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Mother-in-law Episode 9

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Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 9

hurried out of the hospital with Janet and drove home. On the drive home, he asked, “What will we be doing from now till tomorrow afternoon when the tests result will come out?” “I will try my best to wake it…” Janet was saying. “No! Please don’t,” Emmanuel interjected pleadingly. Janet was stunned by that. “Why did you say that? Don’t you want it up again?” “How do you think I would feel, if you fail again?” he paused for his meaning to sink in. “My ego is already in tatters. If you try again and it fails to rise, what do you think I will do? How do you think I will feel? Let us just pretend this never happened, can we do that?” “Yes baby, we can…is there a football game today?” she asked. Her question pulled Emmanuel from the abyss of dejection and sorrowful thoughts. “I think there is one…a big one. Chelsea has a game with Arsenal!” “I will watch it with you. I think it is time to activate your other lover – football.”

Emmanuel looked her thoughtfully, leaned toward her and planted a kiss on her lips. “I didn’t miss it when I asked you to marry me. You are something else.” “I am glad I said yes. Not even this crash will pull me away from you.” “Aah!! Eeeh!!!” Emmanuel shouted bouncing up on his seat. Janet was startled. “What is it?!” “I just felt a tingling sensation down my groin…” “Let me see! Let me see!” Janet shouted, unzipping his trouser. With a loud screeching noise, Emmanuel pulled their car off the road and ground it to a halt under a tree nearby. She was working on his male organ with frenzy. “Can you feel anything baby?” she asked. “Yes, but it is too faint.” “That is better than nothing!” Janet said aloud, her voice filled with hope. Bending over him again, she began to work on him.

The Spiritual Home

“My son’s virility has gone from him completely. I want it restored. You said you can do all things. What do I offer for that?” Mrs. Asibong asked. Her voice was filled with determination and sternness. Beside her was Ibinabo her friend. “I have already told you, madam. What you did with the boy was only for protection and it will last only for three months. You need an altar to retake what was taken from your son,” said the priest. “Go ahead and raise the altar,” she said with utter determination. “That is not how it is done. We will need you to drop a cheque of five million in that aluminum basin and then proceed to give us a life which must be offered to our gods,” explained the priest.

“Earlier you told me I can offer the life of an unborn child, right?” “Yes, I did. We accept that.” “If I give you this life, and you raise an altar for me, would my son’s virility be restored soon and would he be able to have children?” “Yes, he will be able to have children…but there is something you must know, when you offered your fellowship your son’s male strength, you offered along with it all the seeds in his loins. Even his unborn children are now under the chains of your fellowship. It was a mighty sacrifice you offered to the fellowship, woman. By that act of yours, you have destroyed generations of men and women.” The priest paused, watching as his words sunk into Mrs. Asibong with greater clarity.

“Are you saying that I can’t offer you any of Emmanuel’s unborn children?” “That is not exactly my meaning; but this is what I meant. You cannot offer your fellowship generations of men and women locked in your son’s groin and offer us only one unborn child to break them out.” “How many of my son’s unborn children do you want?” “Through my mirror, I can see he will have four children, we want three out of the four. Let one be his.” “No! You can’t have three! I will give you only one child!” “Then we will not help you, except you offer us more lives.” Mrs. Asibong turned to look at her friend with hot tears streaming from her eyes. Ibinabo drew closer to her and squeezed her hand firmly. “Don’t you have another live to offer?” asked Ibinabo. “No, I only have my daughter, Arit and her family, and they are untouchable…wait!” A thought had occurred to her. Turning toward the priest, she asked, “Can I offer my son’s wife, Janet?” “Of course! By marriage covenant, she has become part of your family…”

Forlornly, Janet raised her head and asked, “The feeling is gone, right? You don’t feel a thing anymore, do you?” “There might be hope. It seems to be coming alive a bit,” Emmanuel said, trying to sound courageous. “But it is still looking limp,” Janet pointed out. Emmanuel wrapped his arms around her and they held each other for a few minutes. Silently the two of them cried as tears flowed freely. “Let us go home and try a bit more. If I have begun to feel some semblance of life down there, then there is hope,” Emmanuel said.

Janet nodded a ‘yes’, like a little girl. Emmanuel zipped up and brought the car to life. On the drive home, not much was said between them. They were content to be left alone to their reveries. If Emmanuel said that in the past he had sex with other women and was fine, what then could have crashed his male organ? For God sake, what does he actually mean by something leaving his body on our wedding night? God I am confused! From our wedding night, we have been having great sex until the morning after the night his dead father showed up in our house. It has to be his father who crashed his male organ! It is him! He must have come to destroy the power of the ribbon my mother in-law gave me. After all my mother in-law mentioned such problem already exists in their family. The dead man brought this on my husband! He did it! Janet thought in her head.

I have been fine all my life until the night of our wedding. God, I did everything right. In honour to your word, I kept myself from premarital sex. Why would this happen to me? God, I prayed with fasting for weeks, seeking your face about Janet before I married her. Why would something leave my body on the night of our wedding? I believe that thing was my male strength. It is just manifesting now. I was not in sin or error when I made love to my wife. God she is my wife! I did not commit fornication with her! Why then would something leave my body …” He paused. An ugly thought had flashed through his mind.
He turned and stared coldly at Janet who was looking out through the window lost in her own thoughts. The visage of his face was marred with disdain for her. The only way that could have happened is if Janet is dedicated to a shrine or a member of an evil cult…wait! She might even be jinxed. Jesus! How could I have been this blind?! She must have a spiritual husband. He must be the man I saw taking something from our matrimonial bed… Emmanuel paused again. This time he was 100% certain he had nailed it. He had finally found the root of his problem. I think she knows. Could it be the reason she never allowed me to touch her before we got married? This now explains how she was able to keep to our purity vow. Without her strength, I could have violated the vow many times. Huh… I have got to talk to someone about this. I am living with a woman joined to spiritual entity in the water world. It must be him who took my virility , Emmanuel concluded his dark thoughts.

When they got home, Emmanuel went straight to the bedroom, pulled off his clothes and went into the bathroom. Janet suspected nothing, she was slow in removing her clothes, her mind was still filled with much thoughts. When she was done removing her clothes, when went to the bathroom door and tried to push it open. Much to her shock, it was locked from inside. They never lock their bathroom door; they just close it. She put it down to Emmanuel being sad over the crashing of his male organ. She knocked gently on the door and said, “Baby open the door, let me join you.” There was no response. Janet got angry and banged harder on the door. “Baby, open the door!!!” she yelled, yet there was no response from Emmanuel. She could hear the crashing sound of water, so Emmanuel was fine. While she was still standing before the door, the sound of running water stopped and after a brief moment, Emmanuel stepped out and mumbled, “I am done, you can go in and use the bathroom now.”

“What has come over you? I wanted us to play in the bathroom. Please understand that this is not easier on me. It is not at all!” Emmanuel stood and looked at her with his eyes filled with hatred. He opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it. Janet saw the look in his eyes and understood it for what it was. Her heart sunk into her stomach. “Baby what did I do? Why did you look at me that way?” Janet cried out. Her legs shook and could hardly hold up her body. She lowered herself to the floor and sat on it, still naked. Emmanuel walked over to the wardrobe and began to dress up.

To be continued…….

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