April 14, 2021


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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 16

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The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 16
The crowned beast
Ryan POV continues
“ Good morning mother”. I greeted my mum already dressed for school
She eyed me
“ when did you come back?”. She asked
“ Early this morning”. I replied her
“ you came back early this morning and you did not think of checking on me”. She said
I smirked
“ I didn’t ask you to worry”. I replied pecking her. Don’t ever stay awake because of me.
“ what!!!!
“ I am off to school mother……

I walked into the class and saw Alicia laughing with her friend
“ Alicia”. I called and walked towards her
“ is it only Alicia that is here”. Brenda queried
“ sorry”. I said , Good morning Brenda
“ Good morning”. She sighed , I will leave you guys to do your lovey Dovey
I smiled
I turned towards Alicia and hugged her
“ I miss you honey”. I told her
She blushed
“ can you follow me to somewhere quiet?”. I asked her
“ where?”.she asked
“ outside the school”. I replied
“ what, The teacher will soon be here”. She said
“ it does not mean”. I said dragging her along
“ how do we pass the security?”. She asked
“ don’t worry”. I assured her as I walked over to corner, I looked around to make sure no one was watching..
“ what are you doing?”. Alicia asked hitting my chest playfully
“ close your eyes”. I whispered to her
“ why?”. She asked
“ just close it Alicia”. I commanded
“ fine”. She said
I chuckled when she closed her eyes and I held her tight and together we disappeared
“ wow”, how did we get here?”. She asked looking around
We were in a very beautiful garden
“ This place is beautiful”. She said
“ yeah, I do spend most of my quiet time here, it is not that far to my house”. I explained
She nodded as we both enjoyed the Cool breeze
“ What if they find out at school and decided to call my mum?”. She asked worriedly
“ They won’t find out “. I assured her.
“ Alicia , how old are you?”. I asked her
She looked at me with a funny look
“ I will be 18 in a few weeks time”. She said
I nodded
“ if you were asked to marry at your age, will you?”. I asked her
I watched her as she burst into laughter
“ Hell no, I have a career to pursue”.she said
“ fine”. I said
“ why did you ask?”. She asked me
“ nothing”. I said shrugging my shoulders
We remained quiet for some while
“ Alicia”. I called again
She turned to look at me
“ if you were asked to choose between living in hell full of different creatures or living here with humans, what will you choose?”. I asked her
She raised her eyebrow
“ why are you asking all this”. She asked
“ nothing, I just want to know”. I replied
“ then read my mind”. She said pushing her head forward
“ No, that is your privacy”. I told her
“ okay”, she said . I can’t choose
I looked at her and nodded, she was obviously lying
“ Hell no, I will never live in hell”. I heard her thoughts clearly…..

Alicia POV
“ why is he asking all these strange questions”. I asked myself
“ which person will choose hell over earth , only an insane person.
I turned to look at him, he was just staring up the sky quietly
“ see”. I pointed excitedly to a rabbit beside a nearby bush
Ryan looked at me and then the rabbit and he stood up to go get it
I watched him run, he was really fast….
He caught the rabbit and to my surprise, he killed it and drank the blood..
“ Ryan”. I called out in shock, why did you do that?”. I asked
“ I was thirsty for blood”. He replied or do you prefer me drinking human blood”. He asked
I kept quiet staring at him
“ I am going back to school”. I said expecting him to call me back
“ you can go”. He said without looking at me
“ Really “. I said
He nodded
I wore my shoes and grabbed my bag and turned to leave but I could not, I could not leave Ryan all by his self.
“ Ryan”. I called dropping my bag on the grass
He looked at me
“ aren’t you going again?”. He asked me
I shook my head
“ why”. He asked
“ I love you Ryan , I love you Ryan”. I said in my mind and I saw him smiled knowing fully well he heard me…
We sat down on the grass hugging and kissing
“ I want more”. I said
“ more of what?”. Ryan asked
“ kissing”. I said pointing to my lips
“ but we just kissed now”. He said
“ more more”. I kept on whining
He leaned towards me and whispered
“ should we take it to an extra mile”. He asked
“ what?”. I asked playfully hitting him
“ spoilt brat, I said still hitting him playfully as he stood up and started running around with me pursuing him”
“ come here”. I said still pursuing him when he suddenly stopped
“ My mother”. He said
“ what?”. I asked
“ my mother is in danger, I have got the feelings”. He tried explaining
“ what will we do now”. I asked
“ come here”. He commanded
He took my hands and together we disappeared
We appeared in the front of his house and he pushed the door opened, I gasped in shock when I saw two men trying to bundle his mother into a sac, they had claws and fangs , They were vampires also………
“ what are you doing here?”. He roared at them and they shivered in fear
“ we are sorry Vampire prince”. They chorused
“ Vampire prince”. I muttered, what is that?
I watched Ryan walked over to his mother and signed in relief when he noticed she was still breathing
He closed his eyes and immediately turned into a vampire
“ Ryan”. I muttered,
he walked towards the first man and deep his claws into him and stared intently at the second one, I shifted back in fear as I saw the flames in his eyes
“ don’t kill me please “. The second man pleaded holding his neck
“ can Ryan kill with just a stare”. I asked myself
He soon dropped the first man on the floor and the second man also fell down when he looked away. I stared at the lifeless body on the floor as they disappeared
“ what the hell Just happened here”. I screamed in fright .
Ryan turned to look at me and I gasped at what I saw,he looked like a kind of animal with a crown on
“ Ryan, who are you?” I yelled
Who really are you?”
I guess poor Alicia is just finding out.
Thank God they did not harm the poor woman


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