April 14, 2021


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Beautiful Romance Episode 2

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺

[ Soulmate❣️]

Episode 2

Nadine Meg 🌷

” I was so shocked to the bone, with the sight in front of me”.

So cute with his baby face!
Gosh, his point nose!
So perfect!

“Who on earth is this guy, I thought when I heard his voice”.

” Are you done drooling”.


But am not, I said foolishly.

” He pushed me slightly away from him, and roam his eyes from my head too my toe”.

Huh, what wrong with me.

” I hissed slightly while he glare at me and walked away from me”.

“Hey, wait jerk”.

“He turned back and gave me a sign of f**k you girly.”

Such an arrogant jerk.

I muttered under my breath.

Raymond cherry 💞

” What the f**k, I roared angrily and throw my phone on the tiles”.

“Gosh, it hurts so much that I call Lucas and he decided to disconnect it”.

I said and punch the wall.


” I really love him since my secondary School days, yeah our parents were business partner”.

” Ma’am, ma’am, I heard my maid called”.

“Leave now, I said grumpy”.

” I plonked myself on the bed and continue crying profusely”.

I love you Lucas, I hope u realize it.

” I think I have to tell my dad, I wanna go to Korean to Meet him”.

I hope my dad allow me.

Lucas knights 🌸

” I hop inside the Mercedes Benz, and watch her through the window”.

She’s so hot!
She’s so pretty with her long hair!
She got a nice shape!

She’s just too sexy and pretty 💖!

” I felt horny as I continue starring at her”.

” I need a bitch”.

I said to my guards.

Okay sir , done immediately.

“Minutes later, I walked inside and saw the bitch already sitting on the couch in my room.”

” I removed my trouser, shirt, and my gold, and get to work”.

“Oh yeah! Oh myyyyy! Oh my goodness! F**k me harder!”

The bitch moan in pressure as I continue f**king her in doggy style.

“I felt myself close to cum, I pulled out of her V and put my d**k inside her mouth”.

” She was choking with the size of my d**k, I released inside her bitchy mouth”.

” She was chewing it like a gum, at the same time rubbing it”.

“I pulled out and walked inside the bathroom and slammed the door harder leaving the bitch in my room”.

” I stay under the shower, when the image of the lady I met popped into my damn head”.




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