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Her Boss Episode 17

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πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ HER BOSS πŸ“ πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ

✍️Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❀️ Chapter seventeen ❀️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
I couldn’t sleep that night. This is 11:30pm and Alan is not back yet. Where is he??
Wait…….why was I so worried about him. I should be sleeping. I groaned and I covered myself with my blanket and tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t still sleep. Twenty minutes later, I heard a groan outside and somebody falling and I got up immediatetly. What’s happening.
I pulled the dulvet from my body and climbed down from my bed and walked out of my room.

As I came out of my room, I got to the stairs and saw Alan, struggling to climb the stairs. The idiot was drunk. I placed my hand on my forehead and tried walking away but he staggered and almost fell on the stairs. I had to help him.
He looked at me and knitted his brows.

“You”… He said in a drunken voice.

“You…..this….. little….. seductress……..” He said, almost staggering again and I quickly went over to his side to help him.
Did he just called me a seductress??
I tried to help him but he yanked his hand from mine.

“I can…….walk on my own”. He said and tried to walk again but he staggered and almost fell and I quickly caught him. He smelled like alcohol.

“You better let me help you or else I’ll leave you here. Jerk”. I said angrily.
I didn’t want to help him. But I don’t know, a force keep pulling me to help him.
I helped him up and dragged him to his room and he fell heavily on his bed. I pulled him over and helped him to take his shirt off. I tried my possible best not to drool at him as I took off his shoes and his wristwatch. I wanted to go but he held my hand.

“Stay here with me”. He said in a sleepy tone.
What’s his problem??
I pulled his hand away from mine and I decided to sleep on the couch, at least to watch over him. I layed down on the couch and surprisingly, I slept off.

πŸ’Ž Alan’s POV πŸ’Ž
I tossed clumsily on my bed and opened my eyes. I groaned as I felt my head pounding so hard. I think I’m having a hangover because of the alcohol I took. I got up from the bed and looked around. Wait…….how did I get home?? And how did I got into my bed?? Where was my cloth?? I groaned and I sat up, holding my head in pain. The door burst open and Naomi walked in, with a frown in her face. She came in with a glass of water and some drugs and stretched them towards me. I collected it from her and I quickly took the drugs and finished the whole glass of water. Why is she so kind to me all of a sudden??

“Where were you last night?? You came home drunk and stinky and you got me all worried”. She said angrily.
She was worried???

“You were worried about me”? I said to her smirking
She rolled her eyes at me.
“Don’t you ever do that again”. She said and left. Gosh!! Her big behind…………..

She came over again, peeping through the door
“Are you hungry”?? She said
“I’m starving”. I replied, smiling at her.
She hissed and then went downstairs.
I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and take my bath. After I was done, i quickly dressed up and went downstairs and saw Naomi already arranging the table, placing the food in front of me. I sat down and I ate. She is just been nice to me and I don’t know why. I hope she doesn’t want to poison me.
I ate my food and took my car keys and drove off to work, thinking about Naomi all day.

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
I was in the room, cleaning up when my phone rang. I picked up my phone. It’s an unknown number. Who could that be??
πŸ“ž Hello πŸ“žI said Immediately I received the call.
πŸ“žStay away from Alan you bitch or face the consequences πŸ“ž the unknown speaker said..
What the……..
πŸ“žWho are you?πŸ“žI asked
πŸ“žThat not important for now. Get out of Alan’s lifeπŸ“ž the unknown speaker replied.
I got angry.

πŸ“ž Tell me who you are you bitch, if you know you are not scared of meπŸ“ž I fired back, already irritated.

πŸ“ž Don’t say I didn’t warn you, stay away from AlanπŸ“ž the unknown said and hung up.

I guess it’s one of Alan’s bitches that tried to threatened me. Stupid idiot. I hissed and continued my work.

πŸ–€ Stephanie’s POV πŸ–€
It seems she is not scared. I have to do something to scare her so that she will leave Alan alone so that he will be mine. I’ve got to do something. I can’t just sit and watch some stupid bitch take my man away from me. I’ve got to do something fast……………
Alan disgraced me in his office all because of that bitch and she must suffer. I’ll do anything to get my man back because he is mine and mine alone…………

# Obsession is very bad ah swear………….



πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ HER BOSS πŸ“ πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ

✍️Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❀️Chapter eighteen ❀️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹

It was close to evening time when the idiot came back home, drunk again. But this time, he cane with a random bitch. I got up from my room and went outside and saw the both of them, staggering and laughing. The fool!! How dare he come inside the house with a harlot?

I felt hurt. No that I like him actually. We are not even real couples so I think I should stop been paranoid.

I went back inside my room and layed on my bed.
Some minutes later, I heard moans from Alan’s room
“Bang me harder, don’t stop”……….
Those were the stupid disgusting words I was hearing from the room.
I took my pillow and covered my ear. But that didn’t help. I was still hearing the voice of their stupid moaning. I had to take my phone and slot my head set on my ear. That way, I couldn’t hear any moaning as I listened to music untill I fell asleep.
I think I have an idea.


πŸ’Ž Alan’s POV πŸ’Ž
I woke up with a banging headache. I sat up and turned to my side and saw a blonde lady lying naked beside me. Oh I remember now. I got the contract at the office and I successfully completed the business with the investors. I had wanted to celebrate with my friends and that was how I met with the blonde prostitute. I placed my hand on my forehead, because of the terrible hangover I was having. I got up, went over to the bathroom to wash my face. I hope Naomi didn’t see me when I brought the harlot home. Of course she would have. But why was I afraid of her?? I shouldn’t be.
I went over to the bed and tapped the harlot.

“Hey, wake up. You have to get out of here now”. I said, tapping her.
She yawned and woke up. She saw me and then smiled. I frowned. I have no time to start smiling at prostitutes now.

“Hey baby”. She said in her usual seductive tone which I really find disgusting.
I went to my box and brought out some cash,banded and threw it on her.
“Get dressed and get out”. I said coldly and I sat on the couch, thinking about Naomi. I’ve been thinking about her this days and I don’t know why.

She went inside the bathroom, took her bath, dressed up and left after giving me a peck on my cheek. Whatever…………
I have a business party to host this evening and I have to carry Naomi along……………………..

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹

I was in the dinning table, eating my breakfast when the stupid harlot came, climbing down the stairs. I rolled my eyes at her and continued eating. Useless trash. I muttered and I kept on eating. She looked at me and she knitted her brows, like she is thinking of something.

“Isn’t that your husband upstairs”?? She asked.
“And how is that your business”?? I replied, eyeing her.
“He brought me home to make love to me, probably because you couldn’t satisfy him”. She replied and battled her stupid fake lashes at me , laughing like a fool that she is.

But I just know how to answer her.

“Excuse me, he didn’t made love to you, he had sex with you. And a responsible woman will not have sex with a married man, only harlot does and you had sex with my husband because you are one of them. So, don’t be too happy because he will just have sex with you and dump you like the trash that you are okay?? Don’t get too excited, my husband have sex with bitches like you and dump them. They all mean nothing to him. He loves me that was why he married me”. I said to her and smirked and I saw the look in her face. She looked hurt and she glared at me while I just rolled my eyes at her and continued eating. She stamped her foot on the ground and marched away angrily. I smiled. Good for her.
I had just finished eating when the idiot walked to the dinning. I didn’t bother to serve him. The maids did. I walked to the dispenser and poured water for myself to drink. I felt his eyes on me but I didn’t care. Do I?? Stupid jerk!!
“Ermmm… We have a party to attend this evening. And you are coming along with me”. He said.
“Fine”. I answered and walked upstairs to my room. I don’t have time to start arguing with him.
Some minute later, I heard his car drove off and I guess he had went to work already. I walked round the house, admiring every artwork design. I walked to the backyard and I saw the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. Wow!! I quickly walked there, smiling brightly as I looked at the beautiful garden, checking out every flowers. I had stayed at home all this while and I didn’t see it?? Probably because I had not been going round, always in my room watching TV. And I can’t just stay at home doing nothing, u have to work. I will have to discuss it with Alan when he gets back from work.
I had been in charge of cooking since I came here so I was cooking when I heard the door bell ring. Who could that be?? One of the maids went over to open the door and she came back saying that a strange man is here to see me. I cleaned my hand on the kitchen towel and I went to the door.
“Yes, who are you looking for”. I asked the strange man.
“Mr Alan asked me to give you this to you”. He said, handing me the package.
“Oh, thanks”. I said collecting him the package and he left.
I went upstairs to check. What was inside the box.
I opened the wrapping and I saw a silver short off shoulder gown, with silver designer shoe and purse.
I saw a small box and I opened it and saw a beautiful silver necklace and earrings. Wow!! I’m quite sure that had cost a lot. Mere looking at them shows that all this cost millions.
I was still staring at the dress when I heard a voice behind me.
“Do you like it”? Alan asked
I turned to look at him. I was still angry with him.
“It’s nice”. I mumbled and I dropped the dress on the bed.
“Okay, get ready, we are leaving by 7:30pm”. He said and left. I looked at the time. This is just 4:26pm. I turned on the TV and I watched my favorite soap opera till I fell asleep in the sofa.

I woke up around 7:00pm. I had been sleeping lately and I don’t like it. When I am not pregnant. I have to leave the house as soon as possible. I can’t just stay at home and act like a mere housewife. I quickly walked to the bathroom and took my bath. I came out wrapped my body with the towel and dried my flawless skin with the towel and I began to dress up .

I had already finished dressing up, with the silver dress fitting me perfectly but I couldn’t pull the zip. I guess it was stuck.

“Is there a problem”. He asked. When did he come in.
“You should knock yunno”. I said, wearing the necklace and the earrings. I had already wore the show and I had already did my makeup and my hair. But the zip of the dress is just too stubborn. Probably because the dress was tight. I kept on struggling with the zip until I felt warm hands on my back and I shivered. He helped me with the zip and I felt his hot gaze at my back. I looked up at the mirror and I saw him staring at me. I became so nervous and I looked down. He should stop staring at me. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

“Let’s go”. He said after he was done and left my room. I picked my purse and followed him. The driver was there to open the door for the both of us and we hopped in and the driver drove us straight to the party……

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