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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 17

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The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 17
Who is the traitor?

Alicia PoV
I watched Ryan carried his mum upstairs without even sparing me a glance, he was normal again
I was really speechless, my head were turning and I immediately sat down on a chair to prevent myself from falling..
I always thought Ryan was a harmless vampire but with all I saw today , he looked like a beast
” how will I handle all this”. I asked , I was scared of him yet still want him to hug me
I closed my eyes and remembered how he killed those men, he did so without emotions
” Vampire Prince”, what is that? Those men greeted him as if they knew him , is Ryan hiding something from me..
I just need him to come explain things to me, I just need my Ryan to assure me all will be alright

Ryan POV
I sat down beside my mum watching her as she slept. She had few scratches and just minor injuries .
” mum you would be fine”. I held her hands assuring her and she steered a little . I thought about Alicia, the way she looked at me
” will she still ever love me”. I thought

I climbed down the stair and to be my surprise Alicia was still in the sitting room, I thought she might have ran away out of fear.
” Alicia”. I called and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes
” Ryan”. She said softly
I sat down beside her and she shifted a little
” Alicia”. I called again
She looked at me directly in my eyes
” who are you?”. She asked
I sighed
” I am Ryan”. I replied
” stop lying “.she yelled, I saw the way you killed those men
” Alicia, you knew I was a Vampire so why acting up now”. I told her
“I thought you were harmless Ryan”. She said
” I am “. I replied her
She scoffed
” what is the meaning of the beast I saw?” She asked
” what beast?”. I asked pretending
” the beast with a crown”. She said
I remained quiet
” Ryan , those men greeted you as the vampire prince which clearly mean they know you”. She yelled
I tried to calm her down but she pushed me away
” you murdered those men Ryan you murdered them”. She said sobbing
” they tried to kill my mother”. I defended, no one hurts my mother and go Scot free
She looked at me and stood up
” do you care about me?”. She asked
I nodded
” then cut all ties with the vampires”. She said
I looked at her and smiled
” I can’t Alicia , I am sorry”
” why?”. She asked
I opened my chest and showed her the mark
” it is a symbol of Dracula which means I am the chosen one”. I tried explaining
She looked at me blankly
” ask me anything, I will answer”. I promised
” I don’t have any questions to ask”. She said
I looked at her and tried reading her thoughts, it was all missed up. She was clearly confused
” Alicia”. Please don’t get this all missed up”. I pleaded
” fine”. She said
” who are you?”. She asked
” I am the Vampire prince”. I told her
She looked at me and nodded urging me to continue
” those people you see are vampires”. I continued
” where did they come from?”. She asked
I kept quiet thinking if I should tell her or not
“Ryan”. She called again
” They are from a far away place “. I told her
” have you ever been there?”.she asked
I nodded
” so you were planning on leaving me”. She said standing up
” No, i won’t do that”. I said caressing her cheeks
“Really”. She asked
I nodded
” why?”. She asked
I looked at her and smiled
” because I love you Alicia”. I told her and she immediately hugged me
” I don’t care if you are a vampire or not, I don’t care if you turn to a beast or not, you will still always be my Ryan.She said
I smiled as I felt her lips on mine as we kissed deeply
” your mother would be alright “.She assured me as we broke the kiss
” Ryan”. She called
” yes”. I replied
” I love you”. She said
” I love you more”. I replied smiling
I accompanied Alicia home and she kept on telling me some silly jokes about her but I lost in thought
” who sent those vampires”. I thought
” Ryan”. Alicia called snapping her fingers in front of me
” em yes”. I stammered
” what are you thinking about?”. I have been trying to get your attention . She queried
” I am sorry”. I apologised
” where are we?”. I asked her when I noticed we were standing in front of a house
” my house”. She replied beaming
” what, I was deep in thought that I never knew I have walked this far
” I have to go now”. I said and she nodded
” bye”. I said moving closer to her and gave her a light kiss , door suddenly flung open and a little girl came out
” Who are you?”.She asked looking at me
I smiled
” I am Ryan”. I said stretching my hands
” Tyra get inside”. Alicia said glaring at the girl
” let her be Alicia, I love her boldness
She moved closer to me and whispered into my ears
” you are too handsome to date a monkey
” what, who is the monkey?”. I asked her and she pointed to Alicia
I laughed out loud
” Alicia “. I will take my leave now”. I said still laughing
She nodded
” Ryan”.she called, be careful……

I soon got home and mother was still asleep
” if I find out who hurt my mother , I will kill the bastard, I will teach them never to mess with me again….

Alicia PoV
I knew I did the right thing by forgiving Ryan , everything happening is clearly not his fault
I just wish he can defend me just like he defended his mother, I just wish Ryan never leaves me……..:

Vampire kingdom
The Elder
I stared at the bodies lying in front of me and I smirked,
” you played with fire so you must get burnt”. I said out loud
” kito”. I called one of the servants standing outside
” take these body and burn it up”. I ordered
” yes sir”. He said
I watched him as he bundled both bodies into a big sac and dragged it out
” yes, they deserve to be treated like dogs, they don’t deserve a descent burial
” who would behind this”. I thought and immediately suspected Prince Theo. I knew he had eyes for the throne but I never knew he would go this far
I headed angrily to his room and pushed the door opened and found him fucking one of his bitches
” Prince Theo”. I called
He looked at me in surprise
” where is your manners?”. He asked me
I smirked
” a traitor does not deserve respect”. I said
” traitor, how?”. He asked
” stop pretending”. I said pointing at him
” The Vampire prince will come for you this night”. I told him and left
I warned him personally not to try any rubbish and since he proved stubborn he will have to face the consequences alone….
Prince Theo
I watched as The Elder left in anger.
” what is he talking about?”. I muttered
” Let continue”. The bitch i was banging whined
” get the hell out of here”. I barked at her
She shivered and immediately wore her clothes
” what the hell does the elder mean”. I yelled
Did Theo want to deny he does not know anything about it….

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