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Girl In The Hoodie Episode 34

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💃 Girl In The Hoodie 💂
🎸 {Who is she…?} 🎸

🎧 Episode 34 🎧




I quickly hide behind Monalisa and used my hoodie back.

“Hope they didn’t see me?” I whispered to Monalisa

“Nope, I don’t think so.” Monalisa replied and the students came walking towards us.

“Archie please cover me up, I think they saw me already” I said in fright

“Calm down, it’s your siblings, Melissa Flora and Dave” Archie said and I raised my head to see them, I still covered my face with the hoodie.

“Hi sis” Melissa greeted as they hugged Clara
“What’s up guys?” Clara asked as she sat them down

“We’re good. I miss you so much sis” Flora said
“I miss you too dear”

“Where’s Sister Tiana?” Dave asked
“Here she …”

“She went to Mr Charles’ office, he sent for her” Archie said, interrupting Clara

“Alright, we just decided to come have fun here but seeing you all with your spouses, I suggest we leave” Flora said and winked

“You’re not serious” Chris said smiling
“Bye sis, extend our greetings to Sis Tee” Melissa said

“Sure” Clara said and they left.
“Why did you lied to them Archie?” Monalisa asked

“If we let them know that Jessamyn is Tiana, they would be calling her Tiana if they ever see her in the school premises, and you know what that mean” Archie said

“Oh! That’s true, you’re such a witty guy” Clara said as she ruffled his hair

“Guys I suggest we leave this place, let’s go back to class or somewhere else” I said

“Alright, let’s go to the library” Monalisa said
“Why library all the time?” Wisdom complained

“Can’t we go to the field instead?” Chris added
“Or the gym” Archie added

“Okay okay, it’s okay guys, let’s conclude on where to go before you turn this garden to a battle field” Clara said and we all laughed

“I suggest we go to the gym” I said
“Why won’t you suggest we go to the gym, when actually that’s what your boyfriend suggested” Monalisa said

“So?? Are you now jealous? Who should I support if not my Archie?” I asked smiling sheepishly

“See her small mouth” Monalisa said and I smiled

“Alright girls it’s okay, let’s go, I need to exercise my body” Clara said

“Why do you need to exercise your body? Are you not fitted enough?” I asked and scoffed

“No, I need to look more busty for my Chris” Clara said blushing

“Oh really?? That’s nice Mrs C.C” Monalisa said
“Which one is Mrs C.C?” Clara asked confused

“I mean Mrs Chris Clara” Monalisa said
“Yeah 💃!!!!!!!!” Clara shouted as she jumped up.

“Naughty girl, come on let’s go” Wisdom said and we left the garden for the gym.





I didn’t see Jessamyn and others in class, where could they be?

Could they have gone home??

No, that’s impossible.

Where could they be?

“Mia, have you seen Monalisa and others ever since we came back from the cafeteria?” I asked

“Nope. I think they’re still outside” Mia replied
“Where exactly?” I asked

“They should be at the garden or the library” Mia replied

“Alright, let’s go” I said and we went out of the class

“Wait for me” Ashley shouted and we stopped.
She ran towards us and together we headed to the garden.

“They’re not here, where else could they be?” I asked

“Maybe the library” Mia said and we headed to the library too

“They’re not here also” I said frustratedly
“Where could they be?” Ashley asked

“They should be at the field, let’s go” Mia said
“No, Jessamyn and Monalisa dislike going to the field, I guess we check the gym” I suggested

“Yes, they should be at the gym, come on let’s go” Mia said and we headed to the gym.



We entered and saw many students doing exercise. We didn’t see Jessamyn and others.

“They’re not here also, where then could they be?” I asked frustratedly

“Let’s go back to class, they’ll come back and we’ll know where they went, stop disturbing yourself” Ashley said and we turned back to go.

“Ria, Mia, Ashley, where are you going? Come and join us” I heard Monalisa’s voice then we turned and saw Monalisa standing afar and waving her hands.

“Alright, we’re coming” I said happily and we went to join them

“We’ve been looking for you everywhere not knowing you guys are here” I said as we joined the gymnastics.

“We were at the garden before coming here” Jessamyn replied

“Guess what guys?” I shouted
“What?” they all asked

“Just guess” I said again
“Your dad credited your account??” Clara asked

“You won an award?” Monalisa asked

“You’re traveling to the Britain for your birthday party?” Jessamyn said
“Close to it” I said

“Your birthday is around the corner!?” Archie shouted and I smiled
“Yes, Archie got it” I said

“But I gave him the hint” Jessamyn said and we all laughed

“It’s okay. Wednesday is our birthday” I said
“Wow! Nice” Chris said

“And we want Clara’s sister to come play for us” Mia said

“You mean Tiana??” Clara asked
“Yes” I replied smiling




“You mean Tiana??” Clara asked
“Yes” Ria replied smiling

Clara pinched me and I jerked up as I hit her.
“What’s wrong with you guys?” Chris asked
“Nothing” I said

“You’re a dead meat today Clara, I’ll beat the hell outta you when we get home” I whispered to Clara and she laughed

“What’s are you whispering to her ear?” Wisdom asked

“Nevermind” Clara said and we all continued with the gymnastics.



We headed to the entrance of the school as we discussed about Mia and Ria’s birthday.

“What will you guys give us on our birthday?” Mia asked

“Gift is supposed to be a surprise, so therefore you’ll know when we give it to you” Wisdom said

“Come on Wiz, stop being a jerk” Ria shouted as she hitted him.

“Okay okay, I’ll buy you a socks each” Wisdom said and ran away

“What!? If I catch you Wiz…” Ria shouted and we all laughed.

I sighted Nathan from afar and I called Clara’s attention.

“We’re going guys, see you tomorrow” I said and headed to the car with Clara

“Are you guys going home together?” Ashley asked

“Yes, we’re living in the same neighborhood” Clara replied as we entered the car and waved at them. Nathan drove out of the school compound.

“You can lie for a living Clara” I said and she smiled

“If I don’t say that, they’ll keep asking questions” Clara said

“That’s true” I paused as I remember something
“What was that Clara?” I asked as I slapped her back

“What?” Clara asked
“Why did you pinch me at the gym?” I asked, feigning annoyance

“I just feel like… And besides, you were blushing when they said they’d like to invite you as their entertainer” Clara said and I pinched her

“What now?” She asked
“I just feel like” I replied smiling and she punched me playfully.


To be continued…

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