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Only You Season 2 Episode 2

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πŸ” ONLY YOU πŸ”
( How can I?)


Episode 02.

🌺 Bryan🌺
We got down stairs and saw her mum.

” You” Brianna said pointing a finger at her.

Her mum turned and looked at her.
” What are you doing here? Brianna asked lowly.

” Bri

” What are you doing here? Brianna yelled cutting her off.

” Am am..

” What? She scoffed

” What do you have to say? That you are sorry? She scoffed.

Her mother shook at her with tears streaming down her eyes.
” Dad, what is she doing here? Brianna asked as tears rolled down her cheeks.

” Bryan…what is she doing here? She asked looking at me.

I sighed.
” How could she show her ugly face here? How could she? After what did she did? How could she show her face to me? She cried.

I held her shoulder.
” Brianna…” I called patting her back.

” Bella, look at what you did to my daughter? Look at what you did to my innocent daughter? Are you happy now? Are you happy to see her sad? Dad yelled angrily

” No….am.. sorry” she sobbed.

” Sorry? Will sorry bring back my daughter’s happiness? Her Dad yelled.

Brianna cleaned her tears and looked at her.
” You know what? I hate you…I HATE YOU SO MUCH” she spat moving away from me.

She walked to her front.
” Now leave” she said.

” Brianna… please… please forgive me..I have ..no.. where to go to” she sobbed holding her cloth.

Brianna yanked off her hand.
” Really? You have no where to go to? What about Kayden’s dad? She asked.

” Well let me guess, he sent you packing” she said and Chuckled.

” Brianna” her mum called.

” Dad..tell her to leave before I do something stupid” she said pointing at the door.

” Leave now… leave” she said breaking down.

I held her.
” Won’t you leave? She yelled freeing her self from me.

She walked away.
” Where are you going? Her dad asked.

I ignored him.
My eyes widened when I saw her with a knife as she walked slowly into the sitting room.

Her mum gasped.
” Brianna, what are you doing? Her dad asked in shock.

“Leave now..or am gonna kill myself” she said raising the knife up.

” Brianna.. please drop the knife”

” Tell her to leave” she yelled with her shaky bands.

” Brianna”

” Bryan, tell her to leave or am gonna kill myself” she said.

” Leave ma’am.. please leave” I said

” Brianna… Richard please”

” Leave” Brianna screamed.

” Don’t you get it? Leave…leave my house” her dad said dragging her out of the house.

” Please” she cried.

” Leave” her dad yelled throwing her out of the house.

The knife in Brianna’s hand fell as she cried.
I moved to get and hugged her tightly.
” Bryan” she cried.

” Shuushh..it’s okay..she doesn’t worth your tears” I said.

” Brianna” her dad called.

She moved away from me and hugged him tightly… crying on his shoulder.

I sighed, looking at them.
My phone rang.

It’s Shirley.
I smiled and picked it up.
” Hey babe” I said walking away from the sitting room.

” Babe.. where are you? She asked.

” Am with Brianna ” I said.

” Really?

” How is she? She asked.

” She is more broken than last night” I said.

” Did something happened? She asked

” Kayden left the country last night and she found out this morning” I said.

She gasped.
” Yeah” I said.

” That’s too bad” she said

” Yeah”

” Why didn’t you tell me you are going to see her? She asked.

” Am sorry babe..when she called me..with the way she sounded on the phone..I was worried that something bad has happened…am really sorry” I said.

” Okay, are you still there? She asked.

” Yeah”

” What about Brianna? She asked.

” She is with her dad” I said.

” Okay..am coming there right now” she said.

” Okay babe…I will be expecting you” I said.

” Yeah..I love you”

” I love you more” she said.

I heard her chuckled, she hang up.

I smiled and walked into the sitting room.

🌺 Bella 🌺
I cried my eyes out.
” Am sorry”

Am sorry.

Am sorry.

If only I hadn’t left Richard and Brianna.

If only I stood by my daughter.

Now look at me.

I lost everything.
I lost everything I have in my life.

I lost my marriage.

I lost my home.

I lost my husband.

I lost my precious daughter.

She doesn’t want to see me.

She hates me so much.

My little Angel.
I could still remember how she begged me from leaving.

She begged me so much with tears in her eyes.
But I was blinded with money.

I was too blind to see my daughter’s pain.

I left her without a mother for six years.

My daughter grew up without a mother.

I blame myself for everything.

It’s because of me.
It’s because of me.

It’s all because of me.

My only daughter.
My little Angel.

She is right, what kind of a mother am I?

Am not worthy to be called a mother?

Am useless

Am worthless.

Am a bad mother.

Where do I go from here? I thought as tears gushed out from my eyes.

What do I do?

I need my daughter’s forgiveness.

Richard will only forgive me if Brianna forgives me.

What do I do?

Will she ever forgive me?
Coined ✍️✍️ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

What will Bella do?

Will Brianna ever forgive her?

Does she deserves forgiveness?

Drop your comments.

I love you all.

Kisses to you πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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