April 14, 2021


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L-st Or Love Episode 16

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💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋



💗Episode 16💗

Cephar’s Pov
What’s really wrong with me i thought again but yet no answer.

I asked the question as if i really wanted someone to answer my question.

With is true anyway.
I really need answers because this is the first time i am having such feeling.

As a mafian we a thought that LOVE is made for the week.

But with just one night at the club this virgin striper got my eye and attention at the same time.

And after taking her virginity it was like there is a bond that binds us together.

I can’t stay a full day without craving for her body and that’s what baffles me the more.

No sex puppy has ever lasted for a day in my house, it’s either i chase them away or kill them.

But with Phoenix it different and guess what deep down my heart i don’t what the remaining 23 day to come to an end.

I touched her hair one more time admiring her beauty.

She moved her body muttering something on her sleep and that made her even more beautiful.

“Come off it cephar LOVE makes people week it certainly LUST…” I told myself.

Staying in this bed with her will only make stupid thought keep flying into my head.

So I stood up of course after looking at her pretty face one more time.

I went into the bathroom and stepped on the shower enjoying the feeling of the cold water running down my body.

After talking a refreshing shower I dried up my body with a towel.

And wrapped a towel around my waist then walked out of the bathroom and to my surprise she was still sleeping.

I just dressed up and left her because i don’t wanna wake her up.

When i got to the living room Emily was fuming in anger going tho and fro in the living room.

And immediately i knew i was in deep shit and immediately shiver ran down my spine.

I wonder how this woman manage to get me so scared.

I cleared my throat and she shot me an angry look.

“Cephar where is Phoenix huh?…’ she asked making me even more scared.

“Ehh Emily i don’t know where she is so why asking?…’ I replied her nonchalantly.

“You mean to tell me she wasn’t with you some hours ago?…” she asked with an evil smirk plastered on her face.

And fear gripped me immediately i know that looks.

Before i came escape from her she pounce on me gracing me with a thunderous slap before twisting my left ear like her life depended on it.

making me yell out in pain.

“Emily please it hurts like ‘Fuck’ …” I cursed.

“It hurts you say?…”

“Yes i swear it does…” I replied but instead of her to let go she twisted it the more.

making me yell more louder than before.

“Please Emily have mercy with me just this once…” I pleaded.

She was about twisting it ever more when Phoenix ran into the living room.

Oh my goodness.

Phoenix’s Pov

When I woke up i saw no one with me on the bed so I guess he was long gone.

I went into the bathroom to take my bath.

My joy today had no bounds maybe because i will be going to visit Elena at the hospital today.

After talking my bath and getting dressed i decided to stay inside until it was time for me to go visit Elena.

But my decision was cut short when i heard a loud cry come from the living room.

And then i concluded Emily was at work and that alone made me wanna laugh.

I wondered how a feared mafian king was so subjected to an ordinary woman.

The cry became louder so i had to run down to the living room only to see Emily twisting cephar’s ear.


I called to draw her attention towards my direction.

“Oh my goodness Phoenix hope this stupid cousin of mine didn’t hurt you? if he did tell be let me skin him alive…”

She said after releasing his ear.

“Come on Emily he did nothing to me he just came to tell me his taking me to the hospital to see my sister…” I lied making me feel guilty.

She looked at me suspiciously before replacing it with a wind smile.

“Okay Phoenix if you say so but that wouldn’t make me apologize to you cephar you deserve it…”

She said and walked out of the living room after smiling victoriously at cephar.

“I hope this doesn’t stop him from taking me to the hospital…” I thought.

Immediately she left there was an
uncomfortable silence between us making me wish the ground could open an eat me up.

But what I heard next took me my surprise.

“Thank you…”

Huh? did I hear him correctly or am I suddenly hearing things.

This is the second time his telling me thank you today.

“You’re welcome…” I smiled widely.

“Are you dressed up to see your sister?…” he asked.

“Yes…” i replied with a smile.

“Then let’s go…” she said and started moving out of the mansion while i follow behind.

I can’t wait to see my baby i thought.

When we got to the garage his men were already waiting for us.

One of them open the door for us we got in and the driver zoomed off.

Few minutes later……🧊🧊
After few minutes of driving we finally arrived at the hospital.

One of his men opened the door for us and we got out.

He started walking ahead of me while i followed him behind.

We got to a door and he opened it without even knocking.

“Good evening Mr cephar…” the elderly doctor greeted but he didn’t reply.

What a jerk i thought.

“How is she?…” cephar asked ignoring the old man’s greeting.

“Oh she’s recovering really fast the girl is really a fighter, the first surgery was successful and she already awake…”

Did i just hear the doctor say first surgery huh?

I swallowed my fear for cephar and asked.

“Sir i thought it was only one surgery she needed?…”

“No my dear she has to undergo three surgeries and one has been done already so we only have two more to go…” he replied and i just nodded.

“Can we see her now?…” cephar asked and the doctor directed us to the VIP ward were she was.

Cephar stood up and started walking out and I followed him behind.

We got to a VIP ward and he opened the door and I saw my sister lying on the bed.

immediately she noticed me her eyes lit up.


she shouted happily while i hugged her like my life depended on it.

Emily’s Pov

When i left them at the living room i didn’t go to my room straight.

I hid at a corner to see what was gonna happen.

And to my surprise i heard cephar say thank you to Phoenix.

Holy moly!

I was shocked because even when he was growing up he finds it hard to say this two words.


Hmm… I think I wasn’t wrong when i said that Phoenix will help me change my little cousin.

I smiled at the thought of that.

Oh my gosh!
I dance happily to my room.


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