April 17, 2021


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Beautiful Romance Episode 4

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺

{ Soulmate}

Episode 4


Nadine Meg ✏️

“I felt ashamed, as I walk towards him, I couldn’t look into his eyes, so how do you feel now miss? , He asked with a smirk”.

” Am sorry” I whispered in a cracked voice.

“Sorry, sorry can’t make up the damages you have done to my clothes, what if I don’t have extra clothes in the office, miss crazy?”

“Miss crazy you’re fond of doing crazy things, so for doing all those damages to me, you must repay me”. He said with an eye roll.

“Now I want you to get me 10 cups of coffee, from the cafeteria, you’ve to bring it one by one” is that clear. He said , but I mistakenly hissed.

” What did you just do miss crazy?” He asked with a smirk.

” Nothing , I said softly trying to retain myself from beating the hell outta his @$$”.

“@$$hole” I muttered and open the door.

” I went to the cafeteria , and get the coffee, I walk for like an hour, by the time I was done, I was damn tired, sweating profusely “.

” So miss crazy, I want you to carry this coffee, and give each each person, a cup of coffee , be fast about” He said grumpy.

” But am tired, I can’t do anything like that”, I said angrily , that means you don’t need job” he said without looking at me, he was going through some files.

I mumbled a lot of words together, and carry the coffee , one after the other.

” U got to the last but the least lady, who was Jenny by name, she looks nice though”.

” Hey I hope we could be friends” she asked me softly , smiling at herself.

” Yeah , why not” I said and hug her.

” I have to go now, I said and walk out of her”

I opened the @$$hole office door without knocking..

.” You should learn how to knock miss crazy”,he said and kiss his lip.

” Now get out, and knock the door” he said and I clenched my fist ready to punch , but remember u need the job urgently to take care of my mom.

I walk out , and knock the door thrice.

” Come in miss crazy” I heard his thick muscular voice.

I entered gently, and went to stand in front of him, waiting for him to start talking.

🌺 Lucas knight 🌺

” Now their are some forms you need to sign now, you don’t have the right to read it “. I said

” Now take and sign it,” I said gruffly, without smiling.

She collected it and sign it quickly sign it up.

* I Nadine Meg admit to work for you , till you’re tired of me boss* I read it out to her.

I watch her behaviors.

Her eyes popped out of socket, but she was quick enough to notice it, and hold myself.

” I want you to be my personal assistant” I said without smiling and continue staring at her”.



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