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L-st Or Love Episode 18

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๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’‹[Craving for her body] ๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’‹


๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—Episode 18๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

๐Ÿ’งPheonix pov๐Ÿ’ง

I inhaled in some air as I brought it out from the water running my hands into my wet hair

I sank myself again into the water and wowed as soon as the cold water ran through my warm skin again

I sighed with the memories of what happened earlier flowing through my mind again

Cephar is a monster!
He’s a monster who knows no pity for anyone

I thought he’s changed when I saw him smile the other time

I thought he was handsome too

I thought he’s best man for a meant but now he’s a monster!

How he took that boy’s life as if it were a piece of meat
Is life that easy for him

I fumed

Thinking about it always makes me a lot more angrier with him
He’s shouldn’t have killed him

He’s helpless, he was helpless and I saw that in his eyes

I brought myself up again from the water and took in a deep air,

This pool helps a lot better now for me

I swam to the edge of it and climbed out of it wet

I wrapped the towel around me before taking it off and then tied a shawl around my waist to cover my pants

I sat down on a chair squeezing my wet hair to produce water which ran out from it as I squeezed it falling over my neck sides and chest

I stopped for a while and then flipped it to and fro leaving at my back neck for it to dry before I could pack it back into a pony tail which was its original position before

I sighed again before I noticed that someone was at my back staring at me all this while

So I turned my neck

๐Ÿ’จCephar’s pov๐Ÿ’จ
I never wanted to make her angry, I just didn’t want to

My temper is always bad when am angry When she fainted I was so frightened that I thought am gonna loose her

What made me think such is what am still trying to find out

She’s angry with me not as if care but its just that am worried if she’s okay

I want to know if she’s fine,

That man deserved to die and I couldn’t let my enemies live like that
Psst! If she’s angry with me over that then she better change her mind

I signaled one of the maids to take care of her after she was sent in to her room

I peeped in at her watching her sleeping so soundly on the bed with no worries

I walked away to my own room, I should’ve killed him when I might have sent her in

She shouldn’t have seen me kill him in her presence, she will hate me the more when she wakes up
After waiting the whole afternoon without the sign of her I decided to go check up on her myself and then walking into her room she wasn’t there anymore

My heartbeat increased

Where is she? Where did she possibly go to?
I ram my eyes around her room straight to the the direction of her bathroom and I saw nothing

Where did she go?

Why am I getting worried? But I was still even though I was asking myself that question

I rushed away to go see the maid I asked to take care of her when I caught someone from outside the glass window flipping up and down inside a swimming pool and I knew exactly that it was her

I just couldn’t explain how I felt seeing her dong backstroke, butterfly stroke in the water and coming up again to run her hands into her wet hair

She always turns me on whenever I look at her and then at her body right from the first time I saw her

And I think I crave for her now

A smile tugged at the corner of my lips that I didn’t know when I rested my hands on the glass window rails staring at her from upstairs

She’s beautiful and sexy!
And no man ever had her except me
I hate sleeping with virgins but each time I remember that night I took her I felt honored

“She’s so beautiful ” I muttered under my breath as I saw her coming out of the pool as all her body curves were visible with the pants and brร  she was putting on


She’s hot!

I breathed hard as I was feeling myself getting hardened by just the stares I was staring at her

I stopped staring and took the stairs down and then went into the balcony which was the direction of the pool
I traced my eyes to her direction and she was busy squeezing her hair making her whole body much wetter than it was and making her look eatable

And then a question popped into my mind
What if the 25 days elapse? Will I be able to let her go?

I mean will I leave without her?

Ofcuz I would I was always here without her so why would I be bothered if she’s gone

I’m still bothered… If she’s gone I think I will have to adjust to the other phase of my life again

But wait a minute

What’s this feeling I think I have for her?
Why do my heart jump when she’s around me?

Why do I feel at ease when she smiles and what’s all this strange feelings?

Lust yes its lust
I can’t possibly be loving her because all I think about is her body

What if it isn’t? I think that its just more than lust
It can’t be more than lust

Its lust! And that’s final

What about whenever I look at her sad face

What is this girl doing to me?

“Cephar!!”she called my name loudly
“I’ve been calling you for the past few minutes ” she added this time standing and tapping her foot on the floor

“Cephar am still angry”she added in again
“You shouldn’t have killed that poor guy like that ”

You say its lust when her words turns you on too? Cephar is such a fool

Her talks have turned sexy to me
“Cephar… “I cut her up from finishing the last sentence because I grabbed her into my bosom and wrapping my arms around her hips

“You were saying… “I said bringing down my face lower to hers and I saw her cheek turn all red

My gaze fell on her lips… Her pink curvy shaped lips
What do I really feel for her?

“Am still angry about how you cut that guy up it was frightening” she explained her gaze trying not to meet mine

But her words were turning me on the more
Making me want to have her on this soft grassy floor caressing our backs

“I’m sorry”I mumbled and I saw her eyes all lit up when she heard me say that

Am I really sorry for that? I just don’t know… I find myself saying things I don’t mean whenever she’s around me

“He’s dead… ”
“Sheesh “I cut her up by pressing my first finger across her lips

I feel nervous and I really don’t know why I feel that way

“Can I kiss you now that am sorry? ”
I asked her my gaze all over lips

“You don’t… ”

Who said I was waiting for that answer in the first place?

I didn’t wait up for her to finish before I slammed my lips into hers kissing her as if my life depended on it

I touched as never before

I kissed her as never before either and I wanted more and more of her taking her on slowly but I couldn’t wait up for that

Minutes later, we were both naked still holding on to each other
She moaned severally riling up the more as i felt her with my divk

This feeling is what I can’t get rid off whenever I’m inside her
Its just different from all the others that I screw

I feel strange

“Cephar! “She called my name as I rode in deeper inside her amd she clutched tightly with her hands around my neck

“Cephar! ”

Damn! That name she calls gets at me alot!

What is she exactly doing to me!!

I want to know!!!


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