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Her Boss Episode 15

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πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ HER BOSS πŸ“ πŸ“πŸŒΉ

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❀️ Chapter fifteen ❀️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
I got into my room and went to the bathroom to clean up. I blushed when I remembered the way Alan was looking at me. Was he drooling at me??? I shrugged off the feeling and I went inside the bathroom.

I came out of the bathroom and I heard my phone ringing. When I picked it up, it was my mom.
πŸ“žHey MomπŸ“žI said Immediately I answered the phone.
πŸ“žHow are you doing darling πŸ“ž I heard her say.
πŸ“žI’m fine mom. I miss you so much πŸ“ž I said giggling like a little child.
πŸ“žI miss you so much too love. Just be fine okay??πŸ“ž
πŸ“žSure mom. Don’t worry, I’ll soon be through and I will come back quickly okay??πŸ“ž
πŸ“žOkay my child. I love you dearπŸ“ž
πŸ“žI love you too momma πŸ“ž I said and hung up

I felt so happy after talking to her. After dressing up,I went downstairs but I couldn’t find Alan.
“Where is Alan”?? I asked one of the maids
“He is upstairs ma’am”. The maid said.
“Okay”. I replied and started eating my food, expecting Alan to come downstairs. But i didn’t see him.
After I was through eating, I walked upstairs and headed to his room.
I knocked at the door.
“Alan”!! I called but there was no answer.
I shrugged and opened the door and entered the room. My eyes widened in shock.

The room is ten times bigger than my room. Very big and beautiful. The room was so cost and it felt like heaven. I opened my mouth in awe. I so sure that his own room is the largest and the most beautiful. I looked at his bed. So gigantic and large. It can occupy five people and there will still be space for more. Then I saw a painting of himself on the wall. I found myself drooling at the painting as I went closer to have a look.

“What are you doing here”?? I heard him say and I turned. As I turned, I gasped.

Jesus Christ!! He was only wearing a white towel. His hair was wet and messy and water dripped from his hair down to his chest. My straying eyes went to his chest and……..
He has huge broad chest. With his big muscles and chest, God!! Every girl will be dying to touch him.

“Heeeellllooo”!!! He said, jolting me out if my revire.
Gosh!! He caught me drooling. What is wrong with me??

“Ermmmmm, I……came…..to check……on you………Bec……ause I ……. didn’t see…….you…….. downstairs…….” I stammered and he chuckled

“Why are you stammering”?? He asked smirking. Jerk!!
“Me?? I wasn’t……… I…… wasn’t star……mmering……” I said again and lowered my gaze to the ground.

“Excuse me”. I said quietly and left the room.
As I left, I breath a sigh of relief. I never knew I held my breath for so long.
I went back into my room and the thought of Alan wearing a towel made me blush. I think I need to see a doctor. I climbed my bed and layed down blushing really hard. C’mon Naomi!! Stop that already!! I spent the rest of the day watching TV and the maids served me my dinner upstairs. When I was feeling sleepy, I switched off the TV and layed down and within seconds, I fell asleep.

I yawned as I woke up. It’s morning already. I got up and walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I splash water on my face and dried my face with a white towel. Then I went downstairs hoping to see Alan in the dinning table but I was disappointed when I saw his seat empty.
“Good morning ma’am”. One of the maids greeted me, bowing.
“Morning, where is Alan”? I asked
“He had gone to work ma’am”. She answered me.
Gone Without even saying anything??
“Okay, thanks”. I said and sat down and they served me my food.
I miss him already.

πŸ’Ž Alan’s POV πŸ’Ž
After my meeting with the investors. I walked up to my office and sat down, going through some files. You might be wondering which office is that? Yeah, I have a branch at Singapore here and this is my office. Yeah, I’m really rich and wealthy.
I was still going through some stuffs when I heard a knock.
“Come in”. I said
One of my employees came in.
“A woman is here to see you sir”. He said and bowed.
“Okay, let her in”. I said not even caring to ask who it was.
The door burst open and to my greatest surprise, it was Stephanie.
My face immediately turn red with fury.
“What are you doing here”. I asked, getting angry already.
“C’mon baby, I came here for you, so don’t shout at me like that”. She said, looking at me seductively. That’s really disgusting. Before, I could fall for her trap, but not anymore.
“Get out now”.
I said angrily but she smiled and catwalked to meet me.
“Chill baby, relax. Stop stressing yourself. I know you still love me”. She said and I laughed scornfully. Really??
This girl is sick in the head.
“I stopped loving you a long time ago. So take your flirty self away and don’t come near me”. I warned, getting furious.
She had the guts to come here and say that I still love her?? After what she did to me??
She smiled and slowly she began to pull the long leather jacket she was wearing and…………..Holy shit!!!!
She was only wearing a bikini.
I blink my eyes twice, trying to see if I was dreaming, but no, it was real.
She smiled and licking her lips seductively walking towards me and I stood up, moving away from her.
“Don’t you dare come near me”. I said.
My strength was failing me already. If she stays here much longer, I might end up fucking her. But I don’t want to make that mistake.
“Come to me baby, I know you want me”. She said seductively,catwalking towards me.
I quickly pressed the intercom button signalling emergency and immediately my guards came, running to my office.
“Take this useless thing away from me”. I said in anger.
“Please Alan, don’t do this to me”. She begged and started crying. Crocodile tears.
The guards came and pushed her out. Phew!! Good riddance.

πŸ–€ Stephanie’s POV πŸ–€
I went to Mrs Roderigo, crying.
“Mom, he drove me out of his office in shame. I just wanted to show him how much I love him but he pushed me away”. I said faking tears and she came over to hug me.
I told her everything that happened, excluding the part that I had to strip half naked in front of him.
“Don’t worry dear, I will do anything possible for Alan to end up with you”. She said petting me and I nodded, sniffing.
I smiled within me. I will use Mrs Roderigo as my pawn to get Alan. I have other plans……

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