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Immortal Academy Episode 45

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 45

People began trooping into the large hall, getting seated and ready for the tournament.

Some of the Masters were already seated at their position in a corner inside the hall, facing the stage.

Tanya and Maureen walked in together and found a place with a better view.

Tanya’s eyes drifted to the Masters and she scanned the area, hoping to see Craig there already but he was nowhere around.

She sighed and took her eyes back to the stage.

A guy in dark and long robe walked to the middle of the stage with a microphone in his hand and started addressing the people as soon as the hall got more than filled up.

Tanya looked around, amazed.

Are all these people like her? Wow. She thought.

The Immortal Academy is a really large family. Tanya thought.

“It’s talent show time,Tanya! I’m getting nervous.

They might pick out anyone.” Maureen whispered at Tanya whose eyes brightened.

” Really? Oh no. I think we should move to the back.

I really don’t think I can do that in front of all these million of people here.” Tanya whispered back and Maureen rolled her eyes.

” Running won’t help, Tanya. You will be picked out.” Maureen sighed.

” How…. did you know?”

” You can’t have such luck. I’m sure of it.” Maureen said and giggled.

” Let’s wait and see.” Came Tanya’s reply.


” Master? Master!!” Dagger shouted, running around but couldn’t find Craig.

Jim and Slicer stood by the car, looking in just to make sure Craig wasn’t in the car.

What the hell just happened?

He was right there with them right now and they were all getting out of the car when suddenly they couldn’t find him.

“F*ck! I’m not getting this. Did he disappeared?” Dagger asked.

“I don’t think so.” Jim replied.

” We need to do something. We need to alert the others.” Slicer said and Dagger stared at him.

” Are you crazy? Do you want him to get disqualified? This is the night the new leader will get chosen.

“If the people knows…they will never vote for him! Think!” Dagger was seriously troubled.

He had come to take Craig like a brother and wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

Suddenly, something came into his mind.

“Tanya!” He suddenly blurted out and the boys turned to look at him.

“What happened to her?” They asked.

“She’s a powerful seer….she can help find out if master Craig is in trouble.” Dagger explained and the boys nodded ok agreement.

With speed of lightning,Dagger ran off to the hall.

He got in from the back door which was thrown wide open. Then looked in.

“Sh*t.” He cursed. He was confused. How the hell was he supposed to find Tanya in such a crowded place?

Nevertheless,he walked in… looking from one side to the other.

“Come out and show us what you can do.” The guy on stage named Bill said, pointing to a boy seated at the front.

The boy walked out boldly and showed his talent which made everyone clap for so long.

There were jubilant noise in the air as the talent show kept going on and on.

Dagger was in the middle of the people, trustingly looking around for Tanya and suddenly his eyes caught her seating close to the window side.

“Thank goodness.” He mumbled and started walking towards her.

Craig stared around the strange place, obviously confused on how he got there.

He had never been so confused. He was greatly perplexed as he stared around.

It looked like a jungle,with neat and tall trees all around.

What road exactly would he take?

He tried parting the trees aside with his powers so he could see ahead but surprisingly, nothing happened.

“What?” Craig scoffed and tried again but couldn’t.

His powers…. what’s happening?

He tried again but only a soft wind ruffled the trees. He stared at his hand and repeated but nothing happened.

Suddenly,his eyes caught something very fast coming near him.

He turned to look and saw it was an arrow but it was too late for him to move.

It hit him on the shoulder, piercing deep into him.

“Ah!” He gave a sharp pain, holding his arm immediately and staring around.

“Come out and face me if you dare!!” Craig roared.

The expression on his face was murderous as his lips shook.

“Come out if you dare! Don’t be a coward!” He screamed again, even high and suddenly,there was laughter from behind him.

He turned sharply to take a look and to his greatest surprise,he saw them standing opposite him, glaring evilly at him.

Tabitha and Ciara.

Craig scoffed,his eyes on Ciara. “You…..” Hus body shook with rage.

“Yes,Craig. Me.” Ciara replied, stepping forward.

Craig laughed out angrily. He finally dawned on him,how he was able to be invoked in here.

She knew too much of his secrets. Ciara knew too much about him and now,she had used on against him.

“Why?” That was the only word that rolled out from his mouth after his angry laughter.

“Why? You started this Craig and you must finish it. If I can’t have you…..no one else will.”

Craig stared at her for long time and then glanced at Tabitha. “Elizabeth.”

Tabitha’s eyes brightened. “You still call me that.”

” Try and remember, Elizabeth. Just. Try.” Craig said,his eyes becoming watering for the first time after so many years.

* 😣😣

And Tanya’s powers has been caged!!😭

Who will be the savior??

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