April 14, 2021


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L-st Or Love Episode 17

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💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋



💗Episode 17💗

Cephar’s Pov

Immediately we got to the VIP ward were i asked for her sister to transferred her sister shouted her name nearly busting my eardrum.

And she ran into her arms.
They hugged as if they haven’t seen each other for decades.

The worst part was that Phoenix was already in tears.

And that’s one thing i dislike about women they are too week for my liking.

When they disengaged from the hug Phoenix smile at her little sister making me smile too.

I wonder what kind of love will make someone sell her own body to the devil for 25 fvcking days.

I have never seen her happy like this before and i felt a little bit happy.

Since i am suddenly invisible i went to sit down on one of the couch at the ward.

“Elena how are you doing are you still feeling pains?…” she asked her sister.

“No Phoenix you think too much am a big girl now…” she replied showing off her muscle making me burst into laughter.

And they turned towards my direction.

I saw shock written all over Phoenix face and then it occurred to me that this is the first time i am laughing in decades.

And it was little one that made me laugh after a long time.

“Phoenix is this your boyfriend?…”
The question took both Phoenix and i off guards.

And deep down in me i felt so happy about the question.

What am i even thinking i am a killer so i shouldn’t feel.

“Of course not Elena his my boss…” she replied nervously.

“Phoenix your boss is so handsome please can i date him?…” she asked and Phoenix eyes widened in shock.

“Come on Elena you are too small to talk about dating…” Phoenix replied and to my surprise the little girl scoffed.

“Am not small Phoenix am a big girl doctor told me that, he said big people like you die doing the surgery but Elena survived and that makes Elena a big girl…”

Her answer made me smile and i started wishing i have a little sister or daughter i have protect.

But having such will only make my enemies to have something they can use against me.

which is called a week point and that’s one of the things i don’t want.

I love people getting scared when they hear my name but Phoenix love for her little sister made her accept my deal.

Few hours later……💧💧
After some hours her friend that i don’t even know her name came and immediately she saw me she started shaking in fear.

Now i believe Phoenix it’s a very strong and courageous woman.

If her friend can be this scared by mare seeing me what will she do if she was Phoenix that i use for my pleasure almost every day.

Guess she would have committed suicide a long time ago.

My phone started ringing so i brought it out to see the call and it was one of my men.

I left the ward to pick it.
So i picked up the call placed the phone on my ear.

📱“speak up…”

📱“The spy sent by the British mafia has been caught so what should we do with him…”

📱“Don’t touch him until i get there i want to kill him myself…”

📱“Okay Highness…”

Immediately i ended the call i went back to the ward.

“Phoenix it’s time to go…” I said and she smiled sadly to her friend that kissed her sleeping sister’s forehead and started following me.

Immediately we go to the garage my men opened the door of the car for us and we got in.

And zoomed off.

Phoenix’s Pov

While we were at the car i kept stealing glare at him.

why did her suddenly get angry to the extent of his eyes being bloodshot like this huh?

I remember when he laughed he looked so handsome when he laughs and smile that i always want to see him that way.

But too bad laughing always are not for people like him.

I still find it hard to believe that i am staying with the most feared mafia king cephar bridox Clint.

Of course without being consumed by the darkness in his heart and to think that i am already falling for a monster.

After a while of driving we finally got to the mansion and they opened the door for us to get down.

Before i can come out of the car one of his men brought a young boy to him and his eyes darkened the more.

I’m sure the boy wasn’t upto twenty years old.

Please don’t tell me the incident that took place the first day i came here with him is not about to repeat itself again.

shiver ran down my spine at the thought of that.

I didn’t want to stay and experience it so i decided to go inside but an angry voice stopped me.

“Phoenix if you step an iche i will blow off your fvcking scores…” and i stopped at my track with my heart beating like a party drum.

“Who the fvck do you think you are to come into my territory to spy on the king of spys…” he asked the boy in anger.

“Please sir i didn’t have a choice i am just a street boy who wants to make a living please don’t kill me…” The boy begged in tears.

And i felt pity for him deep down in my heart i was praying for Emily to show up.

“I guess the person that sent you didn’t tell you i don’t give second chance huh?”

“Am no fvcking God so i don’t give second chance…” and in a twinkle of an eye i saw the boy’s head rolling on the ground.

It took me few minutes before my brain was able to blend in to what just happened.

I am in love with a fvcking monster i thought he only kills with only gun but he just cut the poor boys head off.

And he didn’t even feel it at all he didn’t. i saw blood all over the place.

He couldn’t even consider the condition of the boy he just ended his life.

He’s also a killer but no one has killed him but he killed the poor boy.

“Bryan butcher his body and feed it to the dogs it been a while my dogs ate good food…” he said without remorse.

“Your Highness what are we to do with his head?…” the Bryan asked.

“Package his head and send it to his boss…” he replied.

Tears rolled down my eyes and i let out a loud scream and passed out.


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