleeping in my custody now…. I will do that… Sure …. I know the right spell to cast on them … do not worry Lennox …. Yeah…. Bye” The man hanged up

Mary’s heart beat and she knew at once that the man that accommodated her is working for Lennox

To be continued

💋💋 One and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 42

Theme: We found it

Lennox walked closer to Owen.

“Dad, please let’s leave him, let us just tell him not to inform the cops, I’m sure he is gonna comply ” Bella said

“And what if he doesn’t ?” Lennox turned and ask Bella

Bella walked closer to where Owen stood.

“Owen, promise you aren’t gonna inform anyone” Bella asked

“I’m not” Owen replied hurriedly in sign language

“Bella, this is a great risk we are taking” Lennox said

“Dad, trust me” Bella said

Lennox nodded and went out with Bella and Seven

Owen sighed and sat on a stool beside him.

“Are this people so cruel? They even wanted to cast spell on me so I can lost my memory” Owen thought


“Feathers, wake! this man that accommodates us is working for Lennox, I heard him speaking with Lennox”Mary whispered

Feathers listened and opened his eye.

” Really, then we need to leave this place immediately” Feathers said

Mary nodded staring around in fear

“You know what? Pretend as if u wanna receive fresh air outside , then walk away, don’t worry, I will be safe, I will find you, just run to somewhere safe ” Feathers said

“I’m scared, I do not know anyone here, what if I got lost, what if u did not find me, am I gonna spend the rest of my life in this village?” Mary said in fear

“No, u ain’t gonna spend the rest of ur life in this place, that is our only medium of escape, just leave, Mary, look into my face and trust me, I’m your brother and I can not hurt you, the man will soon enter and cast spells on us, run away, I will find you, I promise” Feathers said assuredly

Mary nodded and summoned little courage . she went out, she met the man just coming in

“My daughter, at this time of the night, where are you going? ” The man asked

“Sir, the heat is quiet much on the mat, I ain’t used to sleeping on mat, just wanna take some fresh air outside” Mary lied

“Alright my daughter, don’t stay long outside ” The man said and entered

Mary stepped out and stared around, he didn’t see anyone , everywhere was dark, he ran into the dark and kept running trying to find a shelter for herself

Feathers pretended to be sleeping , after few minutes. He coughed. He coughed again and continued faking coughs

“My son , why are you coughing ?” The man asked and moved closer to Feathers

Feathers stood up and went outside without replying the man

“Where is my sister?” Feathers asked the man

“Your sister! She should be around the vicinity, she said she is wanna take some fresh air outside here ” The man replied

“This is how I cough every night and the drug I do use to become healed is with my sister, I need to see her or I may die anytime soon” Feathers lied and continued faking coughs in the middle of his speech

The man was perplexed

“Isn’t her name Mary?” The man said

“Yeah, but I can’t remember telling u her name” Feathers thought

He nodded

He confirmed at once that the man actually knew about them

“Mary! Mary!” Feathers kept yelling and walking towards the dark

He kept walking into the dark and he kept calling Mary till he faded off

“What is wrong with all this children, did he think his sister is lost, maybe her sister is in the backyard or somewhere close , but now, he is searching for her , what if he get lost, anyways, that’s their problem, the two of you should come back soon so I can cast the spell I was ordered to cast on you” the man thought and sat at the entrance of his house

After an hour of waiting, he got disturbed and wondered where they had gone

.”this children must not get lost, Lennox is gonna scold me . I need to find them” the man thought

The man walked inside the dark in search of Mary and Feathers till he faded off


Jude bowed his head in school by recess time, he wasn’t speaking nor playing with anyone like he used to do. His face looks sad and his heart is heavy.

He had searched and tried every means to get to Mary but he couldn’t. He feared that something bad might have happened to the lady he likes. He misses Mary so much.

“Jude, can you stop thinking about Mary please” Thomas , his one and only adviser said

“I wish I can but I can’t. Her soul and mine are intertwined, I’m addicted to seeing her, I wanna see Mary please” Jude pleaded to his friends as if his friend knew where Mary was

“Jude, she might be sick or busy at home, let’s wait till next week” Bigger said .

“I can’t wait no more brother, I felt empty without seeing Mary around” Jude said

“Cheer up Jude, how about we sing on how you miss Mary so much” Thomas suggested

“Will that make me see her?” Jude asked and buried his head on his palm

“No, but it will comfort your soul and give you hope” Bigger said

Thomas nodded to confirm what Bigger said


Collins sat in the back sit in class like he always do with Owen who is now sitting with him

“Collins, I wanna tell you something ” Owen said in sign language

“No don’t, follow me outside, that witch may be hearing” Collins said and stood up

Collins and Owen walked out of the class

“I’m all ears now” Collins said

“Bella and her Father came to Mary’s father’s house yesterday to kidnap him , they wanted to cast a spell that will erase my memory but Bella insisted” Owen said in sign language

“You mean Bella’s father had Lennox in his custody presently?” Collins asked

“Yeah, but please don’t tell anyone, don’t even report to the cops” Owen pleaded in sign language

“I ain’t a kid bro, I will handle it, do not worry” Collins said

“What are you gonna do cus I do not want then to know that the information got leaked by me” Owen said in sign language

.”calm down, follow me” Collins said and went to Josh’s class

He called Josh out and Josh followed them outside the class

Collins told Josh what Owen said

“Mary’s father is being kidnapped in broad day light by this evil people, we need to help Seven” Josh said

Owen looked at Josh and Collins interchangeably for what they are about to do

“I know Bella’s house, after we close for the day, let’s go there” Josh said

“I know Bella’s house too, but the thing is, if we go there, how are we gonna save Seven?” Collins asked

“Let’s go there first, what we are gonna do will come” Josh said like he kept one power somewhere to make use of when they got there

“Alright” Collins said and walked back to his class with Owen.

As soon as the bell rang for closing time, Bella went to meet Collins and Owen at their sit before they could stand up to leave the class

“Collins, the alpha, where were you yesterday cus I couldn’t find you in school” Bella said

“Excuse me? Do we have any business, when do we become friends?” Collins asked

“Of course I was not searching for you cus you are my friend , I was searching for you cus I need to take you back to the temple, I don’t care if you are a werewolf or their alpha, all I know is that as long as you keep obstructing my mission, you gonna have to be kept and tamed at the temple till I’m done fulfilling my mission” Bella said

“If I may ask, what is this mission of yours ?” Collins asked

“We aren’t friends so I can’t tell you, I do not have much time please” Bella said and casted a spell on Collins

After she had casted the spell, Collins laughed and sat conveniently on the chair

Owen was surprised that the spell didn’t seem to affect Collins

Bella became furious,she casted one of the most powerful spell she had just learnt on Collins, yet, the spell didn’t have any effect on Collins

“When you are done casting whatever spell you are casting, leave the class or you can as well sleep here” Collins said mockingly

Collins stood up and walked away from her with Owen

Bella felt bad, she disliked herself, she felt embarrassed, no one can ever resist her spell not even a werewolf who is yet to transform

She angrily carried her bag pack and left the class


Feathers kept walking inside the dark till it was daylight .

“Where am I gonna find Mary” Feathers thought

Feathers suddenly saw a very high mountain and an image of someone standing on it . He stood up from beside a tree he sat, he walked towards the mountain. He stepped up towards the image

It was Mary

“Mary” Feathers called

Mary smiled

“I stood on this mountain so that wherever you are, you can find me ” Mary said

Feathers became happy that he didn’t stress himself too much before he finds Mary

“But that man is gonna be searching for us, he might find us anytime soon” Feathers said

“Feathers, I found the hut of power , it’s beneath this mountain” Mary said and stepped down towards the opposite of where Feathers was coming from

Like the back of the mountain

“Are you serious?” Feathers asked and stepped behind Mary down the mountain

“Brother, do I look like a comedian?” Mary teased on her way steeping down

She got beneath the mountain and Feathers arrived behind her

“That is it” Mary pointed to the hut for Feathers

Feathers saw the hut, he held Mary and they jugged there together

They entered, it was dirty , cobwebs were everywhere, the scrolls are well arranged in the old shelves there

They took the scroll one after the other and start reading


“True, I can’t keep thinking like this” Jude said

“You mean we should perform right?” Thomas asked happily expecting a positive answer from Jude

“Yeah” Jude said and walked to the front of the class

“Hey guys, listen to our song ” Jude said

“Bring it on boy” Vanessa and the other girls who are class gangsters hailed Jude

Jude maintained a sad face, after all, he is about to sing a sad song

Thomas hung and set his girlfriend on his neck. His girlfriend is his guitar

Bigger also set his mouth organ on his lips

They played

🎵🎶 … 🎼🎹

🎼 pa pan ran nnn paran ran ran an pan 🎹

Thomas and Bigger played solemnly

Jude sang;

Don’t I know it? Nobody has to say

I’ve been lucky.

Guess I was born that way

I thank my father,

His absence has made me strong

And I love my mother

But she had troubles with God

No tears for the life that you’ve led

You’ve had angels in your head

Did you hear them singing in the end

All the things that you’ve seen

All the things that could have been

Well I’ve been everything I want to be

So no tears, no tears for me

Yeah, I’ve bathed in sunshine

But cherished the fading light

And I heard my heartbeat faulter

On a winter’s night

I loved a woman

She didn’t hear my prayers

So Lord, oh Lord, I’m yours

No tears for the life that you’ve led

You’ve had angels in your head

Did you hear them singing in the end

All the things that you’ve seen

All the things that could have been

Well I’ve been everything I want to be

So no tears, no tears for me

‘Cause someone some where’s going home tonight

Trying to understand the sacrifice

So save your tears for those left behind

For the life that you’ve led

You’ve had angels in your head

Did you hear them singing in the end

All the things that you’ve seen

All the things that could have been

Well I’ve been everything I want to be

So no tears, no tears

No tears for me


To be continued

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