April 14, 2021


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Rocks High Season 3 (Introduction)

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✅Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C✅
#Finale SEASON 3


Romeo now sees Baby as Ara and his love for Ara became deeper thereby making him show that same affection for Baby.

But what if he regains his memory and sees no Ara in Baby?
Will something like that happen?
What if it does?

Shana’s sickness worsens and she is transfered to an oversea hospital.
Will she make it?

And there’s the beginning of the love story between Alisa and Jamie, Nuella and Lucky, Rina and Jimin.
And the continuing love story of Lala and Kelly.
But will these cute love story of each person last till the end of the story, including Baby and Romeo ??


On the other hand, Jae sung, the verrrrry wealthyy korean superstar actor gets a new movie to stare in.
A small town called ‘Doehil’ was marked as the perfect place for some part of the movie. But what they didn’t expect at Deohil caught their interest.

A big and beautiful accent house in the area.

They decided to investigate and found out that the house is currently occupied by a young lady by the name Didi chung.

The industry made arrangements to buy the house at any price that Didi Chung would mention.

Who is Didi Chung?

Didi Chung is a twenty-four years old lady who lives alone in her late grandparents accent house. Her grandparents took care of her from a very tender age, after her parents died in a drastic accident on their way home. Then her grandmother died when she was ten making her become really close to her grandfather and then just a year ago, her grandfather died too.

Didi without further education and family only had to work, work, and work to live. What makes her happy are just four things;


Her best friend, Park shin.

Her painting carrier and movies
but funny enough, only movies that Lee Jaesung is in. Her crush, her love, her dreams, her everything.

Didi doesn’t have a boyfriend.
They say Didi is kinda crazy and styless.
Didi can stay upto three days without bathing.
Didi love food and can eat three plates just for breakfast.
Didi care less about makeups.

Her love for the superstar actor keep growing more everyday.

But Didi gets bad moments each time she recalls her dead family.

Her dead parents and her kid sister who got lost in the accident and her dead grandparents.
She has no one except park shin, her best friend.

Didi has this secret of being able to perform magic which only her dead grandparents and park shin knows.

But what happens when Didi refuses the huge amount of money brought to her by the movie industry for a request to spend 21 days with, the wealthy superstar Jae sung??

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©Rejoice Jeremiah. C

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