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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 18-19

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The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 18&19
The Unknown

Prince Theo PoV
Ryan POV

. I sighed in relief as my mum opened her eyes
“ mum”. I called
“ Ryan”. She smiled weakly
“ how are you feeling now?”. I asked her
“ I am okay baby”. She replied
I helped her sit up and immediately went to the kitchen to get her something to eat
I watched her as she ate
“ I never believed I almost lost my mother “. I thought
“ Ryan”. She called
“Yes mum”. I replied
“ I think someone is not happy about you being the chosen one “. She said
“Why did you say that mother”. I asked
“ when those men tried to kill me, they talked about a prince sending them”. She said
“ a prince”. I muttered
She nodded
“ okay mum”. I said smiling
She looked at me
“ okay, is that what you will say?”. She asked
“ mum, I will take care of it”. I assured her
“ I am not asking you to do anything, I just want you to be careful”. She explained
“ I will”. I said promising her
I stood up and was about climbing the stairs when she called
“ Ryan”.
I turned to look at her and smiled
“ don’t wait for me”.
I got to the hell Kingdom boiling In rage
I nodded at the vampires greetings as walked past them
“ Elder”. I called immediately I entered the shrine
He ran to me bowing down
“ Greetings my prince”. He greeted
“I want you to summon a meeting with all the princes here”. I ordered
“Should I include your father?”. He asked
“ All?”. I barked
He was about sending a servant to do the task when Mara walked in
“ Greetings my prince”. She greeted
“ what do you want ?”The Elder asked her
She smiled and continued walking towards me
“I know who is behind it?”. She said
I stood up and moved closer to her
“ who is it?”. I asked her
“ it is someone you know”. She replied slyly
“ who is it?”. I barked at her
“Prince Theo”. She replied smiling
“ how sure are you?”. The elder asked
“ very sure “. She replied
I looked into her eyes and tried to read it but it was a little bit confusing, it was filled with lust,desperation and something like revenge .
“ Get Theo here now. I barked
I looked at the guard sent to summon Theo and scoffed
“ what do you mean?”. I asked
“ Theo is no where ttttto be ffffound”. He stammered
“ what!!!”. I exclaimed
I stood up and hurriedly walked to Theo chambers,
I met a crowd in front of his chambers
“ what is going on here?”. I asked
“ My prince”. They all bowed
“Prince Theo is nowhere to be found”. A woman replied
I walked into the room and the whole place was in a deep mess
It seems he left in a hurry , I folded my fist to control my anger when the realisation hit me
“ Theo escape”.
I came out of the room in the anger
“ guards”. I barked
“ yes my prince”. They answered running to meet me
“ I want you to search everywhere for Prince Theo , bring him to me alive”. I ordered
“ yes my prince”.They bowed and left
This clearly means one thing, he ran away because he is guilty…….
Unknown POV
I watched all the happenings in front of prince Theo chamber and smiled
“ I am sorry prince Theo but I had to use you so as not to get caught…
I overheard Theo when he threatened to hurt the Vampire prince by harming the ones he loves so I sent my men to kill his mother knowing Theo would be blamed.
“ Too bad the men failed”
It was easy confusing Theo to run away as he was too dumb
I watched the vampire prince bit his lips in anger and I smiled knowing he believed Theo is responsible……….


Prince Theo POV
I never believed I would one day be on the run as I kept on running without looking back.
I knew the prince was no match for me so I has no option but to leave the kingdom
I knew deep down that I just declared war against Theo but I am innocent, I am really innocent………

It is obvious Theo was framed …
Episode 19

Ryan PoV
It has two weeks since Theo escaped and there were no traces of him, everything was going on smoothly as if nothing ever happened
I got to school that morning feeling excited, I planned on asking Alicia officially to be my girlfriend
I spotted her laughing with her friends and I walked toward them
“ hey”. I greeted her friends
“ hey Ryan”. They greeted back
“ Alicia, I need to see you”. I whispered into her ears
She nodded and excused herself from her friends
I held her hands dragging her along with me
“Where are we going?”. She asked
“ The rooftop”. I told her
We got to the roof top and Alicia immediately left my hands running around
“ I have never been here before, this place is so beautiful”. She remarked excitedly
I watched her and laughed
“ she behaves childish most times”
I walked up to her and took her hands in mine
“ the view from here is so beautiful”. She said
“ just like you”. I told her
I saw her blushed
“ Ryan , stop flattering me”. She said
“ I am not Alicia”, you are really beautiful”
She looked at me and smiled
“ remember the first day we met”. I continued
She nodded, the first day I started school here
“ Not talking about that”. I said and hit her playfully
“ what, but that was the first day I met you”. She insisted
I smiled
“That was the first day you saw me but not the first day we met, we met during the full moon remember “
“ oh”. She nodded
“ why were you out by that time?”. I asked her
“ I had an intuition that something was wrong and it led me to you”. She explained
I looked at her
“ we must share some kind of connection”. She said
I smiled
“ sure”. We really do
We remained silent for some while
“ will you be my girlfriend?”. I asked breaking the silence
She looked at me and smiled
“I have been waiting for this for a long time”. She said
“ will you?”. I asked again
“ of course, yes I will be your girlfriend”. She said in excitement and I hugged her
I had a strange feeling and immediately disengaged from the hug
I looked around and and did not see anyone, strange!. I had a feelings that someone was watching me
“ what is wrong?”. Alicia asked
“ Nothing”. I replied still looking around
“ are you sure?”. She asked
I nodded

Alicia POV

I walked into the class excitedly
“ Brenda, i called excitedly
“ what is it?”. She asked
“ Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend”. I screamed in excitement
“Wow!!” . She exclaimed and what was your response?”. She asked
“ yes”. I said jumping in excitement
“Awwww, so Handsome has finally gotten a girlfriend”. She said teasing
“ what is going on here?”. Andra asked as soon as she walked into the class
“ none of your business”. I said to her and walked away
“ such a gossip”. I muttered
Prince Theo POV
I scoffed as I watched Ryan hugged the black haired beauty
I had been right all along , she is the one he loves.
I had been watching both of them for long without him noticing. I knew he was very powerful and I tried to cover up my scent and always watched him for a distance.
I befriended a lady from his school so I can get on with my plan whenever I am ready..
Now I have confirmed my suspicion, it is time to act..
Nephew you took my whole life away from me and I will strike back by using your girl…….

Hmmmmh This Theo is really desperate
And I wonder who is the lady Theo befriended

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