April 17, 2021


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Beautiful Romance Episode 3

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺


Episode 3

✏️ Nadine Meg ✏️

” Dinn nnnn nnnn gggg”

The alarm in my room woke up , from my long sleep.

The time is just 7 o’clock…

” What the heck”? I must get to the office, where I will be going for an interview…

I quickly arrange my bedsheets, and rushed to the bathroom , inside my room.

” I put paste on my toothbrush, and brush my teeth neatly trimmed, and quickly take my bath “.

Within 20 minutes I was done, I dried my body with my old blue towel, and take my body oil and cream myself thoroughly.

” I walk to my old rusted closet, and take a nice classic clothes”.

A milk short grown , with a sparkles at the front, which makes it look adorable, and beautiful…

I quickly put it on, and take a black sandals, and put on.

I move to the mirror, and lose my hair.

I comb my black shining hair, and pack it a pony bun.

I take my black slagging bag, and clutch it on my shoulder and walked out of my room neatly, and pretty, with my mere old dress.

” I walk through our old stairs, and met my mom arranging the dinning table”.

“Good morning Mom” I said and walk to kiss her cheeks.

” Good morning Nadine, hope you slept well”.

” Yeah”, I said and stir my hot tea, I quickly gulped it down.

” Mom am full, I said and pack up my things and rushed out of the house, going to the main road to board a cab”.

Minutes later, I was on the road side, trying to cross the road when a car mistakenly hit me, and all my things fell flatly on the road…

” Oh my goodness” !

I roared angrily , said rushed to the driver side …

” Are you stupid” I asked the guy who is in a guard dress.

Look what you’ve done, I said and pull him out of the Benz.

” Madam calm down,” I heard a thick muscular voice at the back sit…


The guy I met at the market, what the hell is happening.

I thought.

” Have you gone nut, telling me to calm down”.

I said with a smirk.

” You don’t have the right to question me young lady, do you know who I am”.

The guy with the cute face said.


“Mr lover boy I don’t f*cking care about who you’re or not” okay.

I barked at him.

“He smirk and hissed loudly at me, he wanted to hop into his car, but I was fast enough to hold him”.

” Not too fast lover boy” I said and rush to pack some mould and smashed it on his body, and kick his d**k”.

” Ouch”! He groan lightly , immediately the driver rushed to me trying to hold , but I kick his abdomen area, and quickly pack my things and run out of their sight”.

“$uch a joy killer ” I muttered under my breath…

👔 Lucas knight 👔

” Move faster” I said angrily as I watch my already stained clothes through the front mirror.

” Who the hell is she “?

I must teach her some lessons, who does she think she is?.

I asked no one in particular..

” The car drive speedily inside my company, I hop down and rush to the restroom”.

Some where starring at me awkwardly, which makes me angry more.

“Stop staring” I said grumpy.

Minutes later, I was done taking care of myself, I look perfect okay, I was in my room going through some documents, and some credentials, of the people who I wanted to interview.

” The first person should come inside” I said cranky…

The interview goes for a short time, but the guy didn’t pass the interview, likewise the second lady.

” Third person, I said tiredly”.

” The third lady walk inside, some part of her hair were covering her face, she use her hand to put her hair behind her ear”.


I muttered.



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