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Mother-in-law Episode 8

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Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 8

Oddly, she felt relieved. If my mother in-law could handle this problem for this long, she must have a permanent solution to fix it, Janet thought. As they pulled into the hospital, she reached out and kissed Emmanuel as passionately as she could. “It’s all going to be fine baby, our sex life is not over yet. Like I said earlier, we are in this together,” Janet said encouraging him. Before they stepped out of their car, she brought her face to his and in a romantic manner, kissed away his tears. “Stop crying my love, I am here with you. I believe that even tonight, we will make love,” Janet assured him.
Though her words were meant to encourage Emmanuel, they ended up shocking him, he almost asked her if she had anything to do with his male organ crashing. Janet could see he was stunned by what she said, but did not know which part staggered him. Holding hands like they had no care in the world, they ambled into the hospital reception with panache. On the grounds of Emmanuel’s wealthy background, he was quickly processed and sent in to see an urologist.

“It’s okay, Mr. Emmanuel. I want you to calm down and explain all that has happened to me. I need the history of this problem to be able to find out what made it crash,” the doctor encouraged Emmanuel. Janet took his hand and robbed them tenderly. While Emmanuel was speaking to the doctor earlier, she would seductively run her fingers over Emmanuel’s private part to see if he could get any reaction, sadly Emmanuel did not react to her touch.

“As far as I am concerned it began on our wedding night,” Emmanuel began. Janet didn’t like Emmanuel mentioning it began that night. She felt it was pointing accusing fingers at her. “We had great sex that night though and our sex has been great since that day till this happened this morning,” Janet interjected, eager to absolve herself of any blames and suspicion. “Okay, Madam. But I want to hear from him about what he felt or experienced that night,” the doctor said. “We were in the act of sex when I felt something move from the upper part of my body and slowly went down to my private part and exited through my male organ…” “That was orgasm! It feels that way for some men,” the doctor interjected.

“No! That was not orgasm! I have had sex a couple of times before! I know what orgasm is like, at least my own orgasm!” Emmanuel yelled at the doctor, slamming his hands on the table. Both the doctor and Janet were shocked by his outburst. Emmanuel raised his hands in the air and apologized, “I am really sorry for that. I am losing it. Please forgive me.” “It’s okay. I understand your plight, but try to get a hold of yourself,” said the doctor. Emmanuel nodded his head in agreement. Janet reached for his private part again, fondled it hard and whispered, “You never told me you had sex more than once before we got married? I thought the one you told me about was your only experience.” “I never told you because you never asked!” Emmanuel snapped at her.

She was shaken by that and so got up and left the doctor’s office. “Can you continue with your experience that night?” asked the doctor. “Though the experience was for me very sexually satisfying, I felt something leaving my body. Doctor, the feeling was real,” Emmanuel explained. The doctor bowed his head and pondered what Emmanuel had said. “Have you felt that way since that night?” asked the doctor after much thought. “No, I have not. But I must add here that I have been feeling incomplete since that night.” “How has your sex been since then?” “I have been performing in bed as if I had the strength of ten men. My wife likes it, but it scares me. That is not me. Sometimes I can’t recognize myself in bed. That is not me doctor!” “It’s okay… Do you have an idea of how long you could stay in bed before this experience began?”

Emmanuel thought for a moment and replied, “It’s been long I had sex before that night. I think the last time was in my secondary school days. I was in class six then. If my memory serves me right, I lasted about thirteen to fifteen minutes and I wasn’t acting like a beast. I was a normal person.” “Do you act like a beast when you are having sex with your wife?” “Yes, the energy is usually too much for me do bear…” “There you go! Thanks for being honest with me! You are putting excessive pressure on your male organ! Does your wife use rope on you during sex? I mean does she tie your hands, neck, feet and other body parts?” “No, she does not. We don’t use such things in our sex… Wait! I just remembered something. That first night we had sex, I mean our wedding night, she used a ribbon on me.”

“How did she use it?” “She put it around my male organ…” “Was the ribbon tight on your body during sex? If yes, that can cause problems to your reproductive organ, are you aware of that?” “No. But the ribbon was very loose. It was far loose on me than a condom.” “I want to hear from her. Please call her back. Did you people come with the ribbon? I will like to see it.” “We did not.” Emmanuel twiddled with his phone to place a call to Janet. “Why haven’t you been having sex all these years?” asked the doctor. “It is against my religion. In the past when I had sex, I would feel guilty and sick with myself for days, and so I stopped having sex. When I met my wife, we agreed to wait till we get married,” Emmanuel explained. “Did she agree to that willingly?” “Yes, she did. There were many times I would have us get sexually active with each other and she said no.” “Okay. We are going to conduct some tests on you, after that we will be able to determine why your male organ crashed.

“I can’t get through to her, she is busy on the phone. Let me go find her outside,” Emanuel explained.

At the reception in the hospital, Emmanuel looked around for Janet; but she was not there. At first his thought was that she had left for home in anger. He stepped out of the reception, redialing her phone number, it was still busy. He was worried. He stood scanning around, he spotted a feminine figure near where their car was parked, and so he went to see if she was the one. On a closer look, she wasn’t the one. With his arms akimbo, he stood in the morning sun looking forlorn.

Far across the street, in a restaurant, was Janet. She was seated by the glass with her eyes glued to the street. She wanted to know when Emmanuel would drive out of the hospital so they could go home together. On her right ear was her phone, she had been talking with her mother in-law. “No, you didn’t get all I said mommy. He told me that it started with a cold sensation which spread from his abdomen down to his male organ…” “Okay, I get it now. I thought you people woke up and found it dead. That was what I understood…I know this must be hard for the both of you, but do not despair, I will seek a solution for it before the day is over okay… One more thing Janet, when I mentioned to you that my husband died in vain, I did not mean for you to go divulging that to Emmanuel. I am a widow; I know the pains of living every day without my husband. There are just some things neither you nor Emmanuel will understand. I think you were careless there and it has become an issue between my son and I. Really, I am not happy with you,” Mrs. Asibong said, venting her displeasure with Janet. “I am sorry mommy, actually I thought I was helping by telling him that. When we were together at the park, you seemed very flustered. I feared for you ma,” Janet said, explaining herself.

“Let it go. Emmanuel is my son; I know how to handle him. I think you should go back to the hospital and be with him. This is a tough time for him. Stay close to him no matter how grumpy he gets. Giving him some distance is not ideal.” “Okay ma. Let me be going back to him.” “Okay.” Just as her call with her mother in-law ended, Emmanuel’s call crashed in, “Hello baby! Where are you?” Emmanuel asked. From where Janet stood, she saw him step out of the hospital premises. “I am looking at you right now. I am across the street.” “Please come over to the hospital. You shouldn’t have gone far. I am sorry I snapped at you.” “I am sorry baby. I should have shown more understanding. The present situation is hard for you.”

Janet dropped the call and dashed out of the restaurant. Across the street was Emmanuel looking her way. When she crossed the road and reached him, they hugged like they had been away from each other for a while. Emmanuel kissed her and sustained it a bit longer than usual. Janet understood that act. He was asking her not to leave him again. With a gentle pat on his back, she whispered, “I won’t leave you again, no matter what happens.” He nodded and led her back to the doctor’s office.

“Your husband mentioned to me that you people made use of a certain ribbon on your wedding night,” the doctor began. “I want to know; how did you use it?” he asked. Janet moved uncertainly on her seat. From the time Mrs. Asibong had given her the ribbon, she had not felt good about it. The only reason she used it was just to make sure what her mother in-law said could happen did not happen. “I put it around his male organ and he liked it,” she said, her throat feeling extremely dry. “I want to know if it was tied firmly around his organ while you people made love?” “No, it was not. I merely touched his organ with it. It was like dropping it on him. It was nothing more than that. He wasn’t wearing it when we made love, right baby?” Janet asked, slowly regaining her composure. “Yes, I wasn’t,” replied Emmanuel.

To be continued……

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