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Thorn in flesh Episode 6

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Thorn in flesh

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 6

As Fiona tried to leave Klein blocked her from passing
“I always knew it…I Knew there was something fishy going on between you two, and today my kind God has decided to expose both of you. Greg, so she is the main reason why you move down to your office, she is the reason why you abandoned me at home and now turn the office into your home, aah! my God never disappoints me, I have always told you that I will expose you one day, and that day has come, I will destroy you Greg, I will nail you to the earth.

And as for you whore, I will nail you together with him, you two are going to be on the headline of a news paper, just imagine this type of head line “pastor Greg of shepherd house church caught having extramarital affair with a member. hahahaha, is so interesting, or rather this one “a Pastor in sex scandal with a bar lady where he goes to drink. I will chose a better title, maybe this will also do. “pastor Greg of Shepherd house, who is married to a beautiful loving woman and blessed with a son was involve with another lady who works in a bar, he abandoned his wife at home and started staying in his office, his wife caught him pant down having sex with the bar lady who’s name is Fiona. Hahaha, interesting, I like this one… this will surely do, Fiona or whatever you name is you are a devil, sneaking around and trying to destroy my home, I will destroy you and also your foolish partner, home breaker like you…I will deal with both of you…just watch and see
“funny enough I don’t have shame…yes, is so unfortunate that I don’t even know what shame feels like…You can go ahead with whatever you plan to do, I only pity Greg, he deserve a better woman unlike what he got, is very sad he ended up with you, just take a long look at me… do I look scared to you, I know you don’t care about your husband and you have being looking for a way to destroy him before now, and now you have the opportunity presented to you on a platter of gold, enjoy. you are the real devil in fine clothing, deceiving innocent members, you pretend with your husband every Sunday and act as if everything is alright with both of you, when doing that don’t you have an iota of guilt, don’t you feel bad, deceiving people that God entrust into you and your husband care or you don’t know you are suppose to be supportive, encouraging and a caring wife to him, if you don’t know your work come to me I will be so glad to teach you, even though I am not married but I know far better on how to take of my man than you so called foolish pastor’s wife, you kept pushing him away with your bad attitude, you actually think I am fool, no I am not, when I saw him I know he was a good man and if he has given me a second look, you will never have the mouth to call him your husband again, you are a foolish woman, and this man has accommodated too much of your nonsense. I thought you will charge me with a fight when you came in….i will be so glad to beat you up and give you enough trouble just like you have given Greg, stupid woman, let me get out of here, because just looking at you I feel like beating you in front of your husband, remember I am very shameless, I am a core street girl, I work in the bar, I even engage my customers in a fight those who refuses to pay, i do other things you will not like to know, with this little you can see I got no shame, go ahead and market me to the world, I have being looking for a way to become popular, probably it will be through you. But I’m very considerate, is not just about me here, an innocent man is involve, Greg deserve far better than that. I would have love it so much for you to go the media and publish what you have in mind but looking at Greg, he is a good man and he doesn’t deserve such, he has being too hurt and broken for too long, I saw his hurt the night he came to my bar, you kept pushing him to do the things he doesn’t want to do…you are terrible, I don’t know why God has to give a nice and good looking man like him a foolish woman like you, the truth is you don’t even deserve him…you don’t….
Klein watched as Fiona angrily speaks to her, Fiona looked like she was ready for a fight, Klein looked at Greg who was seated now, he held his head in his hand and he looked so worried.
Fiona kept on insulting Klein but Greg did not stop Fiona, he allowed her to bare her mind because she was saying the real truth to Klein who stared at her angrily too, after sometime Greg stood and ask Fiona to leave, but before Fiona could turn to leave Klein stomped out angrily, leaving Fiona and Greg,
Greg breathed deeply, he knows Klein will like to destroy him now that she has something to hold onto, he shot his eyes and then open it

Fiona looked at him and felt sad for him, she knows he has being through alot in the hand of his wife and that is the main reason why he now spend more time in his office, she wish she can help him, she has never wanted to complicate issues for him, she wanted to give him the love he deserve although she went about it in a wrong way,
“I’m sorry pastor Greg, I wasn’t thinking straight…I never planned to get you into more trouble with your wife…I only wanted to be a friend and to help…I’m sorry I went about it in a wrong way, please pardon me…
“Is alright Fiona, this is my cross, God will see me through, I know that my wife is a very difficult person to deal with but I do love her. I can’t soil the garment of leadership the Lord has put on me, God knows that I was going to past through all this but he has made his grace sufficient, so I can’t disrespect the most high God, who sees everything done in secret, I can’t mingle with you or any female admirer, or even disrespect my wife, no, I can’t do that Fiona, the moment I start thinking towards that line God will also start separating himself from me. Klein maybe ill tempered but she is still my wife and she deserve my love and respect, I don’t know what will happen next after now but I have learn to totally depend on God for everything…

Fiona apologies again before turning to leave, Greg watched as she walked out of the door, he kept looking at the door not knowing what to do next, going home will be disastrous, who knows what Klein will do, he sat in his office for a long time, he couldn’t even pray or read his bible because of Klein, he walked round the office, he went to the window and stood, looking out into the street that was covered with darkness and street light, he walked back to his seat and held his head, within him he felt like going home but it may be too dangerous to face Klein, he checked the time it was almost 10pm, he said a quiet prayer before picking up his car key and leaving,
He drove slowly, it was as if he doesn’t want to get home at all, and when he finally got home, he parked his car, stayed for some time before coming out, he walked to his door way, every step count, he probably will not be able to sleep tonight, Klein will want to destroy everything in the house before coming for his head, he rang the door bell as he prayed to God to take control, he will ignore Klein as usual, if she is ranting and cursing he will not pay her attention, even if she slaps him he will quietly walk to the room where he sleeps in and lock the door, whatever happens will not be new to him, he won’t be shock or surprise because it has always being like that, ever since Klein changed to troublesome and nagging wife.

As he was about to ring the door bell for the second time, the door opened up, Greg heart started beating faster as he saw Klein stand by the door, her countenance was different, she looked up at Greg without a word, Greg swallowed hard before walking in, something nice was smelling everywhere, a nice aroma, his stomach made a sound, he remembered he has not really eating today but to avoid further trouble he started going towards his room, he still wondered why Klein was all quiet, the house was clean and well arranged, unlike what he has expected, he has thought that Klein would have destroy, tear and scattered everywhere out of rage but everything was in shape.
“I made your favorite food…is on the dining table, you will love it…please can you have a taste of it even if you are not hungry….

Greg turned around to look at his wife in shock, he looked around the house to know if there’s another person she was talking to but Klein was looking at him, she was not looking angry but has a look of care, Greg looked around again but there was nobody in the house except both of them, he breathed deeply, he really do not know how to respond to Klein or probably he did not hear her clearly, he wish she can repeat exactly what she just said as he stared at her surprisingly, he wondered if this was all a trick, maybe his wife has an evil motive, or something was totally not right, he can’t remember the last time his wife cooked for him and served him on the dining table, he can’t remember the last time Klein made his favorite food, is being years, ever since the trouble started he has being the one making his own food most time or whenever he is hungry, he sometimes cook much food and put it in the fridge for her but even with all he has being doing there was still no peace, Klein has always created trouble when she can’t find anything to nag about.

Greg stood as if he was transfix, Klein repeated herself again in a calm and loving way, Greg nodded without a word, he quietly turn and walk to his room, on getting to his room, he found out that all his things where not there again, it has being moved out, he wondered what Klein did to his things, all his cloths, shoes and other things were all missing, he quickly stormed out of the room, he knew that Klein was upto something, she has gone to burn all his things. So he thought. As he was coming out of the room he saw Klein standing with the same suspicious eyes he saw when she opened the door earlier, she was looking at him, grinning.

“I’m sorry. I moved your things back to the master bedroom, our room…they are all there…please I will appreciate if you move back to the main room, it doesn’t just belong to me, is our matrimonial room…it belong to both of us, and I don’t want to be sleeping far from you every night, can you do that for me….please darling…
Greg widened his eyes, she even called him “darling” he stared at her, he wanted to see if it was really Klein or another person entirely. It seem like his eyes and mind was playing tricks on him. he rushed to the master bedroom, the big room he and his wife shared together before he moved out to the spare room, as he got in, he saw his shoes well arranged, his cloths were properly kept and hanged, everything was in place. Greg thought he was probably dreaming, as he looked around the room, he sat hard on the bed and held his mouth in shock, he wondered what was going on, this wasn’t Klein, all he could say was ‘OH God, could this be true…hope this is not a dream”…
He was still sitting on their matrimonial bed when Klein came into the room
“I have prepared your bath, I don’t know if you want to eat first before bathing or have your bath before eating…whichever one you choose… is all ready for you darling… I know you must be hungry, maybe you should eat first before bathing…is that okay?
All the water in Greg mouth dried up from swallowing hard, he opened his mouth and shut it again, he kept looking at his wife without a word, he was speechless, Klein stood there with a nice smile plastered on her face, urging him to respond.

Greg wondered when last he has seen Klein smile to him for real, apart from their usual pretense act in the public, where they have to wear a fake smile to make people believe that all was well with them. Greg can’t even understand what was going on, neither do he even know how to respond to Klein.
He wondered what was happening, what happened to Klein, who is wearing Klein’s body, what is really going on, is there an evil motive behind all this niceness or she was real with all this unexpected care.
Greg has questions running through his mind, he doesn’t understand or even know how to respond to all of it. The only thing that crowded his mind was “what exactly is going on”.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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