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Girl In The Hoodie Episode 35

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💃 Girl In The Hoodie 💂
🎸 {Who is she…?} 🎸

🎧 Episode 35 🎧




We got home and alighted from the car. All the maids were greeting us one after the other and e only replied with smiles.

We got to our room and I slumped on the bed
“You know you supposed to have your own separate room” Tiana said

“But I want to be with you always” I said, more like a baby
“Even when you get married to Chris??” She asked
“Yes. Till eternity” I said

“But Chris is always there for you. I’m just your twin sister, your future partner should be the only person you’ll get acquainted to.” Tiana said

“I know, but what if I don’t end up with Chris?” I asked

“Come on don’t think like that, you guys love yourselves so you can never be separated okay?” Tiana said

“I know, but what if Chris betray me?” I asked again
“Come on stop thinking like that… come here” Tee said as she spread her arms wide for a hug.
I hugged her so tightly, she’s just to sweet.




Why is Clara thinking badly like this?

I hope her imaginations doesn’t come true.

I can’t afford to see her in tears, not to talk of pain.

I disengaged from the hug and pulled off my clothes.

“I wanna take a shower, wanna join?” I asked
“Do I look like Archie?? Come on get away” she said smiling and I threw a pillow at her.

I entered the bathroom and filled the bathtub with soapy water, then I slide into it.

So cool!


“Clara come and join, I bet you gonna like it” I shouted

“Are you sure you’re not mistaking me for Archie??” she shouted back and I chuckled.

“Nope” I replied
“Better do quick there, your phone is ringing” Clara said

“Who is it?” I asked
“Heartbeat” she replied

“Oh! Archie… please help me bring it” I said
“Do I look like a maid or an errand girl to you?” she shouted and I laughed

“Be it an errand girl or a maid, bring me my phone” I said
“Are you ordering me around now?” she asked

“I dare not.” I said chuckling
“Better” she said and brought my phone
“Why did you bring it now? Naughty girl” I said and she laughed

“You see. If I didn’t bring you’ll be complaining, now that I brought it, you’re still complaining, my dear what’s your problem?” she asked

“You” I replied and she wanted to hit me but I sprinkled water on her and she moved back

“Tee are you crazy?!” she shouted and I continued laughing.

“No” I replied still laughing
“Better answer your call” she said and dashed out.
I pick up the call and place it on speaker

“Hey dear why are you not picking my calls since? Are you busy?” Archie asked over the phone
“No” I replied

“Then what are you doing that made you ignore my calls?” he asked again

“I didn’t ignore your calls. I’m in the bathroom so Clara brought it to me, I’m sorry” I said softly

“It’s okay, when are you coming because Lenita has been asking of you since I came back from school?” Archie asked

“Oh really?? I’ll be on my way now” I said
“Alright, I’ll be expecting you” he said and hung up.

I jumped out of the bathtub and took a quick shower, then I headed out of the bathroom to the room. I searched for a cloth to wear in my wardrobe then I discovered that one of my favorite clothes has gone missing.

“Clara where is my clothes??!!” I shouted and she started laughing

“I heard your conversation with Archie” she said still laughing

“How does that correlate with what I asked you? I said where did you hid my cloth??!!” I shouted again.

“That’s what I’m trying to explain” she said and smiled mischievously


Never knew this girl can be so frustrating!

“Clara!!!!!!” I shouted
“Christiana!!!!” she shouted back and I slumped on the bed in total frustration

“You must beg me before I release your cloth” Clara said

“Oh my goodness!… Alright, sorry” I said
“No no, I won’t take that as a plea” she said
“What else do you want?!” I asked

“Say I’m sorry sis” she said and smiled
“Okay okay fine. I’m sorry sis” I said and she brought out my clothes from where she hid it.

I snatched it from her and quickly dressed up. I took my bag and dashed out.

“I’ll get you Clara!” I shouted and drove out of the house.

This girl is something else.

Such a badass!

🍷 Minutes later 🍷

I drove into the Myers’ mansion and alighted. Lenita came running towards me and I carried her in my arms in a bridal style.

“I miss you aunt, why are you just coming since my brother called?” Lenita asked

“I apologise for my lateness sweet little cute angel” I said and she smiled

“Now I can eat and do my assignment” she said smiling

“Don’t tell me you haven’t eaten lunch” I said and she shook her head

“Oh goodness! Why? You should have eaten by now” I said and went inside.

Archie was in the sitting room watching a program on TV.

“Hey sweetheart” I said as I dropped Lenita and hugged him

“Welcome” he said and we disengaged
“Why haven’t Lenita eaten lunch?” I asked

“She said she won’t eat or drink anything until you arrive” Archie said and I stared at Lennie

“At least eat something now that I’m here” I said and she nodded

“Okay, let’s go” I said and we headed to the dining area.




I woke up early as usual and tried to wake Clara but she didn’t answer as she always does.

“Will you just stand up and get prepared for school?” I shouted and she groaned

“Why are you being harsh this morning?” she asked, wiping her face with the back of her hand

“Because I’ve been trying to wake you up but you chose not to answer me” I said rolling my eyes

“Alright, I’m sorry” she said and hugged me
“It’s okay, let’s get prepared quickly” I said and we both headed to the bathroom to take our bath.



Our music teacher appeared on the screen and instructed us to group ourselves into five.

“Group yourselves into five which means six people in a group each” Mr Bills said

Monalisa, Clara, Ria, Mia, Ashley and I were in a group.

Archie, Wisdom, Chris, Anderson, Babita and Kaima were grouped together.

Jenna, Davison, Kaima, Ava, Katherine and Ivy were grouped together. And others…

“Now this is your assignment, each group should compose a song, I want to know how far your knowledge about music has gone, is that clear?” Mr Bills said

“Sure sir” we chorused in unison
“You’re to submit on Friday, today is Monday so you have enough time for the assignment, good luck” Mr Bills said and went off the screen.

“You’re all girls group” Archie said
“Yeah” I replied smiling

“That’s nice” Wisdom said and Kaima came to meet them

“Archie when are we starting the project?” Kaima asked
“Let’s start tomorrow” Archie replied

“Why not let’s start today, we’ll be having prep period till closing hour after break” Chris said

“Alright, where should we use?” Kaima asked
“Let’s use the library, it’s quite silent” Wisdom said

“Alright, let’s meet there after break hour then” Archie said and Kaima left.

“You’ve already planned yours, come on girls, when are we starting ours?” Ashley asked

“Today also” Ria replied
“Don’t stress yourself, we’ll surely win” Monalisa said

“How sure are you?” Mia asked
“100%” Monalisa and Clara replied together

“I know we’ll win because you’re with us” Monalisa whispered into my ears and I smiled.


To be continued…

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